If I had a million dollars Comments

  • Big Hit!

    Me and my best friend played and sung this for my school talent show. And it was a HUGE hit! :)

    Stuart Clinton 2011-09-30

  • Melissa McLaney

    Let not the sun go down on your wrath

    bama belles 2010-12-08

  • cant wait to hear

    We are a party DJ group. We are purchasing this song right now. Can't wait to hear it! :)

    -MFP- 2010-07-08

  • Brought the House Down

    I'm a great grandma and had never heard this song before a ten-year old boy sang it at the school talent show. Loved it!!

    Arlyse 2010-05-24

  • great for all weddings

    for the couples who do or dont (have a million dollars) this is a great song for all, its funny practical and yes even Lovey LOL download and enjoy this song its classic

    joel fox 2010-05-09

  • Soul Generation recorded this song in 1972

    Soul Generation recorded this song in 1972:



    g_nizz 2010-05-02

  • I LOVE IT!!

    In 2010 was thef irst time i have heard this. I Love it it is my favorite song!! Well you guys keep writting!!

    Maggie 2010-04-05

  • My god

    This song makes me cry

    The Big B 2010-03-03

  • i b random

    i love this song

    kiki 2009-11-17

  • Oh Paul

    Well it's been a few years now... Sure do hope that you found the girl of your dreams!

    Peggy 2009-11-08

  • woww

    this song is nice have nice sound i like this kinds of music for special moments like wedding Lol..!!!

    yoselin 2009-10-21

  • Gosh darn awesome sauce song!

    Well gosh darn, 'aint that song just the greatest? Hyuuk!

    An Hero 2009-09-22

  • This Song May Be Old But Its still good

    This sing maybe old but it is still a good one what chance do i have higher getting a girlfriend or getting a million dollars Hahahaha ^_^ :)

    Fan 2009-07-31

  • whatt??

    who is th singer of thisss song i cant find it anywhere and i love this song!!

    Marie Garcia 2009-06-20

  • awsome

    i really only have to say wow. best song ever

    Bob 2009-06-03

  • So funny

    I love the randomness of this song. Especially all the parts that arent even sung they're just in there like the kraft cheese. I also love the part about the lamb and emu. :)

    Emma 2009-04-05

  • great song

    love it i remeber this song when i was 40 yrs

    emraan abdi 2008-10-08

  • BNL sings this song!

    Okay, enough with Jimmy Buffett. He did not write/sing this song. It has always been Barenaked Ladies, a great band from Ontario, Canada. Case closed.

    See Wikipedia for the whole story of the song:

    As for the "dollar dance" is a tradition in Easter Europe, some parts of North America and elsewhere. Again, see Wikipedia for the full description:



    PS: This is still NOT a good song for a wedding.

    Drew 2008-08-27

  • Not a good song for a wedding!

    I'm sorry, but this is NOT a good song for a wedding: "I'd buy your love", what the heck?
    Yes, is a nice tune, very catchy and I love BNL, but you have to choose a song based on the lyrics also. Just my 2ยข worth.

    Drew 2008-08-27


    I love this song! I was searching for the lyrics to "If I had a Million Ducats", and I just had to refresh my memory as to the words to the real song -- it's just as funny! ♥ Barenaked Ladies!

    Captain Whitney 2008-06-19

  • Beast

    If Ihad a million dollars is a beastly song. If I had a million dollars I'd buy some thing crappy with it!!!!!!!

    Phobe Halliwell 2007-12-17

  • wow

    this is maybe the most beautiful we have ever heard. i made so much mney off of the dollar dance. Yea money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sarah and jacob 2007-12-12

  • Just the best

    Just come back from a wedding that was held in St Pauls Cathedral,London and the happy couple had this as their tune. All their work colleagues knew the words which made it even funnier. Never laughed so much at the lyrics to a song for a long time. Just going to download it myself now to remind me of a great wedding.

    Trevor 2007-11-19

  • It's the best

    This song has to be one of the best ever written! It's so funny and the tune is cool. Me and my friend use it as a party piece - she plays guitar and sings and I sing harmonies. Lovely!

    Camilla 2007-11-15

  • Gurt lush proper song

    I love this song i got learn it on the Guitar and . Play it to a girlfriend if i ever get one well maybe if i might stand more chance getting a million Dollers first.

