Butterfly Kisses Comments

  • yipee

    love this song so much n i agree with Maejoy;gonna play this song on ma weddn dae

    Ruthe 2012-01-19

  • God spoken to me

    The first time I heard this song touched my heart by the lyrics.I cried and l felt the presense of God. He was telling me that His love resembled the father's love in the song. His love is so real that l felt guilty of not trusting him.

    Tom 2012-01-13

  • Love it

    My dad bought me this cd when it came out when i was a child. I remember loving that song and we listened to it together over and over. That is why this will be the song we dance to at my wedding. Not just because it has to do with "daddy's little girl" but because it means something to us.

    Jennifer 2011-10-18

  • great

    Two thumbs up

    igoi 2011-08-14

  • love it

    My dad use to read me the butterfly kisses book when i was a little girl every night and play this song, then he left and id read it by myself and couldnt sleep without it. im getting a tattoo of this song soon :)

    Steff 2011-05-08

  • tear jerking

    this is going to be an amazing song for my wedding day! i super love my dad and this song will be for him..i love you dad!

    michelle lyn 2011-04-13

  • Great

    I am so in love with this song...

    Mellessa 2011-03-17

  • A Beautiful lovely song

    I played this song for my dad at my first wedding, he didn't even know i was going to do it as it was a surprise for him..All i remember was having my dad embrace me and tell me i am a very beautiful bride, lol oh and to not drop tears on his suit but i know he was joking..This song says everything that my daddy would say to me everyday ...

    stacey 2011-03-05

  • lovely

    a lovely song

    Pinky 2011-03-03

  • it brings tears to my eyes

    i will surely dance this song with my daddy when i get married someday he's all i have now with my mother in heaven looking over me.

    MimZz 2011-02-13

  • daddys girl

    My daddy use to read me this book when I was little and we always gave each other butterfly kisses. Its perfect!

    brooke 2011-02-11

  • can't wait!

    This song is perfect! I have listened to butterfly kisses for most of my life, I can't wait to dance with my father to it on my wedding day!

    Sassbride2be 2011-01-17

  • love this song

    i'm only 14 and this is the song my dad and i will dance to when i get married.

    lina 2011-01-09

  • Aaaaw!

    There's few things in the world that will move me to tears, and a father's love for his daughter is one of them.
    I love this song, and I might just play it when I dance with my dad at my wedding :)

    Becca 2010-11-15

  • Daddy don't cry

    Man da words are so so so sweet n powerful ...even if the cake looks funny Daddy I sure tried...Am gonna dedicate it to ma BOO'S DADDY on our Wedding day..Wow!

    Samuel wakes 2010-11-07

  • sooo playing

    this song is lovily. when i was a lil girl i loved it and told my daddy at very young age this was our song. finally many years later i've been blessed with a man and he will let my daddy and i have our song. i hadn't heard it in a few years but when i did the other day it made me cry. i can only picture how i'll the day of the wedding...

    canadian @ heart 2010-10-30

  • hope

    Hope i can dance with my dad

    autumn 2010-10-12

  • Young bob carslisle fan

    I am only 12 and have been listening to this song for years I luv it and hope one day I'll play during the father daughter dance at my wedding

    Sweetness craver 2010-07-27

  • Woe

    This has been my dad's and mine song since i was a little girl!! I love it!!!!! It takes me back everytime!!!!!

    Mikayla 2010-07-25

  • So Touching

    I've always loved this song and i'm getting married soon and this is the song i want to play 4 me and my dad to have our first dance.ohhhhhhhhhhh it made me cry (happy tears):))

    Merisa 2010-06-21

  • Our song

    This has been my fathers and my song since i was about 6. he use to sing it with tears in his eyes and i would giggle, im getting married in 100 days time :-) this is going to be my father daughter dance. I hear it now and cry, dont know how either of us will handle it on the day, i love my daddy, hes my hero and my inspiration for life. i am so excited to get married, but part of my heart is breaking because this song is so true! this is how he would feel, and part of me agrees with him, i feel like im loosing that connection, but i guess im not, im just growing up. its a beautiful song and i love it!xxx

    Kylie 2010-06-16

  • Great Song

    I danced to this with my dad at my wedding and I was crying like a great big baby when it came on. Superb song!

    Laura 2010-05-18


    i love this song

    Alyssa 2010-05-11

  • so sweet.

    i adore this song so much.
    but it really makes me sad becuase it reminds me of my father and me, because i really do give him a hug each morning and a kiss at night and i am getting older each day and he does feel like he is losing me sometimes and everyone says me and my mom look more alike each and every day (:

    cee jay curtis 2010-05-11

  • :')

    I'm so happy i finally found this song and who sings it...i had the cd with the song on it but i lost it when i moved and i haven't found the song or a cd with it on it since...now i can get it and play this at my wedding for my dad...i know we'll both cry but it will make me feel better cause he used to love me singing this to him...:)

    Melisa 2010-05-10

  • my dad is wonderful

    when i hear this song i feel proud to be my father's son

    shibin baby 2010-04-24

  • A Uniquely Emotionally Intensifying song!

    I believe, more than having a Cinderella-type or any fairy tale wedding story could be in an outwit or loose its sense if and especially, the father of the bride sings this very beautiful song. if I'll get into matrimony someday, I would wish that my bride's father sings this; or if my daughter would be the one to be married, I'll sing this for her! Promise!

    Jestoni of Mandaue, Cebu 2010-04-09

  • Unique touch

    This song gets to the part of me where only my daughter get.

    Matome 2010-03-30

  • love this song

    i can't believe i finally found a song that realates to me and my dad i am only 15 but this song is going to be the song i play at my wedding for my fater daughter dance.

    brittany 2010-03-08

  • Classic Song

    This one is an absolutely beautiful wedding songs!

    Bellissima 2010-01-21

  • amazing!

    its gonna be the perfect song when i will get married someday..!
    so touched!...while walking at the aisle with my papa going through the altar...surely tears will flow!!!

    neya 2009-12-30


    Im inspired by this song. I remember when my dad used to drive for me to school during elementary and high school days. I just missed my dad so much...Reading through the lyrics just brought so much joy and refreshes a lot of childhood memories with dad!

    LIBETH GOZON 2009-12-20

  • love it.....

    i fell in love with this song...i just turned 16...n at my party i danced to this song with my father....i love it n i love him soo much

    meg 2009-12-02

  • my father

    my father dedicated this song to me

    destiny 2009-11-12


    I fell in love with this song from the very first time I heard it. It is so beautiful and is great for an occassion like the "father-daughter" dance.

    Roslynn 2009-10-30

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    I tried to add image but I don't know how to do this
    Can anyone be kind to tell me how?

    thanks a lot

    kaymandy 2009-10-17

  • Nice lyrics

    I feel like my heart is part happy, part sad. To let go of that special somone you've keep safe for the unconditional time.

    Edsill Tamon 2009-09-08


    I love this song so much because it reminds me of what me and my dad had before he walked out on my life i think about you everyday dad i miss you <3

    Tori 2009-08-24

  • Father Daughter Dance

    I heard this song in the car with my dad when I was a teenager. We knew that day this would be the song that would play during the father daughter dance at my wedding when that day comes. When I was a little girl I would give my dad Butterfly Kisses before bed so it means a lot to us

    Amanda 2009-08-19

  • Hi, I`m new


    My name is Alice, I`m from New York but live in Paris now. I love classic music

    aliccegorrrenz 2009-07-26


    how beautiful the song is....
    i was touched by the affection between the daughter and her daddy....GOD is love.Love is great and no one is greater then HIM.

