In My Daughter's Eyes Comments

  • Your daughter

    Mothers and daughters everywhere should know these lyrics. Children are the inspiration aging parents appreciate with great joy and comfort.

    Laura 2012-08-12

  • daughters

    This song is for my daughters,Iam so proud of them,I hope they see in my eyes how proud they made me,and i wouid love to dance with them on there wedding day to this song...In my daughters eyes.

    Angela 2012-07-28

  • Awsome

    As a dad of a soon to be 21 yr old daughter i heard this song and was blown away by it!! Was looking for the male version and tnx ladies for providing me 2 male covers this gone be great by the presentation of her life

    brought tears to my eyes THANKS

    Marcel 2011-10-21

  • mom

    I love this song and I started to cry and I not gonig to celebrate FATHERS day because my husband is in Virgina

    selena 2011-06-17

  • cheap project cars

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

    INFAMPARRILIA 2011-06-11

  • For Jasmine Alexus Sherley

    This is my song to my daughter, Jasmine. She asked me three days ago what my song was to her. even though I knew it was a Martina McBride song I was unable to give her the exact title. So today I have taken the time to review Martina's song list. This Is the one! In my daughter's eyes. Martina you are an amazing artist/musician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have enjoyed your concerts on two occasions. I'd see you many many more times. Besides you are also best friends with Faith Hill. I truly admire her as an artist as well. But nonetheless this is definitely my song to Jasmine.

    Lisa 2011-05-05

  • My baby

    I have a little girl whom I adore and love to bits. No other words can describe what a perfect relationship we have better than this son. Stephanie is my life.

    Evelyn Ogonga 2011-04-30

  • favorite!

    this is my favorite song ever!(: Kellie, you really did it this time, amazing song! mother daughter songs dont come any better than this! this song brings tears to my eyes everytime i hear it. i love it!!!!! <3

    Halli 2011-04-27

  • Father

    The lyrics to this song is amazing, it's how every father daughter relationship be. I am about to be married next weekend and seriously keeping this song in mind.

    Anna-Lee 2011-04-08

  • ill dance with my daughter to this song at her wedding june 25 2011

    this song is the truth.

    mike 2011-02-27

  • thank you

    this song is amazing i don't have a dad but still it touched me i wish i had someone thta i could dance with to this song at my wedding but i don't

    jessica 2011-02-19

  • mama

    this song is truely amazing. my mom means the world and more to me. she has made me who i am today and i dont know what i would do without her by my side like she has been the past 16 years. ive truely been blessed with an amazing mother. i love you mama(: you mean everthing to me

    ashley gilstrap 2011-02-01

  • i miss my baby.........

    ilove my only daughter............. imiss her so much............. i hope someday we'll be togheter......... ilove u riane!!!!!!!!! papa love's you so much!!!!!!

    lewor 2011-01-02

  • amazing

    wow i love this song it is just so lovely

    honni 2010-11-26

  • made me cry

    i am about to become father, i dont know yet if i will have a boy or a girl, but i am loving my child so much already!

    daniel 2010-11-18

  • found a male cover of this song

    Check out Benjamin Costello. I just came across this on youtube. I love this song and really want to dance with my father for the father/daughter dance, but I think it's a little weird with Martina singing it. I hope this helps others. If anyone else found another male version, please let me know.

    Amy 2010-11-09

  • amazing song

    omg my mum loves this song

    suzan borg 2010-10-27

  • deep meanings..

    this song means so much to me. not just a genuine loev u find between a mother and daughter, but also the sacrifices mothers put up with. My mom almost commited suicide multiple times when i was littl,e but didnt, cuz she'd look in my eyes and think "she was sent to rescue me" i saved her. and im proud.

    Becca 2010-10-22

  • Love it

    this song describes my dad and i down to a T. i fully intened to dance with my father to this song the day i marry donnie. They are the 2 most important men in my life i dont know what i would do with out them

    Cheyanne 2010-09-23

  • beautiful

    This is for my stepmom since I was 4 years old with my dad and she has been doing everything for me.I love her so much and I am glad she is in my life I wouldn't ask for anything else.I don't talk to my dad that much but I still love him to death.I want this song for my wedding and dance with my dad.YES these are powerful lyrics.