    Paul Dwyer 2007-09-05

  • nice

    i love this song but i never thought it wa a wedding song.

    Mimi 2007-08-17

  • I LOVE...

    I love this song!!! My boyfriend plays it on his guitar and sings this to me all the time.

    Stella 2007-08-14

  • here it is

    the artist is barenaked ladies

    anonymus 2007-08-03

  • Barenaked Ladies

    Barenaked Ladies sings if I had a million Dollars.

    goober 2007-07-05

  • Wedding Song

    Hilarious that this is a wedding song..............I LOVE this song, it is great.

    Macomb Nurse 2007-05-18

  • artist

    the artist for "If I had a million dollars" is
    the Barenaked ladies.
    :-P Pretty strange band name... haha
    I never knew this was a wedding song either.

    God Bless,

    Briana 2007-05-10

  • Bare Naked Ladies

    Bare Naked Ladies - If I Had A Million Dollars

    my dad taught me this song when I was about 9 years old and I had no idea it was a wedding song!

    Bella 2007-05-07

  • jimmy buffet

    jimmy buffet sings if i had a million dollars i did not know it was a wedding song either my brothers started listen to it then i started like what they were listen to so now whatever they put on the radio i dont care so if you are wondering how old i am my real name is alexis i am 14 years old and i live in michigan i was taught not to tell people i dont know where i live my randma told me so i will talk to you kids and teens later peace i am out of here

    lexie 2007-04-15

  • money dance clarification

    Let me clarify -- the bide ad groom start off dancing together than someone "cuts in." When they cut-in, they pin money (usually a dollar bill, maybe more depending on the relationship) to the bride or groom's attire. It's considered a "care package" to help them on their honeymoon or new home... whatever. As I stated earlier, It's mostly a South Louisiana thing. Many people do find it tacky. Sooooo,,,, just don't have one! Here's a little humor -- at my older brother's wedding, I TOOK money off of his tux, saying, "this is for all thos CDs you stole, this is for the money you borrowed & never returned...." They have a picture of it in their wedding albulm. Wouldn't ya know it? My friggin' Dad made me give it all back!!! Hey, It's YOUR day -- do what makes YOU happy.

    LSUjen 2007-03-31

  • the artist

    it's by bare naked ladies

    zac 2007-03-22

  • tacky

    Dollar dances are nothing but tacky. Tacky tacky tacky.

    Jay 2007-03-20

  • OOPS 2

    I am stupid,I am stupid,I am stupid,I am stupid,I am stupid,I am stupid,yes of course because YOU HAVE A MILLION DOLLAR

    sonya 2007-03-16

  • who

    Bare Naked Ladies ...

    See also the movie "the boss's daughter"

    Dave 2007-03-09

  • i dnt like it

    sry ppl but it dosnt sound like smthing id want played at my wedding i want love songs well maybe not all of them but the doller song could be smthing better but hell idk what so i guss ill wait till i find a man and get married and ask him till then ne suggestions?

    becky 2007-02-26

  • scoop the poop

    i love this song i want it sang at my wedding

    but head 2007-02-17

  • i love that song

    it is a good song i love it

    ashleigh 2007-02-04

  • barenaked ladies

    barenaked ladies lol this song is cool

    Puppy 2007-01-23

  • Weird.

    I didn't know this was a wedding song! That's really weird. Who sings this song???

    Jessica 2007-01-07

  • Bare Naked Ladies

    This is one of the original hits from the Bare Naked Ladies!

    marykflipgirl 2007-01-04

  • Artist

    The Barenaked Ladies =]

    Andrew 2006-12-24

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  • who sings it

    Its by barenaked ladies.
    Its pretty fun

    Elizabeth 2006-12-02

  • wat

    i had no idea this was weading song.. isnt it a little fast for one.. haha weird

    monique 2006-11-18

  • Stuff

    Bare naked ladies sings this song

    Greg 2006-11-11

  • i love this song

    i love this song. It is different from the other barenaked Ladies songs like one week another great song! OMG I LOvE THIS SONNGGG!!!! AMAZING!!!

    shira 2006-10-10

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    Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home. Continued success.

