Cherry Pie Comments

  • i like it!!

    this is one oof the best songs i"V heard in awhile makes me think of my gf

    evan 2009-04-05

  • Frickin' Awesome

    I adore this song. <3

    Tina 2007-12-11

  • best song ever

    this is the best song ever !!! i printed it out and im putting it in my binder i luve this song !!! and i luve cherry pie WOW !!!! ROCK ON !!!!

    salina 2007-12-08



    ananomis 2007-12-07

  • awesome song

    man this song is the best! i would definately play it at my wedding and if people started bitching its not my problem every1 i know loves this song and they like dancing to it and i know a few elderly people who like this song as well and they know what it means and they think its funny so yea who cares what other people would think about it! its a song that people dance too big deal

    Kim 2007-06-12

  • For real

    This song rocks and is sweet in guitar hero and would be sweet at a wedding ROCK ON!

    Tasha 2007-06-11

  • Best Song Ever

    This is the best song ever, I always play it on my guitar hero

    Damian 2007-03-09

  • Old School

    I agree with Kristina, most older people wont even be able to understand the lyrics. Besides this is a very good song and it's not like people are using it for a first or last dance song, you need a sexy kind of song for the garter toss and I think this one is perfect for that. You can always shorten the song and cut out some of the parts that are real vulgar but other than that I have no problem with this song and will be using it for my garter toss song.

    Lisa 2007-02-03

  • damn straight

    dont be dissin this is a kick ass song warrant is my home boy glam metal is the shit if it were my wedding all youd be hearing is glam metal or better known as hair metal. for all you music illiterate out their hair metal is better known as (motley crue or old bon jovi, whtesnake and of course warrant the people who play this song.... poison is also a great hair metal band im not to sure if aerosmith and guns'n'roses are mabey they are just rock)....rock on music lovers!!!!

    kristin bale 2007-01-21

  • Right on

    Im so using this song in my wedding!
    i agree with Kristina!
    This song is awesome!

    Shadora 2006-04-17

  • We like it

    This is more of a up beat new generation wedding song most wedding have the same boring music and this brings it to life.

    ashley and Danna 2005-11-09

  • good song..not for wedding

    I am going to have to agree with Kathleen on this one. This is a great song just a bit to raunchy for a wedding. Then again I guess it depends on whose wedding it is and what their tastes are.

    Lauren 2005-08-27

  • kick ass song

    oh please dont be such a prude, i mean most old people wont get this song anyways, and if they do oh well its not their wedding to decide what you play, and anyways this song kick ass ;)

    Kristina 2005-08-01

  • wow is right

    This song is great to dance to...but not at a wedding!! Jeez did ya even read the lyrics?? Swingin' in the living room Swingin' in the kitchen Most folks don't 'cause They're too busy bitchin' Swingin' in there 'cause She wanted me to feed her So I mixed up the batter And she licked the beater. How disgusting and vulgar for a wedding. I agree that weddings shouldn't only play classical music but for gosh sakes what would elderly people at the wedding think if they heard or read the lyrics to this song. I mean seriously folks.

    Kathleen 2005-07-12

  • Wow

    Most people think that you're supposed to just play classical pieces at their wedding and this really is "...such a sweet suprise"! I think that this would be an awesome song to play; it's just such a great song to begin with and would be fun to dance to, even if you are in a billowy dress!

    Brittany 2005-01-06

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