    Good day and more powers!
    GOD bless

    Cherry Lou 2009-07-21

  • i love it !

    this song s a lovely song it makes my dad cry everey time he listens to it and it is one of my favorite songs

    anna 2009-06-24

  • amazing

    i love this song. My cousin sang it to for fathers as they walked down for him to give her away. Every word in this song is true i cried the first time i heard it and i hope that when i get married i will have a singer and it might be my cousin to sing it as me and my dad walk for him to give me away

    Sierra 2009-06-21

  • Sign Language

    When my eldest daughter got married, her sister who is deaf and was her maid of honor signed this song as it played. The bride and her dad stood at the alter as it it was played and signed, there was not a dry eye in the church.

    Sandra Daugherty 2009-06-04

  • so touching

    I played this song during our reception for the Father-Daughter dnace,I told my dad to listen to the lyrics of the song and he cried and made me cry too.. When I glanced over the people at watching us everyone was crying too.. it was so emotional and touching I just loved it! I recommend brides to be to play this song on their wedding,not just for walking down the aisle but for also a dance number with their father as what I did with my mine.

    sasha 2009-05-25

  • Beautiful

    I have loved this song sinceI was a little girl I always told my daddy that this would be the song we would dance to at my wedding. I danced with my dad to this song when I was a litte girl at my great grandmothers party, I danced with him to it on my Sweet 16 with everyone watching us and now I am going to dance with him to it at my wedding and I can't wait this song has been the theme of my life and I can;t wait to play it on my special day. To be able to see the look in my daddy's eye when he hears this song come on. I can honestly say I am daddy's little girl and I can't wait to play this at my wedding in 3 weeks.

    Kaileigh Ann 2009-05-20

  • Beautiful song

    I lost my dad in 05 when i was 18... now at 22 i'm getting married.. my brother will walk one side of me down the aisle... my dad will walk the other and when I play this song for the father daughter dance with my brother... He will be there watching.

    Tanya 2009-05-20

  • whew

    i can't imagine when my little girl walk down the aisle someday.... she's only 3 years old now, and i'm gonna sure this song shall be played during her wed....

    dady 2009-05-14

  • love it!

    Omg. Ever since I heard this song at my cousins wedding I fell in love with it!! Its a beautiful song for the daughter-father dance.

    S.B. 2009-04-04

  • Sad

    Oh this song is so sad. I have a friend and her dad died and she thinks this is the saddest song ttooo

    Amy 2009-03-29

  • Great Song!

    Will definately play this song for my daughters wedding..her daddy will surely be emo!!

    Jesvinder 2009-03-26

  • Played Out

    This song is done to death.Elton John,The beatles,or Stevie Wonder are much cooler choices.

    Chris 2009-02-07

  • WoW

    Oh my, this is the first song that has made me cry. Its beautifull.

    Nicole Mann 2009-02-07

  • for sure

    beautiful!i surely will play this song on my wedding day..

    allenfritz 2009-01-10

  • Woooow

    This song is so touching, it made me cry. :(

    Cherry 2009-01-01

  • quincearea

    we want to play this song at her quincearea

    yahoo 2008-12-23

  • song

    When this song came out years ago, my dad and I always said we would have our father-daughter dance to it, my wedding is in July and we both agree still, this is the perfect song, we will both cry our eyes out.

    Ashley 2008-12-22

  • Kristi

    This song is as perfect example of a father daughter relationship. This song always makes me want to cry.

    Kristi 2008-12-21

  • WOW

    I love this song cause it reminds it of me and my dad

    Amber 2008-12-10

  • perfect

    i love this song soooooo much
    nkakarelate ako..
    haha it is so dramatic..

    shiela_peter 2008-12-08

  • My daddy!

    At my wedding I danced with my dad to this song. I have been searching for it ever since. b/c the cd I had for the wedding was borrowed. I cry everytime I hear the song.

    Tara 2008-12-02

  • I love this song

    thanks for writing this song. It was the last song Me and my dad ever listened to a week before he passed away.he died on birthday January 5th, 2001.

    Brenda Pence 2008-11-25



    Dottie 2008-11-19

  • Fantastic

    I absolutely LOVE dis song.it makes me tear whenever i hear it.

    Beverley 2008-10-28

  • loving it

    i just have a daughter my self, and as i was just telling my mom how i can't wait to see her walking down the aisle when she gets married. my mom said she has the perfect song one she was reserving for when i get married (which is in 2010) and she looked it up on line and let me here it for the first time. i must say i fell in love with it. ;-)

    vulena 2008-10-27

  • Daddys little girl

    this is the best song ever i haven't seen my dad for 2 years and i miss him. my mom wont let me see him and i hate her for that so i still dream about him and it would be great to see my dad one day but that probaly wont ever happen in my whol entire life so i hope i do get to se my dad one of these days.

    Alyson 2008-10-16

  • oh boy.

    I'm definitely am going to put this song as I walk down the aisle with my daddy.

    april 2008-10-04

  • my song!

    From the moment my daddy first heard this song its been his and my song! it makes me cry every time. i love this song to death!

    Kaycee 2008-10-04

  • it makes me cry

    i really love the song and i want to play it on my wedding..im sure that papa will cry hearing it while he walks me down the aisle..because im only papa's little girl too.

    kathy 2008-09-05

  • <333333333333333

    this was me and my daddy's song but my daddy died 7yrs ago r.i.p daddy i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Caitie 2008-08-15

  • Great Song

    I must say the 1st time that I heard this song I was seeing someone at the time from GMU, and she was showing me a video which was taken when she was 16 of her proforming to this song in 3 stages #1 a little girl growing up #2 as a teenager and #3 as a Woman Grown up it was a bally rendition done on stage. I was at AW! and tears in my eyes, because I felt so over whelmed by the fact that I had girls as well who are grown and living their lives. And to set back and see all those years gone by, and to see them now(WOW) and to remember I use to give them Butterfly Kisses my eyes teared up again. What can I say but to Thank U and God for giving us something beautiful. Gracias

    LaMan Diaz 2008-08-13

  • sad...

    i've always wanted to have this song played as i walk down the isle on my wedding day with my dad...but unfortunately, this won't happen anymore as he passed away last november. but il still have the song played, in memory of him....this song makes me wanna cry everytime i hear it but i still love it.

    jdr0422 2008-08-01

  • for my dad

    I love this song lot's, my dads been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and only has 6 weeks to live, and im only 17. so im gonna sing this at his funeral for him, as the words mean so much. :)

    Sophie 2008-07-25

  • song

    I love this song it's the greatest for a daddy daughter dance or wedding!!!

    Ashley 2008-07-24

  • amazing

    my sisters guna have this at her weding but since we are jewish shes going to bleep out the word jesus.
    lol imangine this:
    She talks to BLEEP and I close my eyes
    o gosh this is guna be an adventurre. C :

    rachel 2008-07-23

  • Tear jerker

    this song is one of the best Father Daughter first dance songs. :-) You will need a tissue.

    MAL 2008-07-21

  • I love this song so much

    As son as a I get to the age of wedding days I will have them when I am walking down the altar.

    Alexis 2008-07-17

  • Funeral

    My dear friend had this sang at her funeral, she was our beautiful butterfly girl, R.I.P. Michelle. xoxo

    Deb 2008-07-10

  • OMG

    This song is amazing just as good as the Garth Brooks version

    Rachelle 2008-07-01

  • Great song

    Hello im Michelle, I grew listening to that song...i know that im going to want the song at my wedding someday. I am only 14 years old. I really love this song..

    Michelle 2008-06-22


    I have always loved this song. Its me and my dad's song we always listen to it when he comes down from Maine.