    Jake Lafcraft 2006-09-05

  • great song

    i heard this song for the first time.funny!

    dave 2006-08-15

  • what

    What is a dollar dance song? im confused...

    Ashley 2006-07-20

  • Gets peoples attention

    I was wondering how to include BNL into my wedding. This is the best song and the perfect way to sneak in my favorite band since most of their other song lyrics are inappropriate for wedding events. I can't wait to hear it at my wedding!!!

    Pam 2006-06-30

  • Who wrote it Who sings it And why

    I'm not certain who wrote it but Steve Goodman sings it (very well). He was a 70's & 80's male county/folk artist you'd either love or not. He's awesome.

    As far as your Dollor dance song: any you'd like would do, but this song reminds folks but its refrain. And it is not the money you get at that dance, its the attendance and attention of those friends: cherish them, call them to stop by and laugh at (wedding pictures, and please bring theirs). And hug them when they have to go home.

    Jon 2006-06-29

  • who

    yeah,this song is cool, sometimes i dream with this song, thats so stupid, but is the true, jajaja.
    so who sings this song ????? if somebody knows... please tell me !

    naty 2006-06-24

  • hah

    I feel the song very interesting, they are singing a dream of many people.

    Ivy 2006-06-21

  • are you stupid

    its by the barenaked ladies

    alisha 2006-03-31

  • Barenaked Ladies.

    Look, I don't know what some of you are talking about. It was absolutely, without a doubt, Barenaked Ladies, circa 1996. You think Jimmy Buffet could come up with something as creative as this song? As if.

    winner 2006-03-10

  • BNL Copied it

    BNL did NOT sing the original..I HAVE the original an it was WAY before THEIR time!!

    shymouse 2006-02-08

  • It was BNL. Deal with it.

    The song is, was, and always will be a BNL song. No one sang it before, unless they went ahead in time, stole the song, came back and claimed it under false pretenses. Which is approximately as likely as you finding someone else's credits on the song.

    Jamie 2006-01-22

  • dollarsong

    its where guys pay the best man $1 for a dance with the bride and the money goes to the couple.

    fat bastard 2006-01-07

  • what

    what are dollar songs anyhow? I've never heard this term before?

    brandi 2005-12-29

  • Jimmy Buffet

    Jimmy buffet sings dis song...friggen awesum aswell!!!!!!! :P

    crazy nigga 2005-12-28

  • who

    Who the hell sings this?

    crystal 2005-12-23

  • heck yea

    a million dollars rock

    jon 2005-12-21

  • reply to Britney

    Jimmy buffet also sang this song

    Caz 2005-11-29

  • all right mario; you make a better song

    frank 2005-11-26


    I am 100% positive that someone sang "If I Had A Million Dollars" BEFORE the bnl did. It was in the 70s or 80s. If anyone knows who sang it first, or can find out, would u please let me know?! Thanks A Million :P

    britney 2005-11-03

  • why

    why on earth would someone make a song about anything(o well it's a pretty funny song)

    ashly 2005-09-20

  • theme

    the song is exceptional as a wedding song but there many more better songs

    jessica 2005-09-16

  • who

    I believe it is the barenaked ladies

    Mist 2005-08-17

  • not a wedding song


    Kendal 2005-08-10

  • ..uhm..

    Barenaked Ladies do a good one

    Rae 2005-08-07

  • the answer

    twas the Mavericks... superb song

    keith 2005-07-05

  • who

    Barenaked ladies....they sing it lol... sounds weird but yeah..

    Bridgett 2005-06-09

  • Bare Naked Ladies

    Bare Naked Ladies

    Bare Naked Ladies 2005-04-07

  • Cool

    I was wondering how to fit this band, one of my favorites, into my wedding....Thanks

    Brenda 2005-04-05

  • who

    Who in the world has a million dollars.Famous dudes I guess.

    No Name 2005-03-31

  • duh

    its by bare naked ladies!!!

    josh 2005-03-29

  • who

    so who sings the song a million dollars!?

    Kiki 2005-03-28

  • i know

    I know i had no clue that was a wedding song. my brother was listing to it and taught it to me but i dident know who sang it! its that best song ever!!!!

    Kiki 2005-03-28

  • OOPS

    I didn't know this was a wedding song! I heard it on a pop radio station

    sonya 2005-03-25

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