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  • inappropriate

    this is a sexual song NOT a song about "cutting the cake".extremely inappropriate song when there are children,elders etc. i can not believe someone would put this song here!!!

    jennifer 2008-08-17

  • I need this song

    I have to have it as a ringtone
    I love it too much
    Heard it at my friends wedding this weekend and we couldn't stop Laughing!
    Give me a little piece!

    Rusty Martini 2008-06-23

  • such an easy choice

    i did not know which song to choose and then, come on now, looking through the list, this song popped out at me first and it's such an easy choice. great upbeat completely appropriate song for cutting wedding cake :)

    jessica 2008-03-23

  • daughters wed. nuptuals

    trying to jazz up shes not sure maybe too dated PLEASE

    cheryl 2007-07-19

  • cake

    I absolutely love this song, and none of my friends know it!! (I guess because we are in our mid-20's and this song is from 1975.) Thanks Dad for broadening my musical song selection!

    Shelby 2006-01-19

  • The DIFINITIVE Cake song

    I don't often spend much time putting any songs onto lists as every wedding is different, and I'm always trying to create the right vibe for that group - but this song is my go-to just about every time for the cake.

    It's a 70's era funky instrumental groove that makes perfect underscore for the cake activity. Anyone with a little musical knowledge gets the subtle joke when they hear it filling in the gaps while the couple fumbles with the knife and poses for a few pictures. (they really grin when I slide into AWB's "Pick Up the Pieces" when the deed is done.

    I'm a little surprised that this list is not dominated by instrumental songs. Vocals at this point in the celebration seem awkward.

    I often wondered if Average White Band wrote this tune during their salad days as a wedding-circuit ensemble. (I have no knowlege of the band's history, so this is just a flight of imaginitive fancy for me.)

    Ron Grandia San Jose 2005-06-27

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