I can't help falling in love Comments

  • Ingrid Michaelson

    Ingrid Michaelson's cover is my favorite!!!! Of course, Elvis is the One and Only, but it's nice listening to a woman's voice interpret this beautiful song. I'll be using it for my wedding!!!

    Michelle 2011-08-22

  • The king

    Great song,all of his song are great.i think most of the music of that time were more interesting.

    Ardashir 2011-02-19

  • cant help

    it is such a wonderful song i cry every time i here it its so touching the words are so meaning full

    tony 2010-11-23

  • Does anyone know his name?

    A person sings this song in english, but sings other love songs in French, Italian, Spanish, and English.
    Does anyone know his name?

    kathy 2010-09-16

  • Bocelli and McPhee

    Simply Amazing!

    Niska 2010-01-03


    HOLD ON NOW PEOPLE!!! Elvis does the song the BEST and NO one could compare to him. It's his song!

    Carrie 2008-10-24

  • nice one

    it's a nice song for someone you love...it's a wonderful team song for me and my love.. I CAN'T help FALLING in LOVE WITH YOU!!!

    diane 2008-08-13

  • Adrea Rocks

    he is really good. his lyrics are so meanig full

    Yaniv 2007-11-08

  • andrea voice

    omg andrea voice is an angels voice each time i hear his songs i melt he is the best singer in the world and noone can take that hes so awesome


    amanda 2007-09-07

  • Andrea Bucelli

    Can't help falling in love, is the best romantic song I ever hear..Bucelli does it better than any one else.!!!!

    Sandra 2007-02-18

  • Awsome

    WOw,... I have hear this performance on the world awards. And I got shocked by this performance. It was soo beautiful... I coudnt get my mind off of this song..

    Uyanga 2007-02-17

  • Andrea Bocelli

    ýf the god had voice it must be Andrea Bocelli's voice.

    ensari 2007-01-22

  • Andrea Bocelli

    I can't help falling in love with Andrea Bocelli's voice.

    Mikey 2006-09-01

  • elvis

    But, no one was like elvis!!! who will be preforming my wedding there for I will be going with his version...live

    dawn 2006-08-08

  • Andrea Bocelli

    Andrea Bocelli recorded this song on his latest CD, Amore. WOW! It is the best recording of the song that I have ever heard. His voice can turn such a simple melody into a passionate and intense love song. I'm in love with it!

    Amber 2006-04-27

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