Father and Daughter Comments

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  • perfect wedding song

    hi im getting married in malta in 2 months time.can anyone suggest a song for our little girl cause we would like to dedicate a song on our wedding day for our girl of 4 years

    sylmay 2009-05-05

  • author and song name

    Paul Simon-Fathers and daughters

    danielle 2008-10-13

  • father daughter songs

    what is the name of the song. no one had said it. I need to know. i've been looking for a long time.

    dally 2008-05-09

  • LOVE it

    I am dancing with my father to this song after my little sister cut some old video footage and put it to this song. I LOVE it. It makes me cry every time I listen to it (yeah I am a wuss)

    Rosie 2008-03-09

  • Father/Daughter dance

    I'm getting married this year and for quite some time, I wanted to use this song for the Father/Daughter dance. I think its the perfect song. My only concern is, how do you dance to this?

    Michelle 2008-03-07

  • what's the name of this song?

    I too am looking for a song. My wedding is weeks away. It sounds like it would be a perfect song from everyone's comments and situations. Please Please send me the name.

    Star 2008-02-07

  • What is the name of the song?

    On 02-03-2007 Jackie H left a comment about a song that was perfect for her father daughter dance at her wedding. I too have a father who is not my biological father and my sperm donor wants nothing to do with me and never has. when you were born songs don't fit and I was hoping to find out the name of the song. Thank you!

    Shanda 2008-01-17

  • dads speach

    my day didn't say much for his speach on my wedding day he's not one with words so he played this it said it all!!!!! i cried then and still cry now when i hear it

    Nicola Bradfield 2007-07-14

  • i cried

    i love this song i am gonna dance this song with my dad at my quince and it made me and him cry the 1st time we herd it i love this song! you rock

    Elaine gomez 2007-07-11

  • wiping my tears

    I'm getting married this year and my situation with my dad is like 80% of others daughters' dads'. Seeing that over half of our population of baby boomers are divorced, those sappy i held you when you were born songs just don't fit, and are CORNY! My father, who isn't my blood father, raised me to be a strong woman, but did not hold me in any room when i was born. Neither did my real father/sperm donator. So when I heard this song, I knew it was perfect. I wiped my tears and showed my dad. When he wiped his tears, I knew this was the one. It is by far THE BEST song i have heard. And its got a little tempo so people watching you dance aren't yawning the whole time! Perfecto!

    jackie h 2007-02-03

  • omg

    this is such beautiful song. i love it, my dad and i will def dance to this song. i'm brought to tears by this song.

    holly 2006-10-06

  • any pne know the name and artit ..

    who has recorded this song. i love the lyrics, and my daughter is getting marrined in 2 months. I want to se this for a slide show I am preparing, and y one help? mark@markhollenstein.com

    Mark H. 2006-08-16

  • love

    i can feel the love in the lyircs which makes it real to me

    genny rios 2006-03-22

  • my lifeline

    this was my daughters and my song before my ex decided to take off, along with my daughter, but this will always remind us of our bond for life.

    david brown 2005-12-23

  • such a beautiful song

    this is on of the best father daughter song i ever heard. I start to cry when i hear it.

    krystal beverly 2005-08-07

  • touched my heart

    Great father daughter song! you rock

    carly walker 2005-07-01

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