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  • song that described my dream

    this song brought me to life it was the first some me and my fiance ever danced to when we first met and were complete strangers and meant nothing but after that night the more i realized that she really did have me from hello and i pray that any couple wether they use this song or not can truely find the meaning of "you had me from hello" goodluck to all who are already married and those who are future spouses to be

    brian campbell 2011-02-19

  • i love him

    this is going to be my wedding song. in 2 years and 8 months :) <3

    Brittney 2010-02-28

  • love it

    i love this song this song is the song me and my so soon to be husband are going to use..we met at a high school game and talked that whole night and been together going on 6 years and this is one song that fits us the most :)

    kristen 2010-02-09

  • 24 Years

    I fell in love with someone 24 years ago, had just gone through a nasty divorce and couldn't tell her how I felt. We just re-connected, I finally told her that this is how I felt back then and the song was written too late. Now I plan on moving to be with her.

    Tim 2009-11-24

  • True love at first site

    This does happen.It happen to me and robert john simms.We met at a church.The first time i saw him i was in <3.I knew he would be the one i spent tha rest of mi life with.And we have been together 9 months.And it all started from one HELLO.So true love at first site does happen just not to everyone.

    breyanna 2008-12-02

  • Great song

    This describes how my honey and I met. I am strongly thinking about useing this for the first dance

    Christine 2008-08-11

  • lovers.

    this song best fits me n my boyfriend because wen i first moved to my town i didnt know anyone.the first day of school i went into my homeroom class & he was the very first and the only person i noticed. no one else seemed to be there for real... i was amazed & he started to talk to me & we got to know eachother & starting dating a few days later.. now 9 and a half months later. we want to be gettting married at the end of summmer 2009. i truely thank god for the miracle of him.. i love him so much.<3 i love u baby.

    Erika 2008-05-24

  • WOW

    This is going to be my first dance song because i love it and it has so much meaning to it!!

    Brittany 2008-05-09

  • i love this song

    we were making love with each other and then this song came on and we were like lets keep making thats the song we are having at our wedding!!!

    brooke and casey 2008-04-11

  • Mi boyfriend sent this song to me last nite!

    This is the best song ever.I cried when i first heard it!

    Breyanna barnes 2008-04-03

  • thankyou

    my daughter got married and thay danced to this song it was so nice thay said its how thay felt when thay met each other.

    ann 2007-10-30

  • You Had Me From Hello

    This song describes how my fiance and I met. You see we both had lost our spouses to cancer and had walls built up around ourselves also. When we met, the walls came tumbling down and we found our perfect match. Lightening can strike twice, and we were lucky enough to find each other. We are getting married next month and this will be one of our songs.

    Cindy 2007-08-08

  • Thank you

    My daughter and her now husband used this song as their first dance, he also says that's how he felt about my baby. Thank you for a beautiful song.

    Wanda 2007-01-04



    Sandra 2006-12-17

  • babyboo

    me and my boyfriend met at my mom work my mom his boss
    all the time i saw him i said hello to him. and day he look at me and said hello back i just look at him. now we are geting marry may 23 2008 i'm so happy that he said hello back to me!that going to be are wedding song.I LOVE BABYBOO

    jennalee 2006-10-23

  • Whoa

    omg. this song reminds me of my boy, Dan.. He sent it to me, and I break down and cry whenever I hear it. Because its so emotional, I know, wierd. But our love for eachother is so strong, you know??

    Alysha 2006-04-02

  • Amazing Song

    This song is amazing. This is the exact song played when I first met my finacee at my friends wedding and we are planning to use it at our wedding

    Katy 2006-03-28

  • The Perfect First Dance Song

    The night I met my husband I knew I was going to marry him. The day after our first date my closest friend said to me "what is it with this guy, he had you from hello" (We never heard of Kenny Chesney or the song). While looking for First Dance songs, I came across the lyrics for this one on the internet - I ran out to buy the cd. I cried the whole way through the song. We wanted a wedding song that really fit us and this one was the PERFECT FIRST DANCE SONG!!

    Beth 2006-03-06

  • Still in love from the first hello...

    I have always been really bitter when it comes to seeing other people happy in a relationship but once I met this guy over 2 years ago and we were introduced I knew I was in love. His smile just captured me. I still have a huge crush on this guy, who now has a girlfriend, and I am just hoping SOMEDAY he will realize I will and do what i can to give him the world and everything he needs. I love Kenny Chesney and so does he so im hoping one day this could be our song, it is so romantic and so much like the relationship I want to have.

    laynie 2005-08-08

  • with all my heart

    i met my boyfriend the day i went to a new high school and i thought he was the most handsome person i have ever seen in my life and just like that i was in love with him.i might be young but when i look at my boyfriend i know the meaning of love and thats ERNESTO.i love u baby with all my heart and this song is for us baby.

    nikki 2005-07-11

  • i love you

    This song is totally awesome and kenny cheseney is a babe and needs to dump zelwigger cuz shes ugly.. and pale and stupid looking.. fat

    lynsey 2005-06-16

  • the song tells the truth

    I really like this song cause it fits in with my relationship with this girl I like. we met in 9th grade and the first time I looked in her eyes she had me from hello. i shurched a year for the perfect girl and chasse is that perfect girl.

    Ross 2005-06-15

  • At hello

    This song perfectly describes our relationship. I knew from hello that he was the one I would marry and he had built walls around his heart that have been torn down.

    Marissa 2005-06-01

  • I love you

    This has got to be one of the best songs for a wedding. My boyfriend and I have been together alittle over 3months one day he had called and said that this song reminded him of me. I listin to it over and over and started to remember that this was the first song we had dance to when we meet sounds kidda wired. I hope that one day I marry him and this will be played at our wedding. love you

    Christina 2005-05-04


    my boy friend and i met at a ropin. and he said that this song was really what happened! he also had me from hello. i knew the first time we met that i loved him! now i know that i am young and it is probaly just puppy love but i think that it is turnin into somthing more! I LOVE YOU ROYLEE!

    Jackie 2005-04-14

  • Every word is true...

    This song describes exactly how I feel about my boyfriend. I hope to marry him one day, and this will be our song. Love you babe...:)

    Brenda 2005-04-01

  • THAX

    This song totally discribes my relationship that i have been in now for the last year me and my boyfriend both had built walls because we were afraid of getting hurt agian but one look at each other and those walls came down....thax for giving us a song that just totoally discribes us

    Brett 2005-04-01

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