    Kyndra Cook 2008-06-04

  • grabe!

    sobrs ganahan jd ko ani nga kanta.. as in wla na koy masulti.. waaaah waaaah.. mingaw ko sa aku father, he's in GODs hands na.. i wish naa xa aku wedding this coming july...

    anne 2008-05-10

  • heart moving

    well i am only 16 and i'm not one to cry but this song really touched me down deep inside and maybe because i don't have a father but i don't know. but if you could e-mail me a johnblakey73@yahoo.com that would be awesome.

    John Blakey 2008-05-01

  • Worse Song Ever

    This song is horrible. People who go to weddings this it is horrible.

    Kelsey 2008-04-26

  • i love the song

    i love the song...and it make me cry evry time i hear this....=]

    joma j 2008-04-23

  • i love this song

    i love this song very much bc my uncle just died and this song is soooo heart warming to everyone in my family

    jayme 2008-04-22

  • for my dad

    my daddy loves this song.

    Brittany 2008-04-13

  • faithful

    for sure will play that loving song cuz it will hurt dad and i cuz our love is so strong

    swady 2008-04-05

  • Reccomendations

    Hey everybody I am new at this and I read some comments on this song. I love this song and I wanted to play it when I am walking down the aisle to end bout time it says walk me down the aisle daddy. So Is this too untraditional to play an actual song when I walk? Im definitely not a traditional person but I want my wedding to be perfect. It is in May!

    Cheryl 2008-03-20

  • Dad

    this happens to be the best song in the world. i just lost my dad a month ago and we always listened to this song and i always gave him butterfly kisses when i was younger. as i got older i didnt want to do that anymore. now i wish that i could give my dad butterfly kisses.... iim still gunna play this song at my wedding one day and i will def listen to it on my 16th birthday on may.

    A-snap 2008-03-14

  • Perfect Song

    I have always listened 2 dis song frm i was a teenager and could'nt wait till i got married so i could play it while me and my father danced. dat day is only 5months away now and could'nt imagine dancing to a more prfect song.

    Leanne 2008-02-26

  • love

    this has been my wedding song since i was 5 and it still is

    mac 2008-02-22

  • love

    it is all about a dads and daughter love for each other.

    Mianna 2008-02-17

  • I Love This Song

    When I heard this song I cried because I had lost my father almost 8 years ago

    Samantha 2008-02-04

  • :) good song :)

    I had this song as my father daughter dance. My mom and aunt were balling the whole time.

    Sara 2007-12-13

  • my fav song

    this is my fav song because my dad and i went to a dad and doughter dance and he played this song and song it to me it was the most wonderful time of my life

    jessica 2007-12-01

  • Great!

    Surely im going to play this song while marching on the altar with my father on my wedding day...someday. ohh soooo touching. i felt like crying... :D

    Maejoy 2007-11-25

  • Wow

    I can't believe it!! I have been searching for this song since i got engaged 2 years ago, the cd i had this song on was badly damaged. I am going to play this for my dad at my Wedding. I am so happy to have finally found it!! :-D :-D

    Deanna 2007-11-08

  • Butterfly Kisses

    I love this song so much..The first tyme I herd it. it made me cry...And if I ever get married I want it played at my wedding :)

    Kay 2007-11-02

  • butterfly kisses

    Every since I was a little girl I have wanted this song at my wedding. My boyfriend has already told me he wants to marry me someday and I cannot wait till I get to have that father/daughter dance to this song. This song is just too perfect.

    Jessica Lingo 2007-10-19

  • My favorite

    I Like your song my dad sang it to me

    kerrianne 2007-10-10

  • butterfly kisses

    i have never heard this song till my bf dj at a wedding it was there leaving song is was perfect i was not my wedding but it made me cry it is such a lovely song i will want it played the day i have my wedding

    kate lawler 2007-09-30

  • My favorite

    This song has been my dad and mine's favorite since I was in pigtails.

    Ashley-Nicole 2007-09-28

  • so sad

    this is one of the best songs iv heard in a long time....i cried so much,im deffintly using this song

    sarah 2007-09-19

  • Our song

    This song means so much to me because when I was 7 years old, he skated a program to it with me. Every year we go to a father daughter dance on Valentines Day and dance to it. Last year was the first year the sweet sixteen part of the song. My dad gets emotional every time he hears this song, and we have already agreed that it will be our dance. I just love it!

    Bianca Rodriguez 2007-09-10

  • This song really pulls at your heart strings

    This is a powerful song, it means so much. I also noticed that my dad got tears in his eyes when he heard it for the first time.

    Kristen 2007-08-21

  • My dance with my dad

    This would have to be the best song for a father and daughter to dance to. When my dad heard it he had tears in his eyes.

    Tanya 2007-08-01

  • memories

    this was the frist song me and my dad ever dance to

    leslie 2007-07-19

  • best wedding song

    i really love the song..when i first heard it,i don't know how say and feel because this song make me cry.it touches me so much....this song played in my wedding while i am walking down the aisle..whenever i hear this song, it reminds my dad so much..

    rochelle 2007-07-16

  • memories

    I love this song! It's kind of an inside thing with my dad, we used to give butterfly kisses and listen to this song. It always makes me cry. It's going to be the song my daddy and I dance to when i ge married.

    Chelsea 2007-07-13

  • My dream wedding song

    I have always dreamt that my father would sing me this song when i walk down the aisle in the near future.

    Liv Angelique 2007-07-12

  • great song

    i really love this song, i will use it on my future wedding day while wlaking down the aisle with my dad... i will really cry hearing this song, because i'm very close to my dad...

    neleh 2007-07-10

  • heart warming

    i have loved this song since i was little and i still cry even just reading it. this is a true masterpiece and one of the best songs adn lyrics ever written. i can't wait to dance with my daddy to this song!

    Angela 2007-07-09

  • touching song for fathers and daughters

    i first heard this song when i was in my senior year in high school where my literature teacher told us to listen to the song and explain to her the meaning and concept of the song. i really liked the part where the dad is going to walk down the aisle with her lovely girl and when the dad was reminiscing the times he had with his daughter. the best song for father and daughter dance.

    Katkat 2007-07-08

  • Too Touching

    it's very sentimental soong. i felt like crying everytime i hear this song. truly, shows the father and daughter relationships..i like this song, it reminds me of my father as well as my mother

    Anna 2007-07-07

  • Love you daddy

    My daddy is in haeven and I'm getting married, he's watching me from heaven and this song .... well I don't need to tell more. My daddy is with me at the wedding with this song! Daddy I love you !!!

    Debbie Angevaare 2007-06-28

  • Emotional

    ... played this song at our wedding and put it on a disk as well along with other songs from the wedding.... I have never seen my father sob the way he did when he heard this song. You can almost hear the emotion in bob carlisle voice. I wonder if he has a daughter

    Jane 2007-06-26



    ANGELIQUE 2007-06-24

  • daddys little girl

    i cryed when i first heared it and it captured my emothion

    alyssa 2007-06-18

  • greatest song in the world

    this is one of the most beautiful song in the world. i am planning to play this song on my wedding when i dance with my father.it brings alot og meomories which are left behind.

    evlin 2007-06-17

  • wonderful song

    everytime i hear this song i get chills and tears. i am getting married sept. 14, 2007 and i will not be walking out to the traditional wedding march, i am walking out to this song. this song reminds me so much of my dad and me.

    anna 2007-06-16

  • remeberable

    Me and my father have danced 2 this song since i was 6 at my first daddy dauter dance, it will be played on my weding day

    lindsey Morgan 2007-06-15

  • A hug from dad

    I think its a perfect song. One day my dad an I were going to my friends house and we heard this song and my dad said to me "sweet heart I will always be there for you" .And then he gave me a hug.