    brianna 2010-09-13

  • mommy

    I love this song so much and i dedicate this to my mother and how she lights the world around me. I am 12 years old and i thank god for what i have. My mother 2 yrs ago was not well so i walked to the kitchen to give her water while my daddy was outside and my sister was in her room, anyways my mother said im going to the bathroom so i said ok i was in my room for a while and my mom screamed "danielle,danielle" and i came and she fell on the ground i got my dad and he started to cry cause my mother wouldn't talk and she didnt breath now i was pretty young and i thought is this it how will i live without you mommy. So the ambulance came and got her my dad and my sister went into the cop car and 2 days i couldn't go to sleep so i ran back to the hospital and it was dark out and my dad and sister were sleeping at my house i dont live that far from the hospital so i went to her no one saw me and i slept on her holding her hand nad kissed her one last time. The next morning the doctors came and found me and were surprised so they took me and talked to me god knows what hahahah and my mother was breathing that day after i kissed her on hte cheak and she woke up smiling and said i love you and i said i love you too. I started to cry and that day while i was back home crying my mom walked into the house and we all kissed her and hugged her that was a day i will never forget i forgot what she had but that doesn't matter all i know is that she is my hero and i love her very much. I love you mommmy!

    dnaielle 2010-08-26

  • perfect song

    I have a bear doll that sings this song. When I play it for my daughter we dance holding hands. the lyrics had touch my heart and every time we hear it together I feel that nothing else matters because she is my daughter .

    rommel 2010-08-16

  • tears and warmth

    My daughter is my shining light. I hate that she has to grow so much so fast and I'm sure my mother felt the same about me (may she rest in peace). I love & miss my mother dearly but many see her in me and some day when I'm gone they'll see me in my daughters' eyes.. This song brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my soul for both my mother and daughter.

    peaches 2010-08-02

  • Amber

    she is the best daughter a women could ask for, and she is the best mom her daughter could want...

    Valerie, G 2010-07-24

  • Amazing

    Everytime I listen to this song it makes me cry. Am a single mum of a baby gal and I dedicate this song to her. And when I wed I wanna dance to this song with her, my sunshine my daughter, Ydaissa. Keep it up martina.

    Mildred Moraa 2010-07-16

  • Beautiful birth

    I heard this song a week after I had the sonogram done to determine I was giving birth to a little girl 2 months later. I went out and bought the CD immediately and when I went into labor I asked the midwife to play that CD in the birthing room. I listened to this song over and over again throughout the night and it was the first song my daughter heard as she entered the world!

    Joanna 2010-07-11

  • touching

    Me and my father are really gaining a realationship and this song will be just perfect!

    tater tot 2010-06-16

  • My Daughter who isn't talking to Me

    I hope after having this played at my oldest daughter's wedding that my youngest will talk to me and come back into my life. It breaks my heart that she won't talk to me. I pray about it and I keep sending her cards on all the holidays and her birthday. I love her no matter what she says or does to me.

    Laurie Petrie 2010-05-28

  • mother

    this is a really beautiful song deadicated to the moms in the world

    alyse 2010-05-19

  • Wow

    This song makes me feel a little sad- and it makes me hope all mothers will someday fell this about their daughters

    Nottellin 2010-03-06


    i'm actually dancing to this for my graduation party
    its so cute
    made my mom cry

    kage bear 2010-02-22

  • Bset Ever Mom Song

    I heard this song and fell in love with it. such a tribute to a Mom. The story is just as my Mom & I's relationship was. She always said I was the "Wind beneath her Wings" so when she passed I had this played during the viewing along with "Wind beneath my Wings" It was truly a loving tribute

    Lynn 2010-01-29

  • New mom

    My daughter made me who I am i thank Martina Mcbride for this beautiful song. It is my personal anthem for my daughter and I

    Teri S 2009-12-29

  • amazing

    this song never fails to amaze me!!

    anna 2009-11-18

  • funeral

    I played this song at my fathers funeral. we were very close and I thought that this song hit home with me. There was not a dry eye in the church. 2009-11-06

    geraldine 2009-11-06

  • Have you ever heard this song done by a male vocalist?

    I love this song and I would really love to use it for the Daddy / daughter dance at my wedding. The only problem is that with Matina singing I can't get out of my head the mother-daughterness of it. I've read on here that some have used it at their weddings. Any comments? Was it right or did the female vocal make it sound a little odd?

