To Make You Feel My Love Comments

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    TurnerArmstrong 2019-05-13

  • mooi gedoen

    I'm so inlove with this song and I love Elvis Blue for his great talent.yoh I will listen all your songs ova and ova mwah

    lizette swartz 2011-11-25

  • he's behind you !!!

    i sang this song in a panto it rules my friends so get a grip if you dont like it :/

    chez 2011-03-22

  • wedding songs

    This is a beautiful song for a wedding, and as a professional singer I have performed it at lots of civil ceremonies. It always moves the audience, and sets the tone of the ceremony really well.

    Lyrica 2011-03-15

  • Billy Joel's version is the best

    Hands down.

    Corey 2010-12-01

  • Adele's version

    Adele's version of "To Make You Feel My Love" is by far the most beautiful one I've heard!

    Whitley 2010-04-24

  • Hmm

    The lyrics are incorrect. :(

    Meandme 2010-02-22

  • Beautiful

    I had this at my wedding April 2008. It was perfect and still makes me cry every time i hear it. Tricia Yearwood version is my favourite (the one we used). Happy memories and very poignant words x

    Kate Hodgson 2009-07-24

  • Adele

    Adle sings this song beautifully!

    Michelle 2009-01-19

  • Ooo

    this song is immense!! its so beautiful

    Although the end is wrong its-

    Make you happy make your dreams come true
    Nothin' that I wouldn't do
    Go to the ends of the earth for you
    To make you feel my love

    Ash 2009-01-18

  • Adele

    There is a beautiful remix from newcomer Adele, from London. The music is amazing, and I get teary eyed every time I hear this.

    I want this as a first dance song. I also listened to this song when I was pregnant with my Now, teen aged daughter.

    Lisa 2008-07-26

  • Gorgeous

    This song makes me cry everytime I hear it!!! hopefully my fiance will agree that this is perfect.

    Andrea 2008-06-26

  • Dylan

    You can't believe the greatest singer songwriter of all time wrote it ahead of someone else?!!
    It is a beautiful song, but I can udnerstand anyone not liking Dylan's voice...I'd love to have this as our first dance song but I very doubt the Mrs (to be) will agree, she hates Dylan!
    I think we'll find some common ground with Elvis rather than risk an argument.
    But, just for the record...Dylan is the Greatest!

    Baboon 2007-09-07

  • luka

    if you like this song then listen to luka bloom do it and you will like it a whole lot more.

    Gaz 2007-05-30

  • Hope

    I heard this from the movie Hope Floats. Just fell in love w/it. Gave my hope & made me believe in True Love again. Great job Garth! It's a must for the first dance.

    Sonja 2007-05-26

  • Sweetest song

    The most beautiful song ever. I can't believe it was Bob Dylan who wrote it. I love the Garth Brooks version. I first heard it in Hope Floats. It takes me back to still warm summer nights, something about it was so right, the climiate the music the nights, and the bittersweet memories of my lover and I. And he dedicated to me.

    RebelingSands 2007-04-21

  • Awwwww

    I'm 16 and hav two kids+ getting married next year to my sexy fiance Tyler and this song is our first dance songxxx

    Emma 2006-09-04

  • i love this song

    I dedicate this song to Jake..i love you

    Jenna 2006-08-17

  • this will be my wedding song

    i have loved this song since i was like 15. im now 19 and im engaged and im deff using this song as our first dance

    jamie 2006-02-01

  • Love it

    I love this sweet!

    kaitee 2005-09-27

  • pull on the heart strings

    the first time i heard this song in the movie hope floats i got the biggest lump in my throat! And everytime i hear it now it's even worse. but this is the song i have chosen as my first dance song anyway!

    andy 2005-08-09

  • aahhhh

    This song makes me cry ;) I'll be singing this song to my husband when we re-new our vows in a couple of years

    Marlene 2005-06-02

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