    Callie 2007-06-15

  • best song

    when i first heard this song i cried it truly captured my heart of emotion i love it it reminds me of me and my dad even tho im nli 16 but u get the picture of what ye dads gunna b like at ur wedding innit. im gunna deffinately play this song at my wedding and dance wit ma dad to it. u may of heard the original but i heard it by westlife and im not biased cuz their my fave band they did an excellent copy mayb even better than the original im deffo gunna have the westlife version at my wedding :)

    chelsea 2007-06-10

  • Beautiful

    My dad always played this song for me when I was younger and now I truly understand what it means. This is a song that captures my heart and emotions everytime I listen to it. This song isn't one that comes and goes as a favorite...its one that stays in that winners circle. This is a true song.

    Heather 2007-06-09

  • Touching Song

    Every time I hear this song I get all teary eyes, and my daughter loves this song and is going to play this in her wedding.

    Tina Diaz 2007-06-06

  • cutesong

    omg my sister go married and she played this song at the recpction and i almost cried cause its so cute but sad aww im playing the song for my power piont project

    amy 2007-06-04

  • best song

    this is the best father daughter song out there, every time i hear it, it brings tears to my eyes, i will definetly be playing this for my father daughter wedding dance song.

    katie 2007-06-02

  • See comment

    This is a song that grips the heart and will not let it go until the song is done. This is one of the best songs out there for weddings and will always be special.

    Rodney Wild 2007-05-30

  • Great song

    I love this song. Its one of the best songs ever. I whould love to have this song at my wedding one of this days

    Melissa 2007-05-25

  • amazing

    this song made me cry - it truly is all of the emotions that you feel. i want this song at my wedding

    liz 2007-05-25

  • tears forever

    this song made me think of my real daddy that died....now i live with my recent step dad and visit this guy that claims he is my step dad

    nicci 2007-05-21

  • This Is Mine And My Dads Song

    i love this song so much, my dad use to play it for me when i was a baby, then he lost the cd, we both had not hurd it for 12 years (my 16th birthday).... everytime i hear this song i cry...this is the song me n my daddy r going to dance to

    Amber 2007-05-17

  • awww

    I honestly can't listen to this song without crying....it's just too adorable. =]

    Melissa 2007-05-13

  • Could not have been a better song

    This is the song I will be dancing to with my dad on my wedding day. Its says exactly what is happening on the day.

    "She'll change her name today, she'll make a promise, and I'll give her away.
    Standing in the bridegroom just staring at her
    She asks me what I'm thinking, and I said I'm not sure.
    I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl," "Walk me down the aisle Daddy, it's just about time.
    Does my wedding gown look pretty Daddy? Daddy, don't cry."

    I think this is the best song for a father and daughter dance.

    Blyth 2007-05-11

  • very touching song

    indeed this one is very senti song, everybody can relate to this one. i let my officemate hear this song and just what i have expected she cried!!!! she is a daddy'd girl and she did relate to the song. she will be getting married this year and she considers this song on her wedding.

    swetu club 2007-05-08

  • Lovee

    I love this songg.
    It remindes me
    that im growing upp
    and my daddy is
    concernedd :(

    London 2007-05-04

  • awesome Song

    I love this song so much because it made me crythe frist time I heared it. My dad and I always find each other and listen to this song together.

    Mianna 2007-04-27

  • Love

    I absolutly luv this song. It reminds me o fmy dad.

    Kayla Williams 2007-04-25

  • What a Beautiful Song

    This song is the perfect song to dance with your father on your wedding day. I can't wait to dance with my father to this beautiful song.

    Celeste 2007-04-19

  • Walking down the isle

    I love this song it was played as I walked down the isle at my wedding. My daddy couldnt hold back the tears and neither could I.

    Kassie 2007-04-19

  • our song

    this is mine and my dads song. im his baby girl. he has cancer and for his birthday last year, i did a coligraphy project for art class and i did this song for him. it made hime cry. he is going to walk me down the aisle next month to this song..it just means so much!

    Allisha 2007-04-15

  • Memories of my childhood

    This song is one of the best songs ever. It's so touchy. I love it 'cause it reminds me of the best man ever; my father. The man that i will never forget. May God rest his soul in peace. I wish I could play it on my wedding but i won't 'cause daddy is not here anymore but he is in my heart and soul.

    I will always love you daddy
    your daughter Nelly

    Nelly 2007-04-14

  • Crying

    I cry every time i hear this song and im getting married soon so i dont know how im gonna hold it together when i plat this song for me and my daddy.

    Helena 2007-04-13

  • i realy love this song

    this song makes me cry evrytime i heard it coz its so beautiful and makes me think of my dad of all the things dat he did for us even though we are far away from each other.

    joahna 2007-04-06


    Every time i heared this song i feel that i'm always little girl even if i,m old now.
    i like the song so much i appreciate every lyrics of the song.

    CHISTINE JOY 2007-04-04

  • perfect song for daddy

    played this song and let my fiance listen to it and she cried. i got teary eyed also, actually.

    edwin 2007-03-29

  • butterfly kisses

    since my 18th birthday, i began to love this song. its very meaningful and full of emotions. since then, i always sing it. i even sing it with my dad. but last year, i lost my father, and this song is very memorable. i will no longer sing this with my dad on my wedding day.

    everything will just memories....

    angely 2007-03-23

  • Kisses

    i hope this will be my weddind song. It makes me cry every time

    Erin 2007-03-22

  • Butterflies Kisses

    Ever time i hear this song i want to cry. Beacuse it a very beatiful song

    Tiffany 2007-03-22

  • wedding

    i was in my dad's wedding to day i was a bridesmaid and i walked down the isle to this song my favorite song is this song because my dad doesn't want me to grow up and that is what this song is really talking about and i would really have to say that i will play this song at my wedding.

    alex 2007-03-17

  • beautiful song

    I really love this song.

    Alison 2007-03-16

  • good song

    very good song

    lyn 2007-03-14

  • i love this song

    i love this song i cry when i here it because my dad is not doing that well and i am is baby girl!! i love him so much and i love this song to this is the best song ever!!

    hfdfdsifjdsfkls 2007-03-14

  • fav song

    i love this song because it brings back happy memories for me. its been me and my daddys song since the first time ive herd it and it will also be my fav song till the day i die becuase it reminds of my daddy and how we would spend time together i kno all the words i tend to sing it all the time

    Anna 2007-03-14

  • sweet memories

    it just made me remeber my father ..we have an strong relationship ..thanks for this beatiful song

    anabel de la rosa 2007-03-01

  • i love my daddy

    yeah i agree with Riza, the first time i heard this i cried and i still do when i hear it.
    the perfect song if your daddy's little girl(:

    addy 2007-02-28

  • love

    i love this song! it is my favorite song ever! my father and i would always dance to this song whenever it would come one and expedially at daddy, daughter dances. it makes me cry everytime i listen to it!

    kylie 2007-02-25

  • daddy daughter wedding song


    nicole 2007-02-10

  • Words explain it all

    My father and i are very close the words in this song tell it all. this will defintely be playing at my wedding.

    Taryn 2007-02-08

  • beautiful...

    It's like if has been written for my dad and i this song is really beatiful really touched me i want to play it onmy wedding:p

    eileen 2007-02-06

  • those good old days

    This song makes me cry everytime I hear it...it's soo touching. This has memories for me because I used to do this dad daughter program for 8 years. The program was called indian princesses and every year when we had date night we would dance to this song and it was always the last one! That was the good old days I havn't talked to my dad for two years now. So...I guess this is why it makes me cry soo much whenever I hear it. xoxo

    Christina 2007-02-06

  • I love this song

    This song is my favorite because it sounds just like me and my dad. I plan on plyin this song whenever I get married. It will be the song we dance too.