    The other issue I'm having is that we used it at my mother's funeral. I don't mind using it again as it really does capture how I feel about my dad, but a different version would help it to stand on its own. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated!

    Gretel 2009-10-15

  • From Mother to Daughter

    I love this song, and I love my beautiful little girl. I really want to play this song at my wedding for my daughter to let her know how much she means to her mom and dad.

    Nicole 2009-10-01

  • just wonderful

    this song is amazing! it reminds me of both of my parents but at my wedding i want my daddy to dance with me to this song!

    kayla 2009-09-23

  • my mom

    yup this song is really good...
    its the perfect song tht describes my feelings...

    trupti lad 2009-08-28

  • Shelby - Mother

    Shelby, Your comment about dancing with your mom at your wedding made me get teary-eyed. My daughter doesn't really have a relationship with her dad. She has a wonderful step-father, but she is truly MY girl. She is my best friend and I can only pray she loves me like you love and adore your mom. You are wonderful daughter to hold your mom in such high esteem.

    Mother 2009-07-13

  • OMG

    This song is the song! You Know the tipe of song that when you hear it you want to dance! I love this song and forever I will!!!!

    Pink 2009-06-23

  • super

    this is the best song i have ever heard. my mum is dead but if she was around, i would sing to her this son all the time because i know she loved me unconditionally. she trusted in me and she once told me that she knew that i will never disappoint her.well, i never did anything to ashame her for the short period we were together. she died when i was 25.

    njeri 2009-06-23

  • Unimginably wonderful

    I have two sons, no daughter. This song always motivates me to try for a girl, because I love women so much - I cherish them. Having a daughter will be the icing on the cake in my family.

    Yoofi Brew 2009-06-22

  • Very Personal to me

    This is my song for my baby girl who is now 4. Listened all through pregnancy. I had a herniated spine. After birth I could not walk and found the strength somehow to care for her without help from family. Was in horrible pain and with no sleep but I loved her so much that all I could think about was my baby girl. Everytime I listened to this after all the tears it gave me strength and I will be making a video for her for her wedding day. As well as sing it myself if I can manage to do it without crying.

    Janet 2009-05-26

  • Soon to be Mommy

    I love this song. first heard it at school. I'll be graduating soon and this song will be in my video. I am a soon to be mother also and i cherish my mom for everything she has done for me. Never leaving my side and this is the perfect song for her and I. I Love Mom :)

    Cassie 2009-04-27

  • we sung this!!

    This song made me cry the first time I heard it. I love it and it was played at my mums wedding and me and her were on the stage dancing like idots but you know!! It makes me feel kinda seexxy

    sugarplum 2009-03-10

  • Amazzing

    This song describes everything about my relationship with my father. I wouldn't even think of picking another song for my wedding.

    Cici 2009-01-30

  • wow(:

    this song is amazing, my dad sang it to me, and i burst into tears. its wow(:

    alyssa 2009-01-22

  • mom

    I danced to this at my wedding with my mom cause she is and always will be there and I respect her for all she's done for me ovEr the years.. ALL BY HERSELF!! No dry eyes in the house....

    jaime 2009-01-22

  • father

    my dad n me dont have a good relationship n we never kind a talk but i still love. If i get marry or i have a father daughter dance i really want this song to be the song we dance

    shawty 2008-12-09



    MOMO 2008-12-04

  • pretty

    this song has a true meaning to it. my mother is my hero i tell her everything about my life and what i am going through. she never judes me instead she gives me advice. i am greatful for having a such an amazing mother! someday when i get married i would like to dance this song with her. i know its ment to dance it with my father but he hasn't been around much. to all those daughters that don't cherish your mother you dont know what you are doin your mother is the only person who will never give up on you. start to appreciate them because when you les expect it she will be gone...

    crystal 2008-11-05

  • beautiful and amazing

    my mother is my hero im thankful that god gave me suck an amazing person to be my mother! she's my BEST FRIEND! i tell her everything from good to bad and she always understands. i dont know how the world would be with out her my life would change so much. she's a big part of my heart. if anything would ever happen to her my heart would die.!!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!

    crystal 2008-11-05

  • Mommy's Girl

    the firt time i heard this song i cried this song makes me think of my mom my parents got divorced when i was 9 years old but now i am 21 years old and still think of my mom but my mom died of cancer at the age of 34 and i wish she would of lived longer so i could tell her i loved her alot

    Kandice 2008-10-16

  • A must find Song! =3

    I just heard the song on the radio when I found this here on the net. And now I'll have to find this song on I-Tunes ;)
    Hey, Kelly & Shelby? God bless both of you! ;) And I hope that someday your dad's will become part of your lives more fully than right now for you. :)

    Angie 2008-10-06

  • Love my baby girl

    I finally got my baby girl after 2 boys! ( a lot of prayer went into getting that baby girl!!) I made a dvd of all the pictures of my little girls birth and her first couple days at home and put this song to the slideshow. It brings tears to my eyes watching it, I just love her so much and am so happy I got my little girl, this song is word for word how I feel.

