Because You Loved Me Comments

  • Ms.

    To have a Father or dad that really lives and cares about you. Is a gift. One I did not get to know. You are lucky

    Tracy Le Anne Osborn 2018-01-26

  • Touchy

    I'm def. have this song for my father & I on my wedding day at reception on July 14th. I love my father oh so MUCH!!! This song will make us cry for sure!!

    Sarah Fine 2011-11-17

  • baby dawdy

    this is my baby dawdys song we sing it while we do the nawsty

    bunifa 2011-04-18

  • Love it

    Me and my doll love this song &we sing it every anyversery

    Khloe & Kyle 2010-08-19

  • wait and see

    songs! they ellusion our mins and we tend to loose the sense of reality. for sam and terri, one day you will woke up with a start when you discover that the partner has ben sreaming more than what he/she is doing with you. well i still believe celine dion is a living legend although she lost touch in her last two albums.

    patrick 2010-07-09

  • love

    This song is the best

    savannah 2010-06-16

  • Sweet Sixteen

    My Dad and I danced to this song at my sweet sixteen party. It was amazing. I love this song sooo much.

    Amanda 2010-04-10

  • perfect wedding song

    my friends julie and terry they just got engaged yesterday so im really excited i think this would be a great song for the wedding

    faith 2010-04-08

  • i the song

    it is my best song ever

    ashu 2010-03-22

  • I love it!

    I dance this song with my father at my wedding!! Perfect song!

    Maria 2010-02-04

  • absolutely perfect

    I'd heard this song before, but only when I was looking for father/daughter songs did it really make me cry. Its everything I think about my dad, and think I can ignore the 'baby' part, especially since everything else is beyond perfect.

    penni 2010-01-27

  • I love this song

    I love this song very much. It makes me nostalgic about my future spouse

    Shreyas 2009-11-04

  • Beautiful Song

    this song has the most beautiful lyrics and it is soooooo cute i think it will be my father daughter dance song at my will be soooo great

    Tabatha 2009-09-18

  • love this song

    i love this song

    lancile 2009-05-18


    i will sing this song for my mom on mother's day

    laura 2009-05-03

  • super

    i wedding soon and so this one is the song to be dedicated to my man as i make my vow, put a ring on his finger.

    memo 2009-04-01

  • my heart

    Another perfect father/daughter dance song is "my heart" by Who Are Those Guys -
    The chorus says:
    You are my angel
    You're my little girl
    You are my everything
    You're my whole world

    It's an incredibly touching song - I'm guessing you have to go to their website to ask for a copy.....

    Tom 2009-02-10

  • cool

    i love your songs they rock

    crystal dalton 2008-12-03

  • Because U love me

    It's my favorite song I'm really love this song

    sros 2008-08-17

  • Great

    i love this song ,because it has great meanings

    maria 2008-07-09

  • l0V3 THiiS S0NG

    i love this song i had it sung at my sweet 16 and i'm gonna have it sung on my wedding day

    marlene 2008-06-27

  • very moving!!

    I hear this song and think of my mother. She was the rock in our family when all was falling. Thanks mom. I love you so much!!

    carl 2008-05-21

  • why i love this

    i love this song because it makes me think about me

    dorothy 2008-04-14

  • i cant wait

    til i get married.
    i want the best wedding ever...with the love of my life.

    jocelyn 2008-04-08

  • we are in love

    we are madly in love and we sing this song out loud whilw doing hard core sex sences

    sammi and terri 2007-11-19

  • love it

    we are in love and we sing this song to each other while we are having sexual intacals.

    sammi and terri 2007-11-19

  • fabulis

    even if i'm arabic but ilove this song more than anu thing

    ghaidaa 2007-11-16

  • Love it

    Anytime we go to a reception or when we hear this song my father and I dance!! I love it !

    Kristin 2007-11-09

  • love

    This song is so sweet. It reminds me of my boyfriend adam.

    stephanie 2007-11-06

  • about the song

    i really love this song because it inspires a lot of people especially those who are curios aboutlove.also,if given a chance,i would definitely choose this song for my wedding day.

    maria santillan gabriel 2007-10-22

  • Beautiful Song

    Love this song, makes me want to almost cry every time I hear the song. Great song for daddy daughter occassions.

    Kristen 2007-08-21

  • beautiful

    This song is perfect for me and my father because he means the whole to mean

    Lillian Nieves 2007-08-14

  • Not for father daughter song

    This is a GREAT song but as I was listening to it, it says "baby" too much. do you call your dad baby?

