You Raise Me Up Comments

  • Today is good hour

    Lofty bye, considerate friend :)

    equisseentica 2012-05-09

  • Today is nobility day

    Honourable bye, genial friend :)

    MayoffAffit 2012-04-27

  • agreed

    I agree with Ali on that last part, i think everyone should listen to this song. Maybe the world would be a better place. I love this song ALOT and I am having it played at my wedding next August. =)

    Trish 2011-09-13

  • dance song

    my son chose this song to play at his wedding for the mother/son dance. it was VERY emotional.

    jean 2011-08-30

  • My Wedding Song

    I want someone to sing this song on my wedding....:P:P:P:P

    Mila 2011-03-21

  • wonderful song

    I really prefer that this would be one of my wedding songs in my wedding six years from now...

    bhez 2011-01-03

  • This is the only song keeps me strong

    Whenever I am week and down, this is the only song I wish to listen and sing, it reminds me my heavenly father is always with me; loves me and help me....

    Damen Deng 2010-09-23

  • I love this song

    this song is so beautiful it touched me a lot

    Tatiana 2010-07-21

  • hi all

    hi all my best world !!!

    Kayabmayore 2010-07-12

  • about love

    I think this song is a relationship about love.
    Love about families, friends,teachers...
    Or someone is special for you.

    Kelly 2010-06-10

  • The Second Comment

    this song is very inspirational

    Vodro 2010-06-05

  • i like it

    this song makes me high,the first time i heard this song my spirit was taken to another level

    talent 2010-03-26

  • you raise me up

    i really love that song...........

    jennebie 2010-03-03

  • best song ever

    i love this song, and any time i listen to it
    it take my stress away.

    john 2009-11-23

  • emotional fellings

    this song makes me cry everytime i hear it.

    steph 2009-11-10

  • fav. song

    this sog is the best
    when i get married i
    am going to use it for
    the theme song

    justine 2009-10-30

  • this song gives me hope for tomorrow

    I wish all who have lost hope can hear this song.It gives hope to the most troubled.

    charity 2009-09-25

  • My wedding song

    The very first time I heard this song was on television in 2007 during Oprah Winfrey birthday celebration.The words touched my life and i'm going to use it next month for my wedding.

    Morinda 2009-09-17

  • lovely

    i find this suc an emotional and lifting song ...

    ednah 2009-09-17

  • The great song

    I like so much it, these song make me believe that's love powerful, full inspiration, n makes we felt may doing everything we wanna ...
    I've couldn't say about it more than..
    That's really it's brings up my soul becomes the brave heart..

    Roy 2009-09-13

  • inspiring..

    i like this song among all the songs ever composed for it tells us that even we are suffering pains, sorrows and difficulties..there's GOD who will be with us throughout those complexities in life.

    hanzel 2009-09-03

  • lovee song

    this is the song i wanna dance with my dad at my wedding this a really good father daughter song it shows howmuch she loves him

    Amber 2009-05-02

  • seventh day adventist

    omg this song is just so beautiful

    but i song want to sing it in my church but i cant

    seem to find it just the song

    without the singer but i cant

    anyways i just love this song

    and is so true.... love ya

    abigail 2009-03-27

  • seventh day adventist

    omg this song is just so beautiful

    but i song want to sing it in my church but i cant

    seem to find it just the song

    without the singer but i cant

    anyways i just love this song

    and is so true.... love ya

    abigail 2009-03-27

  • Emotional

    For me tears come to my eyes each time I hear this song, because I think of my mother ( now 82 years old) who struggled through life to raise me up from childhood to an adult.

    I love her with all my hear

    Christabel Radhay 2009-03-15

  • Nice Song

    This song is very inspirstional to one who feels dumped and frustrated.
    God can raise an individual to than he can imagine, and believe me you too He can raise you higher.

    Josaiah 2009-03-01

  • wedding

    i love this song.. it send chills all over... i cant wait for this to be the song i dance to with my father at my wedding

    heather 2009-01-12

  • Smashing

    This song really makes you think about the important people in your life and for me this describes my whole family!!

    Catriona 2008-08-24

  • Wonderful song

    this is the best song in the world

    Caitlin 2008-05-11

  • Emotional

    My dog died and this song reminds me of her it is very sad I cry nearly all the time. Hope you understand. Anonymous

    anonymous 2008-04-28

  • i love this song!

    i love this song a lot and it always makes my mum cry especially when my brother sang it.

    Emily 2008-04-11

  • I love this song

    Yes I think its a father and daughter song. I rly love it. It makes me tear up a little bit. I love you, Daddy.

    Jazzi 2008-03-31

  • Funny Thing

    IT's such a great song, yet the funny thing is that it's sooo repetitive, yet soo nice :) Usually repetitiveness is boring in a song :p

    Jolo 2007-12-15

  • loose control

    bcoz of this song napaiyak ko mom ko!!kinanta ko itong song na to nung mothers day...parang mas na fill ko love mya 4 me!!eheh yun lng

    hell gurl.. 2007-12-05

  • I love this song

    i love this song so much
    the first time i heard it i cried!
    i think everyone in the world should hear this!

    Ali 2007-10-21

  • love song

    I think this a daughter to father song to let him know how much you love him and all that he whent through with you.

    Joann 2007-09-02

  • emotional

    To me it's a daughter to father song. or to anyone who has been an inspiration. Best of all, to me, it reminds me of God Almighty.

    claudi 2007-06-15

  • josh groben

    i too love him and the song. i would play it when dancing with my father of my new husband.

    kyn 2007-06-11

  • OMG

    I love this song! I don't care if it's for weddings-it rocks!!!