    Ruth 2008-06-13

  • thalia other waw

    I have been surprised by thalia waw this woman is truly angel and with her new sabrina she become more pretty ah thalia i have no world to say but really you are the biggest star ;I hope that I have a sister like you

    mohamed 2008-05-29

  • Beautifull

    This is the perfect song for me to sing to my daughter on her sweet 15th. Her father only saw her once in her life so she is all I have my daughter is my life... I love her so much. All this song describe and said it's so true.

    Dellie Quintana 2008-04-23

  • daddy's girl

    I chose this song for my fathers funeral, for the picture video. It didn't get put on the tape but was played before the service. to me it was the perfect father daughter song, beautifully sung by martina mcbride . it was my hero song for the most loved dad in the world

    katherine 2008-04-20

  • Daughter

    Am a mother to 8 month old little girl, having to go thro a tough time now,and when I look into my daughter's eyes I see that peace which no one else can explain. I would like her to have that till the end of time.. God bless

    Emily 2008-04-01

  • songs

    i love this song... those are are powerful lyrics... this song is my mother nd i's song. . .

    marissa 2008-03-20

  • Makes me cry every time I listen to the words

    This song has a meaning only a mother that loves her daughters would ever know.
    I have Multiple Sclerosis and 3 daughters. When one of them takes me anywhere, it is so touching that they look out for me. Raising them was a wonderful loving experience and nurturing was satisfaction to my soul.
    It is the most loving feeling to know that they care for me now when I need it the most. Especially my yongest who is always mindful of my wants and needs. Loving your children, nurturing your children and having it returned when necessary is an unexpected blessing. Remember parents to always give your children everything you have to give and do it selflessly. Even now, with MS, I am there emotionally for them. They all know that I am one phone call away. I will always listen without judgement even though it is hard sometimes. I have learned to keep my feelings silent and sometimes they only need to blow off steam. I must love them no matter what. And I know that they love me no matter what. I will always be there for them and now my grandaughter whom I love with all my heart. I hope to live on in their hearts and minds. I hope I have taught them all the true meaning of love and life which cannot be said in words yet rather by passing on your love, kindness and understanding. I have given them empathy for others realizing you are who you are in your acts of life. God does not judge us on our thoughts (thank God) but He does judge us on our acts of love and kindness and empathy of others makes it clear as to what should be done.

    Donna 2008-02-13

  • amazing.

    this song truely is amazing.
    my mom means the world to me.

    she is my hero.

    .... :D

    alex 2007-08-26

  • beautiful

    I just fell in love with this song when i read dad and i dont have a fabulous realationship but this song seemed perfect for my wedding. When I get married i want to dance with my dad to this song!

    kelly 2007-06-13

  • mother

    my mother is truly my best friend. i tell her EVERYTHING and she tells me. i am still young, but this is our song and when i get married i will dance to this with her. i know its tradition to dance with a father, but hes not really in my life and i don't think that will change.
    so people who read this, cherish your family especially your mother or father. they will soon disappear before you know it!

    shelby 2007-05-15

  • Overwhelming.....

    This was played for us at church on Mother's Day. I cried like a baby. My daughter is my only daughter. She's so precious to me......she has so much wisdom for her eleven years. Probably because she was so young when I got breast cancer. My mother died at around the same time from cancer....Perhaps I'll be there when she gets married, and she'll want this song at her wedding.

    Debra Franklin 2007-05-14

  • great song

    Yeah, this song is so meaningful! xoxoxo

    Wanxin 2007-04-20

  • father song

    My father just recently passed away. and this makes me think of him. i love him so much. and i miss him so much. but i know that he wouldnt ever give up on me.
    i love this song.
    i love you daddy.

