Wonderful Tonight

By Eric Clapton

This song has no lyrics.


  • If you only knew!!!

    This song is actually written by Clapton to show how much his ex wife only cared about herself and needed constant praise to keep her happy. clapton is bassically mocking his wife (ex wife) with this song,I for that reason won't be having this song played at any time during my wedding day. :)

    craig 2012-01-26

  • This song in my head

    Evrytym i hear its title, this song wud automaticlly play in my head lols. Oh beat tht, No need fo lyrics. :p. This song is jst so romantic and sexy. boyfrnd, lets go. ;)

    Bloody 2010-07-22

  • Love this\

    I want this to be out first dance song at our wedding, but does my hair have to be blond? "brushes her long blond hair"? I am a brunette and very detailed oriented. opinions?

    Melissa 2010-06-24

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