    Alison 2007-05-08


    MY parents had this at thier wedding and it was udderly amazing :)

    Rikkilee 2007-04-28

  • ganda naman

    wow ganda pala ng you raise me up actualy yan ung song namin sa graduation ang ganda ganda talaga nito promise dedicate ko to para sa mga grade 6 student ng san antonio elem. school

    jayr 2007-03-13

  • you raise me up

    The song is really beautiful.The lyric and the music aswell.

    matty 2007-01-26

  • I love this song

    This is the Best song ive haerd in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Renee 2006-12-07

  • like it

    i love it but westlife sang it better

    gilbert 2006-08-30

  • Amazing

    This song is really special , only skilled singers can sing this .

    Karynn 2006-08-28

  • Raise me up

    Its a kool song in deed really for a couple or father daughter thing

    keanna 2006-08-22

  • really great song

    I think about God and my mom everytime I hear this song. My wedding is coming up and I'll definitely use this song.

    treesh 2006-08-12

  • love

    You would dance to it with your father

    mack 2006-06-19

  • i love it

    i love this song so much. it is so cool.

    rachie 2006-05-29

  • uplifting

    i listened to it for the first time and couidn't help but shade tears.i love it

    zeddy 2006-04-27

  • great song

    I am going to play this song for my wedding. When I dance with my dad. It is awesome!

    anglee 2006-03-29

  • fav song

    its beets anything best song eva i d s t
    hello everyone

    amber 2006-03-21

  • westlife

    i just love westlife u raise me up it makes me feel alive and cold and just want to cry

    becky 2006-03-21

  • absolutly gawjuzzz

    we sung this sont for our yr 6 graduation. and when we finished singing it everyone was crying. its a butiful song. and as soon as u hear it on a radio or sumthing it makes ur daii brighten up u 13 and this song mean so much to me i love it.

    mwah mwa katina

    Katina 2006-03-11

  • My Fav.

    I absolutely loved it. I am 13 years old I and I just love the song! I love singing to it!!! I am glad to know it!!!!!!

    Monique 2006-03-03

  • u raise me up

    what a great song love it more everytime i hear it westlife did a great version cannot fault them in any way.
    would most defently use this song at my wedding wether it be at the church or reception itself.

    amanda 2006-02-24

  • Awesome

    I love this song ! I sing it at my voice lessons every Wednesday!!

    Dalyn 2006-02-15

  • dunno

    I dont know what to say about this song.. it realy touched me... im half way through greif at the moment i lost alot of people in my life.. close it makes me cry..

    westlife fan 2006-01-30

  • you rasie me up

    it is better then other songs

    diane 2006-01-12

  • love it

    i love this song. it was played at my principal's funeral and it just touched everyones hearts

    julia 2005-12-11

  • Its lovely

    It just lifts me up to be able to stand any mountain or sttomy situation in my life. For example when i lost my elder brother through a grisly accident, it gave me strength . waah what a song!!

    Grace 2005-12-05

  • You Raise Me Up

    I thoink this is such a lovely song, it is brilliant for a wedding. I really like Westlife's version of it. When is the best time to use it at a wedding?

    Amanda 2005-11-16

  • its the greatest

    i think it is a wonderful song and my fiance actually picked it out cause he loves it and i snag it when i was in chorus and he said it was perfect for us he is my high school sweetheart

    kyleigh 2005-11-07

  • lovvvvvvvved it

    I love that song it is really beautiful and I think you would dance with your farther when you are getting married at the farther daughter dance.

    nomsa mangena 2005-11-07

  • best song eva

    the best song in the world i love it brill 10 ota 10

    whirlwind 2005-11-02

  • Exellent

    Its just 1 of them song where you sing to while doing every thing else(shower)

    MAD COW 2005-11-01

  • lovely

    i luv this song 1 of westlifes best it sung beautifully

    lizzy 2005-10-25


    i fink dat this a lovely but sad song and i would deffo play it at my wedding but westlife there siging it for me bacause i am a big big fan of westlife. luv lizzy
    ps. it even made paul ogrady cry

    Lizzy Baker 2005-10-25

  • Yes

    i luv dis song! its perfect 4 a wedding

    Cloz 2005-10-24

  • My favorite song


    Emz 2005-10-23

  • beutifal

    i love the song just beautifal

    fazzy 2005-10-21

  • its da best

    i simply love this Song. It makes you think about things in the world like Africa or like that christina song beautiful it gives an impact.

    katie 2005-10-12

  • great

    love dis song so much its so lovely

    georgia 2005-10-12

  • alrite

    i think it is a beautiful song but i dont think it is a good wedding song

    kye 2005-10-12

  • dad and me song

    sums up "dad and me"

    michelle 2005-09-28

  • best song ever

    it's beautiful

    sammmmm 2005-09-22

  • IDK

    I love this song! And i can sing it really really good but i dont think it would be the best song for a wedding...

    Erin 2005-09-20

  • one of my favorites

    every I hear this song it makes me cry I think of my mom and how strong she is. I also think of God and all that he has brought me through. thank-you Lord!!

    michelle 2005-09-10

  • wedding song

    I guess you can dance this song with your father in a wedding?

    stina 2005-09-04

  • WOW

    this song is amazing!! the first time I heard It I cried. It really touched me! It blows me away!

    gabby 2005-08-27

  • Love it

    I played it in my wedding and it was used at the lighting of the unity candle. Awesome song!

    Jennifer Deiss 2005-08-04

  • Beautiful

    I plan to dance with my Dad for this song.

    Stacey 2005-08-02

  • good

    you dance to it when you are danceing with the person who you admire

    angela 2005-07-22

  • MY FAV.


    ANGEL 2005-07-21

  • love it

    love the song, but wonder when the best time was to use it in a Wedding?

    angel 2005-04-03

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