    Amanda 2007-02-06



    EMILY 2007-01-30

  • great song

    I love this song, it makes me cry

    Sango 2007-01-28

  • Awesome Song

    I love this song me and my dad sing and dance to this song and we love it i hope it will be my wedding song

    Butterfly Kisses 2007-01-28

  • best song

    This song is my all time favorite song and I wish to play it when I dance with my dad at my wedding. I love this song so much!!

    Lia 2007-01-24

  • Best Song

    I danced with my father at my sweet sixteen party and my father and I started crying! I plan on playing this song at my wedding when I dance with my father also. This is our song. It captures every emotion a father feels.

    Carly 2007-01-21

  • Love this song.

    This song was at me best friend's wedding and I cried my eye's out.because I love this song so much.and I'm going to have this song at my wedding!!

    Samantha 2007-01-18

  • great

    it's a wonderful song but i wish i can here the song and not read the lyrics but it is pretty said that he's lossing his daughter quickaly but it is a very loving song

    joelle 2007-01-17

  • touching song

    I think this is an experience for most father, seeing his little girl grow to be such a gracful, beautiful, amazing, women. I love this song ,I think when you hear it,it touches your heart.

    hailey 2007-01-17

  • the greatest song

    I love this song so much I cry every time i hear it this will be the song i dance with my dad when i get married this september

    Kristin 2007-01-09

  • its awsome

    i love this song i want to play it at my wedding

    Katherine 2006-12-23

  • i love it

    this song is sweet and sad but its easy to sing and its just awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katherine 2006-12-22

  • memories

    I am still young and just lost my father. This was his song to me!!!!!!

    rebecca 2006-12-21

  • Emotional

    This is a great song i have it on disc and every word so true.
    A deff in any father daughter dance at wedding.

    Tammie 2006-12-21

  • I still love him

    Every time i hear the song it reminds me of my father it is a wonderful wedding song for a special woman i just hope i get the chance from my dad we use to give each other butterfly kisses to each other and now i don't leave with my dad but if i had this song then i would play it all the time and yes i still cry when i hear this song. I still love my father. And i miss you so much Daddy!

    Rose 2006-12-14

  • holy crap

    i know im not married yet, but when i hear this song come on the radio, i always think about when my wedding day comes, i see me and my dad dancing to this song.

    kellie 2006-12-09

  • Jesse Capelli

    Jesse Capelli and Adriana Sage

    Jesse Capelli 2006-12-08

  • Milf Crusier

    Noi ti forniamo una facile e versatile visione d'insieme del tuo portafoglio - questo rende piú facile seguire il tuo rendimento.

    Milf Crusier 2006-11-18

  • aww

    i lovee this song...this is goin to be me n my daddy's song at my wedding

    madison 2006-11-13

  • great memories

    i just love this song. brings a lot of great memories

    elizabeth 2006-11-13

  • excellent

    I believe it's the most real song that trully comes from the heart.If I ever get married it would never miss out.

    Lillian 2006-11-08

  • my daddy

    my father has sung this song for me ever since i was little.. my parents had me in highschool and when he went away i used to listen to thi song every night. every time i hear it, it makes me cry.. im 17 now and i's like to say please dont use this song in a wedding of yours if your hearing it for the first time because when i get married i want this song to be special for my daddy and i not just one of the top 10 generic daddy songs

    Lauren 2006-11-07

  • Greatest Song

    When I First heard this song, it was in high school, and I cried like a baby. I love this song, and I plan on playing this song when me and my dad dance, I always knew that this was the song I was going to dance to with him.

    Ashley 2006-11-05

  • awesome father and daughter song

    the first time i heard it i cried for 20 min. it's a great father and daughter song i think when i get married i want that to be my song.

    ashley 2006-11-01

  • I Love This Song

    This song makes me cry every time. It will be played at my up coming wedding for the father daughter dance. It reminds me of growing up and the memories I have had with my dad.

    Koreen 2006-10-28

  • I love this song

    I played this song for my dad and it made him cry. he's been the best ever since then!!!

    Izzy 2006-10-27

  • Great song

    I love this song, i cried the first time i heard it! its definately playing on my wedding day!

    Jackie 2006-10-26

  • Greatest

    I just think this is the most beautiful words any father can give to his daughter.

    Genevieve 2006-10-24

  • this is a great song

    hey i am fan and i love this so when i get married i am going to play this at my wedding !!! thank you for this song i hope god blesses you and your family dearly ! love always and forever.....................
    Carmen Underwood

    carmen 2006-10-08

  • my song with my dad

    Ever since I was a little girl I told my dad that this was going to be our song . When he heared the song he said that was the only song that would fit with the two of us. And soon we will be dancing to that song.

    Jaclyn 2006-09-08

  • i love this song

    i love this song and this is the song that i am going to play for my father daughter dance at my wedding cuz i really and a daddys little girl.

    Kim 2006-09-06

  • Butterfly Kisses

    This song makes me want to puke. It is unoriginal and used at EVERY wedding.

    Kathryn 2006-08-24

  • my daughter wedding

    this was a great song, my daughter played this for her father when he walked her down the aisle, there wasn't a dry eye in the church.

    mary ann 2006-08-16

  • heart touching

    This song touches my heart everytime I hear it. And I cry just a little while listening to it, I dont get to see my dad all that much, only about 4 weeks out of the year, so this reminds me of me and my father before my parents split.
    LOVE IT! It WILL be the song that I dance to with my dad when I get married.

    Meghan 2006-08-09

  • heart touching

    This song touches my heart everytime I hear it. And I cry just a little while listening to it, I dont get to see my dad all that much, only about 4 weeks out of the year, so this reminds me of me and my father before my parents split.
    LOVE IT! It WILL be the song that I dance to with my dad when I get married.

    Meghan 2006-08-09

  • Excellent Song

    Actually, this is the song that I danced with my dad on my wedding day. I got married almost 4 years ago. When my dad and I were dancing to this song, I was crying. It brings back memories.

    Kristina 2006-08-09

  • Great Sweet Sixteen song

    I have used it for a sweet sixteen and I had everyone wiping away their tears...

    Leticia 2006-08-09

  • Music Box Dancers

    My Daughter-in-law and Niece used this song. It was a Music Box moment watching them dance with their fathers. Reminds me of when my dad & I danced to a waltz when my mom and dad wanted to cheer me up. Beautiful moments to remember forever.

    Loretta 2006-08-01

  • Love this song

    This is a great song for father/daughter dance I played it at my wedding when i danced with my dad and of course I cried.

    Carla 2006-07-29

  • lovely song

    -sigh- this will be part of my wedding song menu!

    emily 2006-07-29

  • lovely song

    This song always brings tears in my eyes. It catches the feelings of a father for his daughter. I will definitely use this for my wedding!!!

    emily 2006-07-29

  • Very sentimental and heart warming song

    When i first heard the song it already made a mark on my heart and in my mind, it makes me realize the day that i will get married...ill be thinking of my father by that time

    marge 2006-07-26

  • love this song

    i love this song. i have listened to this sence i was little. now i am siging it at my dads wedding. hope he likes it

    catie 2006-07-21

  • I Love u daddy

    This song is so true an sad i love it so much the lyrics jus speak to me i love my daddy an would do anything for my daddy jus to make him proud!!!!!! MY DAD IS SO AMAZING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Emily 2006-07-17

  • In Memory

    This song was to be played when my cousin got married, but unfortunately she died on the eve of her graduation. But this song will be played at my wedding as a tribute to her and her father.