    Shelby 2007-03-06

  • i love this song

    this song remains one of my best tracs that i like .to me it always sounds new every time i ear it.

    edwin kirima mutuma 2007-02-26

  • Beautiful

    When I heard this song, I cried it touched me so much.

    Bob Bobington 2007-02-05

  • Powerful words

    Near the end of the reception we had a mother/daughter moment. This is the song I chose. We also used She's A Buterfly from the same CD by Martina McBride for the Father/Daughter dance. Thank you Martina!

    Dee 2007-01-18

  • Amazing

    this song is so wonderful, everytime I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes, it is so touching I like this song a lot.

    Tamara 2007-01-16

  • tears

    my father died when i was just shy of two years old. my older sister is getting married soon and she searched for a fitting song to play in memorial of our father. she chose this song. she is putting pictures of all the daughters on a slide show and showing them during this song and will be dancing with my oldest brother. reading the lyrics brings tears to my eyes because the truth is my father who is unknown to me is the world and all its goodness in my heart.

    smile 2007-01-05

  • in my daughters eyes

    this is such a beautifull song. my neice is real sick and i would like to get this cd for her dad she is realy close to him.

    daphne rader 2006-12-30

  • Life Changing

    My uncle commited suicide and I think if he had just heard this song he would still be hear.

    Susan 2006-11-25



    KATERA 2006-11-20

  • I love it

    I love your song I am going to sing it in chorus at morton middel school on december12,2006 you showed make a music vedio on that song because it will bring ters to the fans eyes.

    xiane velez 2006-11-17

  • appropriate

    This may be a wedding song but I think I want it at my funeral, because I have two daughters that I hope feel that way about me.

    Jack 2006-11-06

  • Mother daughter song

    This is the best song ever I love my mom

    samantha 2006-11-05

  • Mother daughter song

    I love my mom so much and this is our song

    samantha 2006-11-05

  • Amazing

    This is an amazing song! Every line gave me chills. Now i cant wait for my wedding.

    Emma 2006-10-07

  • thank you


    karen 2006-09-18

  • flight

    we will win

    flight 2006-09-11

  • Beautiful

    I love this song, it is the one song i can listen over and over again. This song talks about all the right thing that a parent think about a daughter.

    Breann 2006-08-13

  • 07-29-06

    I took voice in college and for my final, I had to chose a song and sing it in front of the class. I brought my daughter on the day of my final, sat her down and sang "In my daughter's eyes" to her. We were both choked up at the end and the final result, I received an A.

    Kellee 2006-07-29

  • Mother of the Bride song to the bride

    I love this song, it's exactly how I feel about my daughter as we are real close and she is now getting married. I wanted this song to play as they seat me, I am the mother of the bride and I think that it would be perfect. Does anyone else agree with me???

    Anesa 2006-07-15

  • To the best Mom

    This is my mother. This is the best song for my Mother. She is my best friend.


    Melodie 2006-05-23

  • perfect mother daughter song get me a kleenex

    i heard this song and it struck a cord immediately. i'm getting married next month and i am going to honor my mom with this song as she has been everything to me. as a single mother, she never complained or even once gave up on me and my brother. times were hard, but she was always there doing her part selflessly. now that i'm getting married, i hope that i can one day be as strong as she is. she is my hero and the perfect example of a lady that never breaks under pressure. i love my mom dearly and as i look back over the years i am truly grateful for all her hard work, perserverance, and determination. as a child i always thought that she was too strict and didn't want me to have any fun. now i see that it was done to protect me from the evil perils of the world and to keep me safe. the lady that i've become wouldn't be possible without my mother. thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Sadie 2006-05-15

  • This song gets me emotional

    I recently celebrated my daughter's Quince and I dedicated and danced with my daughter, In My Daughter's Eyes, by Martina McBride. It was the most beautiful and memorable moment of the party. As we danced to it, we, as mother/daughter had a special connection that we will never forget. Thank you Martina for such a beautiful song.

    Anita 2006-05-02

  • Song to Dedicate to My Mom

    My dad suddenly passed away last July. This is a second wedding for me. Danced with my dad to Daddy's Little Girl the first time. Would like to choose a new song and dedicate it to my mom. Something to tell her how much I love and admire her. Especially because she has been so strong after my dad's passing! Since I'm not a young woman and this isn't my first marriage, I just can't seem to find the right song to dedicate to her on my wedding day. Any suggestions?