    Halie 2007-06-26

  • my favourate

    this song is the best ever,it was my recent friend best song and she recently passed away, so i will cherish it forever

    kirsty 2007-06-19


    [verse 1]
    For all those times you stood by me
    For all the truth that you made me see
    For all the joy you brought to my life
    For all the wrong that you made right
    For every dream you helped come true
    For all the love I found in you
    I'll be forever thankful because
    You're the one who held me up
    Never let me fall
    You're the one who saw me through it all

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You took the the time to teach me to read
    Opened the wonnders of the world for me
    You saw the best that i could be
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'cause you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you taught me
    [last time]Were where we are today because you taught us.

    [verse 2]
    You shaped my wings and helped me fly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky
    I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
    You said no star was out of reach
    You stood by me and I stood tall
    Because of you i had it all
    I'm grateful for each day you taught me
    Maybe I don't know that much
    But I know this much is true
    I was blessed because I was taught by you

    [repeat chorus]

    TiFFANi 2007-06-09

  • great song

    i love this song. the lyrics are wonderful and well sung by celine.

    katie 2007-05-24

  • stepdad

    this is me and my step dads song.
    we have a very good relationships. he was ALWAYS the one to make sure i made it and succeed!

    shelby 2007-05-15

  • super Fantastic

    I loved and im using it for my wedding this summer

    Maryelena 2007-05-13

  • cool

    that song is the song im going to have for my daddy daughter dance at my wedding thanks

    Samantha 2007-05-13

  • Fantastic

    I absolutely love this song it sends such a beautiful message. I think its a great wedding song!

    Nicole 2007-05-02

  • Wrong Song Title

    The title to this song is actually wind beneath my wings

    Kristin 2007-04-25

  • omfg awesome

    this song is heart touchouing it was played at a wedding and it made me cry

    deysha 2007-03-24

  • great song

    this is a great father daughter song. it reminds me so much of my late father as i was growing up. he encouraged me to be all i can be. i wish he could be at my wedding.

    renee 2007-02-25

  • always in my heart

    i'm still 16 but that song will be in my weeding list even if it's going to be an old song , i just love it :)

    tifen 2007-02-19

  • Love it

    i luv this song and i picked it for my daddy daughter dance at my wedding im marrying mike... he's sooo cute im 20 yrs old and i luv him to death he's just like bam margera lol luv him

    Valerie 2007-02-19

  • Misguided

    This is a great song -- but not for a wedding! Listen and understand the words -- this song is dedicated to someone that is dead or has died. Haven't you seen the movie this song was created for?

    Mac Team 2007-02-12

  • Just the right words

    I am getting married soon and this song just says the perfect words for my dad and me!!

    Tammie 2006-09-02

  • lovely

    this song is a very lovely song but it is very good for a funeral too, both of them so its sort of a happy and sad song in both ways! but still lovely

    casey 2006-08-24

  • Amazing

    I love this song and i think it is an amazing wedding song....

    Samantha 2006-07-07

  • because you loved me

    I liked the song because it tells the truth about to peaple. and it tuched two lovers lives

    Judith 2006-04-07

  • song

    this song is the gratest song for a father daughter dance i love it

    sany 2006-01-15

  • very good for love

    this song is so good for love for my dear and i recommend this song for my friends to weddingday

    pakkard 2005-11-21

  • Great Choice

    Celine Dion has a wonderful voice and what is equally wonderful is this song. There wasnt a dry eye in the house at my sons 5th grade graduation. Not only is this song great for Weddings its also great for other wonderful occasions.

    Gerry 2005-08-15

  • Great

    my wedding is August and i heard it in the car and i just started to cry, I knew this song was for me and my step father.

    Lindsey 2005-08-09

  • awesome

    At my wedding my husband loved it so mush that he cried this song has touching words

    Lisa 2005-07-27

  • loved

    i love this song it was a great hit at my wedding.

    Angela 2005-07-27

  • Beautiful

    This song is so beautiful, it is a very emotional song for a daughter and father to dance to! It really makes you think of each other

    Janet 2005-06-22

  • absolutely beautiful

    I am getting married this November and my dad and I are dancing to this song. Every word spoken in these lyrics really mean how I feel towards my father. It is going to be an emotional dance for my father and I because we are very close. A very good choice for those looking for a father/daughter song.

    jennifer 2005-06-19


    i think this song is not only a great song, but a perfect father/daughter song too. I am getting married in august and my dad and i are dancing to this!

    Rachael 2005-06-16

  • wonderful

    i think this song is wonderful yhis is on of my best song that Celine Dion sing i like it so much. ithjnk it prefect for a wedding.

    rasheida 2005-05-23

  • love it

    this song is sooo good. i love the message and i think this is a great wedding song

    michelle 2005-02-09

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