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  • can't remember

    of the sum 20 weddings I've been to, I can't remember ANY of the songs being played nor can I remember ever paying any attention, I can, however, remember every single toss just without the music.

    Bebe 2010-03-25

  • um.

    this is like THE only respectable song on this site. seriously.

    okay. 2009-02-07

  • Hilarious

    The comments on this site are great, because they tell you what your guests will be thinking when you bust out Queen to set the stage for your bouquet toss. Yes, some of your guests will question the choice at an elegant and formal event. Others will understand that the underlying purpose of throwing flowers into a crowd is fun. The latter group will love this choice.

    Sarah 2008-08-06

  • Bouquet Toss Song

    It's perfect for bouquet toss which is why so many people use it as one of the most popular songs. Why do they even allow comments on this site.. really takes away from its purpose with everyone's dumb opinions.

    Jer 2007-06-23

  • queen

    this song is good but i thinik it could be better and it does not go with the wedding

    hayley 2007-02-15

  • queen

    i think the same as jazz and i hate this song. not good for weddings

    eloise 2007-02-15

  • queen

    i think that this song is good but nooy really good for weddings its rock. its noy a problem but i thing there should be a differant song by queen!

    jazz 2007-02-15

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