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  • no name

    wonderful song . my new favor

    angel 2011-04-15

  • name

    what is the name of the song

    denny 2011-02-23

  • awe(:

    this song has my name in it and my parents want me to play this song at my wedding because it has my name in it(:

    Breanna 2010-03-11

  • dance

    me and my father danced to this song when i got married and he started to cry and didnt want to stop hugging me

    Elizabeth 2009-11-11

  • boom


    sara 2009-09-22

  • cyring

    im just 15 and i heard this and i cried

    i cried 2009-05-21

  • my wedding

    I'm getting married july 2010 and was browsing through some songs. I've never heard this song it sounds cute but i'm not a big country music fan it all sounds depressing...

    Nickole 2009-04-06

  • the future

    when i get married which wont be for a long while but this is the song im gonna dance with my daddy.. its beauitful. i love it

    Savannah 2008-09-28

  • My sons wedding

    I danced with my son at their reception to this song.

    Proudmom 2007-11-23

  • Dancing

    My aunt passed away and they played this at her funeral. I love this song! thanks!

    Roxy 2007-09-21

  • My wedding

    I danced with my dad to this song when I got married in Aug 04... It was perfect!

    Cassie 2007-09-02

  • I love this song

    I love this and may even have it played at my wedding someday.

    Camillia 2007-08-19

  • For my son

    When my children were growing up, at time sI'd get frustrated and say I can't wait for you kids to grow up. Then they do! You don't even know how fast the time goes. Then you do! They go and leave and your left wondering what do I do now with out them. My advice never say that phrase. My son is getting married soon and I'll be singing this song for him, just to let him know how much I miss all the things I took for granted then, when he was driving me crazy.

    Debbie 2007-01-30

  • awesome song

    I am the mother of 8, the baby starts kindergarten this year and my oldest is getting married this summer. While I still have a noisy household now, I can see how fast time flies and want so badly to hold it back. This song heavily hits home! OUCH! Hoping to dance with my son to it at the wedding.....

    diane 2007-01-02

  • love it

    i love this song and the singer of this song is so sexy

    ashley boner 2006-11-27

  • My Son

    My son who is only 22 heard this song this morning. He is a student in college in Oklahoma and I live in Colorado.
    He called me this morning on my way to work, just to let me know he heard this song, thought of me, and just wanted to say I love you mom!
    What a blessing!

    Wendy 2006-09-19

  • sad but true

    That is such a sad song but so true sad sad sad!!

    Corey 2006-05-05

  • This Song is Great

    this is the most awesome song. I am a mother of a daughter and I cannot listen to the song without crying. The words are beautiful

    Linda 2006-04-09

  • I love this song

    I love this song because it is just how my life was and know that I am getting ready to get married this is for sure going to be my father- daughter song.....

    Briana 2006-03-16

  • So very true

    The first time I heard this song I was in the car with my oldest son. He was preparing to leave our little town and move to a different province. I was having a hard time with him leaving. This song came on and tears rolled down my face. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him "It's a mom thing". I still cry everytime I hear that song, and my son says every time he hears that song he thinks of me. It's definately a tear jerker, and I love it.

    Sandy 2006-03-01

  • Love this song

    I just wanted to leave a message to let eveyone know how muuh i love this song.......iI am 16 and i am getting married to the love of my life. Eventhough he is 75 i love him dearly

    Heather H. 2006-02-09

  • dad-daugther dance

    This will be the song that I dance to my dad with and everytime I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes!

    Tina 2006-02-02

  • This was my song

    This was the father/daughter dance song at my wedding on July 2,2005 and it was beautiful. This song really exemplifies our family as it's just me and my younger sister, and we are almost 6 years apart, so as you can imagine, we had our trying times. The song literally made my father break down and cry, and everytime we here it now, he just smiles and I know he is reflecting!

    Nicole 2005-09-20

  • great song

    My mother and father cry to this song everytime they here it i think its a great song for a wedding.......the words are so true.

    Brandi 2005-05-02

  • what an amazing song

    What an amazing song! It is so emotional that it makes me want to cry! It first caught my attention because it had my name in it, but after listening to it, i found how much more meaning it had. it is a wonderful song that should get more air time on the radio!! EXELENT STUFF!!!

    Brianna 2005-02-13

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