Can You Feel the Love tonight Comments

  • Amazing

    I have loved this song since the moment I first heard it!

    Jessie 2008-07-14

  • never forgot this song

    When i first this song as a child sat in front of Lion King it left a lasting impression that has never gone i love this song

    matt 2007-06-02

  • i love the song

    it was my mommas wedding song.

    marissa 2007-04-03

  • its a nice song

    i love this song its sooo good i the 1st time i heard it i never forgot it!

    monica 2007-02-02

  • i love this song

    the first time i heard this song i was like 6 or 7 years old,, and even then i thought this song was wonderful.. the lion king made me cry and so does this song of love

    chloe hill 2006-11-23

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