    Cortney 2006-07-17

  • great song ever

    Really am always crying when i hear this song it's so amazin and sweet,it make's me remember all the great time that i spent it with my father esp when i was a child all i can say thank's for this great song

    maya 2006-07-13

  • Nice sad song

    this song i really love because it reminds me of my father and i was crying all through the song i think this song i a good song for a wedding because it tells are father how much we love them and some of you kids out there are so lucky to have a father and i think your father would love this song if you used it for your wedding.

    Sara 2006-07-05

  • Tear Jerker

    This song is beautiful! This is my song for the father and daughter dance on July 28th! I hope I don't cry!

    Jessica 2006-06-29

  • Most beautiful Song

    I first heard this song when I was in Junior high school and today (I'm 22) it is still my favorite song. The first day I heard it on the radio I said that this is the song that my father and I are going to dance to at my wedding. I was 14!!! Now, eight years later, when I really am getting married that is what I am dancing to. This song helped bring my father and I to share our feelings. Its amazing.

    Megan 2006-06-27

  • my favourite

    this is such a special and touching song. i can't get through the whole song without crying. I love it

    sam 2006-06-25

  • dats 4 dadi

    i really love dis song kc nkaka iyak at namimiz ko ung dadi ko...

    megg 2006-06-20

  • The best song

    I absolutely love this song! It makes me cry everytime I hear it. I think the relationship with my dad is so much better because of this song. I love it!

    Candy 2006-06-19

  • poignant song

    This song never fails to bring me to tears whenever i hear it playing. The song lyrics really speaks how much the father loves his daughter and how he feels on the day of her wedding.

    ruth 2006-06-16



    JULIE 2006-06-15

  • i miz my dad

    ... very touching...

    Camzie 2006-06-15

  • Butterfly Kisses Lyrics

    when i watch my wedding vidio with this song on it i cant stop crying i dont know why. maybe this songs make me realize how much my daddy love me. seeing the composer point of veiw how time pass by and watch your dauther grow to fast. that tocuh my heart.

    carol 2006-05-30

  • Awww

    I love this song next to Dance with my father.They are the 2 best songs.

    Debbie 2006-05-24

  • Sentimental

    I remember the night that my Dad dedicated this song to me I was only 11 at the time but now 10 years on it still brings me to cry every time I hear it, it's just beautiful!

    Kylie 2006-05-21

  • Forever Memories

    My dad and I danced at my 16th birthday to this song. And at my wedding years later....Now everytime its played on the radio we both call each other and tear up...

    Miranda 2006-05-12

  • Emotional and Wonderful song

    I love this song... it makes me think about my future and what my dad must be thinking when I keep growing. It makes me think that I need to appricate him more and let him have some of the best ears of my life because soon I will be on my own and away from him. This song always makes mr cry when I sing it and I think that it is an amazing song for a wedding and I am planning on playing it.

    Kayla 2006-05-10

  • Butterfly Kisses

    This song has been the only song I have ever wanted to dance to with my Dad at my wedding. This song capters the emotions I feel for my father and he feels for me. It is the perfect Father-Daughter song and my Dad loves it too.

    Amanda 2006-05-05

  • missing my dad

    I'm getting married in September of this year and for the last ten years I've known that this would be my father-daughter song. I knew early on that my dad would probably not see my children grow up like he watched my sisters (they're alot older and from his first marriage) but I never had a doubt that he would walk me down the aisle. Even though he's been gone a year and a half the pain is still fresh. I know that my dad would still want me to play this song in honor of our relationship,so after my mother sits down from giving me a way, I'll be lighting a candle to represent my daddy's presence at my wedding and still having this timeless classic song played as my "father-daughter song"

    Katie 2006-05-05

  • Perfect

    This song is perfect for a father-daughter dance. I cry everytime I read the lyrice. My father and I aren't that close anymore. But growing up this was the song he sang to me and hopefully I'll get the chance to dance with him to it.

    Jessica 2006-05-05

  • fathersday

    i'm singing this song with my friend on father's day in church! i love it!

    kiddo from mt 2006-04-27

  • wow

    I'm only 17 years old and I will problebley not marry for a long time.
    But since the day I got my first BARBIE I'm planning my weding with Ken (my prince on the white horse)
    And I know for sure that I will have this song on my wedding day when I dance with my father.
    Its so beautiful and I love it

    Roxanna 2006-04-13

  • bridetobe

    it makes me feel more excited as i look forward to my own wed. I miss my dad although i'm still w/ him.

    cristinagingco 2006-04-10

  • Touching

    This is just a great song. It is very moving. I just love the words

    JUDITH 2006-04-04

  • tears

    i dont even have an active father and i cant help but cry every time i hear this song

    missy 2006-03-16

  • You have no idea

    Okay more comment. I miss my dad so much. I heard this song when I was 8 and I was sitting with my daddy on the couch. I felt a tear on my head so I looked up. Sure enough it was my dad, balling. I asked him what was wrong and he said that it just seemed like I was just growing up to fast and he would soon be in this situation at the end. Oh do I wish that was possible. At the time I didn't understand. So I listened to the lyrics agian again and I still didn't get what this guy was talking about. When I reached 12 my dad told me the story which he remebered so well. This one. he said that he really wanted me to understand this song so I could understand how deep a fathers love is toward his baby girl. I listened to it countless times. Each time I heard it I cried. But it wasn't something I really noticed. I guess then it wasn't that big of a deal. But now I know different. If my dad was here I would tell him that I understand this song and I understand how deep a fathers love for his daughter is. Now I wish I could get the feeling back of how deep a daughters love is for her father. I am now 13 and did lose my dad months after the experience with me at 12. He would be so proud that I am stepping up and telling this and not breaking out and yelling at everyone else who say they cried but have no idea what I feel everyday of my life. Since that terrible day April 11, 2005.

    Mary 2006-03-14

  • I miss him

    This is the song that I was going to play at my wedding at my father-daughter dance. That's where it ends. There's no more father-daughter dance. Like my heart there is a whole where a father should fill. That hole can never ever be filled by anyone. Alwayz be a small whole in my heart.

    Mary 2006-03-14

  • Great Song

    This song makes me cry, it is one of the best songs to dance to with your father ... i am getting married this year and plan on dancing with my father to this song

    Kristen 2006-03-05

  • I cried the first time i heard this song ...

    i absolutly love this song ... the first time i heard it ... i was like this is gonna be my wedding song with my daddy ... im a daddys girl so this song is perfect!

    christina 2006-02-21

  • Precious Memories

    This song is too beautiful for words. I cry whenever i hear the song, or even if i'm just reading the lyrics! I relate to this song so much because when i was very little, as soon as i could talk, my dad and I made up a routine for tucking me in at night; first we would kiss each other on both cheeks, then we would do eskimo kisses, and lastly "butterfly kisses." When i heard this song, I was amazed, we'd made up that routine long before we ever heard the song, and it was really cool hearing that in there. I love my dad so much and I know for a fact this is going to be my father daughter dance at my wedding

    Kelsey 2006-02-20

  • I Love This Song

    This Song Makes Me Cry EveryTime I Hear It I Am 21 And When My BoyFriend And I Get Married I Will Dance To This Song With My Daddy

    Courtney 2006-02-19

  • when i get married

    this song makes me cry because it is so beautiful. i cant wait to dance with my daddy to this song

    natasha 2006-02-16

  • Perfect song

    Every time I hear this song I cry. I can't help it. I just picture my dad walking me down the isle in June and dancing with me to this song at our reception and the tears come. There isn't a more perfect song.