    Gail 2006-05-02

  • how do i live

    I like this song becouse it makes me think about my life and faimly.

    zollie 2006-04-04

  • Butterfly kiss

    I like that song becouse it brings back good memmory of me and my grandmother.

    sunshine 2006-04-04

  • to my daughter

    The words are so beautiful. When I am gone these word will be my last letter to my daughter - as I know I will live on in her eyes. And through her eyes I will live on in the hearts of my grandchildren.

    Carol 2006-03-28


    I found out who the male singer was but i cant find the song soo i dont know if you could order it online or go to the local music store or wherever you buy your cds at to purchase it ... It is JAMES T. SLATER ... the actually writer of the song ... Have a great day and good luck on finding the song ..

    Shirley 2006-03-07

  • Couple of songs

    Joshua Kadison - Beautiful In My Eyes

    Ray Allaire - A Song for My Daughter

    these are the closest ones i found tooo in my daughters eyes ..

    Shirley 2006-03-07

  • Sorry


    shirley 2006-03-07

  • Michelle

    It is Matrina Mcbride ... and if you go to google do a search for piano lady nancy wavs ... you wil find it if you click on Martina McBride.... :)... and amy for the male singer it is ....I found a songthat is A song for my daughter ... It isnt the same as in my daughters eyes ... IT is I cant believe my eyes today my daughter is a bride ... I dont know if thats the one but i did a search to look for a male singer that sings in my daughters eyes ... havent found it yet but i will keep looking :)

    Shirley 2006-03-07

  • Male vocal version

    I am in love with this song and plan on having it as my father-daughter song but I have one question. I have heard of a male vocal version. Who is the male singer that sang it?

    Amy 2006-03-04

  • Very good song

    I'm getting married in September 2006, and this song my dad cried to it when I played it for him, so you know which is going to be our Father/Daughter song. It's truly a very good song, a lot of meaning to it.

    Sybil 2006-01-27



    MICHELE 2006-01-16



    KAY 2006-01-14

  • This song

    This song is truly meaningful and it makes me want to have it at my wedding.

    Perry 2005-12-20

  • Cool

    I am going to sing this song for my mom at my solo at my middle school talent show and in high school

    Nicole Nunez 2005-11-17

  • Father to his Daugher

    You nailed this one! Its like you knew exactly what to sing for us and about us.
    Her Daddy especially gets emotional everytime he hears it. He called me from work one day and asked me to tune in to the radio quickly.
    Is just beautiful and perfect!

    Blanca 2005-11-10

  • Father and Daughter song

    I love this song because it tells a person how they fell about their daughter. This is my first choice of a song for my wedding.

    Samantha 2005-10-04

  • This song gives me chills

    I am getting married and this is the song I will dance to with my mom. it is so meaningful and beautiful. it gives me chills every time I here it.

    Nichole 2005-09-09

  • mother daughter

    My daughter just left for college, she made a photo album for us and we made a powerpoint of her youth an attached this song. It's beautiful.

    Melissa 2005-09-03

  • i love my daughter

    I love this song because it shows love and appriecition to our daughters

    crystal merrill 2005-07-20

  • Amazing lyrics

    This is THE perfect song! THe lyrics are not only powerful, yet sweet. Enough to bring tears to ur eyes.

    melissa 2005-07-15

  • For the Love of Brittani

    My daughter turns 21 this year and she's engaged to be married next year. She's away at college, but she sent me a letter and included lyrics to a song by Christina Aguleria (I come to you) because she said it describes our relationship. I'm sending her this one because it embodies everything I feel and think of her.

    Annette 2005-06-21

  • one of many favorites

    This is one of the songs I'm planning on having in my marriage in september I love it. It Brings tears to my eyes.

    Donna 2005-06-02

  • a song from my mother

    My mom raised me alone, and she sang this song to me for my wedding. it explains how she feels and it's beautiful.

    erica 2005-05-02

  • mother daughter song

    My mother gave me away and this was our song it was so meaningful and it was so beautiful.

    sarah 2005-04-14

  • I love this song

    I love that song so much, when I get married i want this song.

    Cydney 2005-04-11

  • Father Daughter Song

    Those are truly powerful lyrics. My father-daughter song was originally "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle, but after reading those lyrics, I have to hear the song. I think I just might change our song!

    Jaclyn 2005-01-20

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