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  • Gosh I love my dad...

    When I was abOut in the 5th grade, my (dad) came along. My real dad left me,mom and my brothe with nothing when he found drugs and a nasty woman. But when my mom brought this man home and introduced us, I fell inlive with him. I remember sitting at the walgreens parkinglot, j called my Mom and asked for permission to call him dad. She said it was my disision. So when my dad came out to the cAr, I asks him if he would be okay if I calls him dad instead of Robby. He said yes, And I cried. Ha I am a senior in high school now, and I appreciate everything he has done for me. He is my inspiration and j look up to him for everything. This is a wonderful song for my situation. I live faith hill & she did a great job. I love you dad. & I hope you will like this when I show yOu. I love you(:

    Bailey (patterson) 2011-06-01

  • Wow.

    Wow, even just reading these lyrics brings tears to my eyes. This is exactly the way I feel about my Dad. How perfect.
    I'm getting married in Feb 2012, and I think this may just be the Father/ Daughter dance song for us.

    Alex 2010-11-15

  • blackstar

    for me this song reminds me of may cuzin khikhis same age as me same coure same dream but it took way of other person.everytime i hear this song and "how to save a life"by the fray it makes me think hes not dead what if i know how to save a life theres a lot of question in my head.
    (. . .)

    juhn28 2010-05-05

  • My dad

    I love this song because it reminds me of my step-dad my mom met my dad when i was 5 and he has loved me since he met me. On the way to their wedding they asked me and my sister if we wanted to call my step-dad dad or if we wanted to call him chris. My dad was not in my life until i was 15 and Chris is my dad and he always will. Love ya dad.

    Sam 2009-12-23

  • great song

    this is the perfect father daughter mom was never in my life and my dad was the one who was always there for me.

    christy 2009-09-05

  • someone whom i call dad...

    The person whom i call dad is someone who is not blood related to me at all, but have always been there for me...loving and caring for me without complains. He just stood by me and went through all the pain together with me. He never gave me up, no matter how disappointing i was. He saved my life, and gave me a lease of hope in life, strength to carry on... He is everything to me. To a kid that has no dad, he is my dad... And i just want to tell him that i really love him as a dad a lot, Alvin. "Daddy, i love u!!"

    kyrus 2008-08-06

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    Jimmy McHarrison (Mcharryballs) 2008-05-16

  • Me and my Dad

    When I was 4 yrs old my mother met the man I know call my dad. My real father, never wanted anything to do with me or my mother after he found a love for drugs. My real father died before i got a chance to even meet him. But my dad, from the moment I layed eyes on him he treated like I was his own. And now that Im getting marred there is no question that MY DAD will walk me down the isle. I have searched and searched for a song for us...but all the songs that I have found say something about their father..or the moment you were born .... which is not fitting for my "father/daughter" story...then I heard this song ...and everything fit perfectly! thank you...I would have never even thought of his song if it were not for this site! Now I just hope I can stop crying long enough to dance with my dad! (good crying)

    sam 2007-11-14

  • i love it

    it's my favourite song and it makes me miss my parents now that i'm away from home.

    Deliwe Tsakane Themba 2007-03-18

  • Unforgetable

    This song really makes me cry. I am thinking of my love without hope. Anyway I have to keep it deeply inside my heart, my feeling. Its so hard for me

    Ngoc Minh 2007-03-05

  • a wonderful song

    A love this song!! im 16 to nd when me nd my boyfriend were watching the film pearl harbour and when i heard the song both me nd my boyfriend were crying!! It defo getting played at ma wedding 4 a first dance

    julez 2007-02-23

  • For all my life

    I didn't know this was a track for a movie and only just found about it through a flash file--one of plenty I have strewn in a folder. I Googled the lyrics to find the artist and here I am. Great song--I especially like the artist's tone when she goes, "For all my life."

    Ali 2007-01-02

  • sarah and mario

    It's an incredible song...We love it! It makes us think about the much we love eachother...thanks!

    Sarah 2006-12-20

  • luv it

    i love this song it reminds me off my granddad of whom i lost this year #:(

    fiona 2006-10-18

  • perfect...

    I am getting married, my father refuses to come to the wedding. My oldest brother is giving me away, I have always looked up to him, I respect him and love him so much, this is going to be the song we will dance to, it always makes me cry.

    Wanda 2006-05-11

  • Wonderful song

    My friend died by throwing himself in front of a train, which is very sad but i remember this song from at his funeral. It was played when they brought his coffin in and also when they took him back outside....I will never forget that moment in the church. This song will always make me remember him. I love the song.

    Joanne 2006-03-04

  • my loving dad

    This is the song I want for my father/daughter dance. It reflects the wonderful relationship my dad and I have.

    Christy 2006-02-24

  • Truly unforgettable

    I love this song so much, it has a wonderful meaning and it makes me cry (which I don't do to often !) Whoever wrote this song is very talented and they have been blessed so much ... I know from now on this will be my favorite song!

    H.H.H 2006-01-01

  • Only song.....

    This is the only song I could see me and my father dancing to for my wedding next year (October 2006) My fiance and his mother are dancing to this song at the same time too. I was going to pick Butterfly Kisses, but everyone plays that song, and it just wasn't me and my dad, I thought of this song, and it was it! I give it a ten!!!!!

    Betsy 2005-09-20

  • awesome song...

    it makes me think of my dad so much (even though he doesn't live on the same continent as me). i like it. it's also a good song to dance to with your bf.

    L.M. 2005-09-05

  • Perfect Father Daughter song

    With divorced parents at 9 years old and all I've been through in the aftermath...this song hold very special meaning to the relationship that my father and I have now. I got married in Sept of 04 and this song still makes me cry! I love you Dad!

    Michelle 2005-03-07

  • A wonderful song

    i am 16 and when i saw the movie "pearl harbor" and the music video of this, i cried, i love this song so much and it has a great meaning. This was also the first song that i heard when i went to my first highschool dance. I cried as i listened to it but unfourtunatly my boyfriend and i didn't dance to it cuz we came in late. It will be played at my wedding!!

    MIchelle 2005-02-09

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