    Jen 2006-02-09

  • Complements

    Every time i hear this song I know how blessed i am, and it brings out the pride of being a father in me.
    I love it, it's quite a classic.

    Tumelo 2006-01-29

  • Wedding song

    My dads gay and he is going to get married and hi partner is goin to play this song for me and my dad. I think i'm going to cry because i don't get to see my dad very often.

    Sammy 2006-01-28

  • Memories

    My daddy and I danced to this at my wedding to my ex-husband. We both cried, and I've cried every time I've heard the song since. It's a beautiful song.

    DiAnna 2006-01-26

  • My wedding song

    I want this to be my wedding song even though i'm 14 I still want it at my wedding an i will dance with my dad when this song plays sometimes this song makes me cry because my parents are divorced so i don't get to see my dad very much so it is a sad song. when my friend saw me cry he held me close and said that it would be alright

    jess 2006-01-23

  • Memories

    This song tells about me and my dad. He is the greatest dad ever

    Shelby McMillan 2006-01-23

  • xx..gorguz..xx

    The first time i heard this song i loved it n bec cartwright had this at her wedding..i want it at mine

    sarah 2006-01-21

  • reminds me of my father

    I am getting ready to plan a wedding and i read this song and never had heard it before i cryed like I was still at home with him.

    Tasha 2006-01-11

  • True

    Words can't describe a father's love for his daughter better than this song.....AMAZING

    Chris P 2006-01-09

  • it makes me think

    it just makes me wish that me and my dad could of been that close..and i hope that my baby girl and her daddy will be like that..

    Brenda 2006-01-01

  • great song

    I love this song it is a great song to play as the dad is giving away his daughter. Everytime I hear this song I cry and you will too I promise.

    Ashley 2006-01-01

  • The one

    My dad and I will be dancing to this song on my wedding day. It holds a very dear place in not just my heart but in my dad's as well. This was the song that I danced to for my every first ballet recital, my dad cried through the whole thing. So this was the first song I pick to dance to. Now that I'm older (And still the ballerina who makes him cry!) it's still just as special as it was.

    Ashley 2005-12-23

  • Great Song

    It is a great song! I love it! I Heard at my cousin Wedding.

    Miranda Niten 2005-12-22

  • Sad memories

    I have taken dance for 8 yrs. and Im 13. When I was 5 I was in a dance rountine by myself to this song. I have loved the song ever since then. Every time I hear it I cry no matter who is around. I cryed looking at the lyrics. My dad and I are tight so when i hear this song I'm not only listening to the lyrics but I think about my dad and how much I love him. I never want to let him go. {whoo I'm crying now} All I know is that when i have my wedding {far away but..} I want to dance with my dad during this song and I want to tell him how much I love him.

    Morgan 2005-12-21

  • i cry everytime

    i cry everytime i hear this song i just love it

    courtney 2005-12-14

  • love this song

    I heard this song when i was about 14 and from that day i said this was the song i would dance with my dad with at my wedding i'm 24 now and getting married in March and my choice hasn't changed, i can't wait to dance with dad to this song, i'm sure there will be a few tears

    mel 2005-12-13

  • best song

    it's a best song for a best father...

    grace 2005-12-08

  • best

    this is the best wedding song i have ever heard because every time i go to a wedding i hear it and i always cry.that is the song that is going to be heard it doesnt matter if for example its 1395 every body will love it.

    amanda 2005-12-03

  • tear

    this song is so good it makes me cry

    alissa 2005-11-30

  • awww

    I cry every time I hear this song. It makes me think of how much my father loves me. Then I cry some more.

    Sheena 2005-11-30

  • Wedding

    Everytime I hear this song I just cry. I'm planning myself to use this song at my future wedding. For a father/daughter dance. It's such a beautiful, beautiful song.

    Shelby 2005-11-07

  • Mine is only three

    My first born is a sweet little girl whose only 3 but this song had me in tears thinking of the day that I'll have to give her away and all the love that we'll have shared all the years before her wedding.

    Sam 2005-11-05



    Lacy Tomera 2005-11-01


    i really like this song it almost makes me cry

    dani 2005-10-24

  • wow the best song ever

    well when i first heared this song , it already touches my heart.,...
    this song is 1 of my favorite song....
    hope that someday this will be my wedding song....

    goldamaire tangan 2005-10-17

  • butterfly baby

    I love this song. My real dad told me when i was little i wwas a butterfly baby. Then he left when i was three years old. then that song came out and my mom bought it for me. So i listen to it when i am down about him being gone. My step dad is really nice to me but he doesn't know quite how to show it. i enjoy being a butterfly baby. i have designed my whole apartment around the butterfly theme. Some people think its childish but i love it. yes, i am 17 but i have my way of expressing everything. thank you for listening to me.

    angel 2005-10-04

  • awesome

    this song is one of the all time greastest of its time!!! You cannot argue that this is the best song for father-daughter dances!!! Its truly an amazing song!!

    chris 2005-09-27

  • sad

    its a truly sad story, and when my friend listens to it, i just dont know what to say cause what she said was "im not like you" and i asked what am i like and she said "i dont pretend everythigns alright" and i just dont know what to say cause she lost her father and what not... its sad...

    Someone 2005-09-25



    KAREN 2005-09-24

  • I love this song

    This one of the songs i'm going to have at my wedding so me my dad can dance to it. Everytime i hear it i start to cry.

    Krystal 2005-08-19


    this song is great i used it for my wedding

    SABRINA 2005-08-11

  • wonder memories

    this song made me cry when i first hread it. i'am going to have my daughter play this at her wedding when my husband and i give her away on august 12,2005.

    regina 2005-07-30

  • great song

    My cousin played this song at her wedding and it was so beautiful. I also want to play this so at my wedding. Its the perfect song for me and my father!

    Sarah 2005-07-26

  • WELL

    Well...i have to say....that we...

    Hanna and Toshia 2005-07-25

  • My song

    Im getting married in december. This is me and my dads song since i was 5. I am playing at our wedding. Im so excited and it makes me cry everytime

    Julie 2005-07-23

  • wow

    this song is gorjuz! i wish my dad was still around so i culd dance with him at my wedding

    suga 2005-07-13

  • perfect song

    This song is such a perfect song to play for a father-daughter dance...It makes me cry everytime I hear it and made me cry just by reading the lyrics. I would play this song at my wedding, but i don't want to feel this sad on my own wedding day! But I think this is a great song to play nevertheless.

    Hannah 2005-07-13

  • sweet song

    Ever since I was a little girl I have said I will play this song at my wedding when me and my dad dance. I still tear up when I read the lyrics or hear the song! Its a wonderful song!

    LeighAnn 2005-07-11

  • Beautiful

    This song is truly one of the best and most heart-felt songs ever written. It really shows the memeories of a father and daughter. I cry every single time the song is played. This is soo going to be the song i play on my wedding day.

    Ariell 2005-07-10

  • very sentimental

    when I was a little girl my father used to have me give him about twenty little kisses all over his face everyday. As a little girl I hated doing it. Now as a grown woman, I look back and it's a very special memory. This song is perfect for me to dance with my father at my wedding. There won't be a dry eye in the house.

    Angel 2005-07-08

  • best choice


    Heather 2005-07-06

  • 2005-07-04

    i love this song! i am hispanic and i used this song for my 15th b-day party when i danced with my father, and now its so sad but i plan to use it next year when i get married. it makes me want to cry just listening to it.i think about all the memories and all the years that have gone by. this song is just perfect.

    christine 2005-07-04

  • Tear Jerker

    I sobbed when hearing this song. I've been searching for that right song which I think I found but fear I won't make it through the entire song/dance.

