Spend my Life with You

By Eric Benet w/ Tamia

This song has no lyrics.


  • The day will come...

    I'm looking forward to hearing this song played for my boyfriend & me. This will be the song that we will dance our first dance as a married couple to at our reception. This song is perfect.

    Keisha 2011-12-30

  • Love It!!

    Im getting married this Saturday, and this is my song! I love it! Its perfect! Soo Beautiful!

    Tamara 2011-05-02

  • Absolutely Love It

    I have always loved this song!!!! I suggested this song to my mother when she got married 6/7 yrs ago and i want it to me my song when i get married....(next year July)

    Jayne Dill 2010-03-02

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