    Kim 2005-06-28

  • best song

    I love this song so much. Everytime I hear it I can't help but cry. It's the perfect song for a father and his daughter on her wedding day.

    Taylor 2005-05-31

  • this song

    yes,this song is all about me and my dad well,yes it is i am adotped and this song is one that i hope i will dance with my dad on my wedding. and i don't mean my bi dad i mean my adopted dad.

    Elissa 2005-05-31

  • Great Song

    To me, this is a very emotional song but at the same time, its very cheerful too. Whenever I hear this song, I think about how people get married, so they have to move away from their families to another place to start a family and live happily ever after.

    Hilda Lopez 2005-05-28

  • Speachless

    From the moment I first heard this song I knew I wanted it to be the song my dad and I danced to at my wedding. It hits so close to home it's kinda scary and every time I hear it I can't help but to start crying and wishing I could go back to those times!

    Krystle 2005-05-19

  • songs for my daughter... to be

    I love this song very much... I'm still single but it really captured my heart and emotion of being a father.

    jason ramirez 2005-05-09

  • Overdone

    My cousin used this for her wedding and I thought it was cute, but I've heard it at tons of weddings after hers and it got old.

    Melanie 2005-05-09

  • Cryable Song

    Everytime i hear this song i cry this is so the song i want to dance towith my dad at my wedding.

    KimmyD 2005-05-08

  • Memories

    This is a really great song to bring back memories of your child when she was little

    Cassandra 2005-05-04

  • Beautiful

    I am only 15 as well as some of the comments that have been made here. I love this song and my daddy bought me the book, and I cry every time I look through it. If you don't have to book, I highly recomend it. I am going to suprise my dad and have him walk me down the isle to this song.

    Cassandra 2005-05-02

  • good song

    this song is another song that brings tears to my eyes. i will play this song at my wedding.

    carol 2005-04-06

  • Cant wait

    My name is amber and im only 15yrs old. ever since i heard this song i knew it was the song i wanted played at my wedding. its the song i want played for my father daughter dance at my reception. This is my favorite song of all time, i cry everytime i hear it..

    Amber 2005-03-31

  • Father-Daughter Dance

    I can't wait to the day when I get married so I can play this song for the father-daughter dance. It is so beautiful and I just love it.

    Jenna 2005-03-30

  • i love this song

    i wish the memories represented in this song could be those that i had with my father. Men please take care of ur children take it from me it will scar them forever....

    victoria 2005-03-26

  • Greatest Song Ever

    Omg..listening to that song makes me cry...its the best song ever expesically for a daughter and the father on her wedding day..
    i plan on playing that song on my wedding day when me and i my father dance.

    Tara Ryan 2005-03-25



    KEIARA 2005-03-20

  • Best Song...

    I Love This Song Sooo Much... It really reminds me of my dad and I love him very much, he got me the book called Butterfly Kisses and it goes through all the stages in the song... I cried when I first heard then song... I can't wait till my father daughter dance and I can play this song...

    Amy 2005-03-15

  • Only 12 y.o. but love the song

    i love this song so much. it makes me cry every time. i love it so much that i am going to have it played at my 16th birthday and at my wedding to my dad. he'll love it.

    Allie Childress 2005-03-15

  • I Love It

    I love this song because of the lyrics but most of all because I do not have a father and so when I walk down the isle and have this song played my grandfather is going to walk me down the isle. Thank you very much for this wonderful song!

    Jordan Butler 2005-03-09

  • daughters

    its a very emotional song it makes me feel very good in life, knowing i have 4 daughters at home

    jason 2005-03-08

  • ...

    I love this song. It makes my want to cry.

    No name 2005-03-04

  • nothing like it

    there is nothing out there like this song that reminds me of me and my dad. this has been his and my song since i first heard it. now, my father and i arent that close and reading these lyrics, even though i know the song word for word, brought me to tears.

    Amanda 2005-03-03

  • i love this song

    i hope i can have this lyrics.

    kassy 2005-03-02

  • Great Song

    When i First heard This Song On The Radio
    I New Somewhere There Was A Man Who Felt Just The Way I do, I Never Wanted To Lose My Little Girl.
    And All The Precious Moments But She Had To
    Spread Her Wings And Explore Also And Met The Man Of Her Dreams
    So Also I Gave Her Away.
    And Still Get Butterfly Kisses

    Jerry .S 2005-02-27

  • Greatest Song

    It was a very touching song and i plan on playing this song for my wedding when my dad walks me down the aisle.

    Tashie 2005-02-21

  • nice song

    sana at wish ko lang toh na ung song na pinapatugtug pag sinasayaw me ni papa on my wedding

    ruth 2005-02-19

  • The Best Song Ever

    tis is by far the best song i've ever heard.... my dad let me listen to tis song wen i was 11 and i've loved it ever since till tis very day.... i m most definitely gonna play it at my wedding wen i dance wif my dad.....

    Sherilyn 2005-02-16

  • Best song

    This is the best songe i have ever herd. It brings me back to memories.

    Christi jo Schmidt 2005-02-13

  • great song

    It just makes me cry when ever i listen to it, i plan on playing this song when my dad and dance so when i get married in 3 months it will be played

    Sara 2005-02-12

  • Sweetest song

    I love this song and i cry when i hear it because my parents are divorced and it is going to be hard when i get married because i have two dads... but i love it, i plan on playing it at my wedding!!!

    Michelle 2005-02-09

  • Greatest ever

    This is my most favorite wedding song. I no when i get married it will be played at mine. Its awesome

    Jaymi 2005-02-08

  • Everything to me and my dad

    I love this song. ITs mine and my dads songs, it has been for almost 8 years now. On my wedding day I plan to dance with my dad to our song "Butterfly Kisses".

    Kristyn 2005-02-07

  • Simply Beautiful

    When i first heard this song....it pulled at my heart strings. A song that captures the essence of the love between fathers and daughters flawlessly.

    Allie 2005-02-06

  • My dad and me

    I'm only 15. And I was about 11 when I first heard this song. I cried. I cry everytime I hear it. And I plan on crying when I ear it on my wedding day, next to my dad.

    Cassie 2005-02-05

  • ilovethissong

    i love this song so much it makes me cry every time i hear it or read the lyrics. it makes me not want to leave my parents and my dad because i love them so much especially my dad. and everytime i hear this song i know im going to cry and think of all the good times i had with my parents.

    Sandi 2005-01-29

  • Great Memories

    i love this song. its mine and my mommas song. everyime she hears it she cries because she remembers him. this is an awesome song

    Amanda 2005-01-28

  • nice song

    ..a very perfect wedding song to be sang by a father to his daughter..when i first heard this, my heart really melted to what the lyrics is trying to convey..

    kwinny 2005-01-24

  • Fave song

    This song is really one of a kind!...first time i heard it, it already became one of my favorite song..sure that it will be included in the songs that i would want to hear on my wedding day!

    marghence 2005-01-18

  • best song

    i love this song...almost every time i hear it it pritty much makes me cry...this is going to be the song my dad and i dance to on my wedding day

    Kristine 2005-01-17

  • Greatest song

    When I first heard this song, I cried... It's truly a song that captures the emotions felt for a father on his daughter's wedding day. I plan on playing this song in my wedding when my dad and I dance.

    Riza 2005-01-07

  • Memories

    Yeah, this is one of the best songs in the whole world , and i think that it is one of the most sentimental songs that brings back a hay load of memories 4 me!

    Kimmy 2005-01-07

  • great song

    I love this song.

    Kati 2005-01-01

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