Come Away With Me Comments

  • Perfect song <3

    I absolutely love this song as the song for the last dance .. come away with me its like the beginning of their honeymoon and then the rest of their life together <3 It's like the perfect song lol

    Anonymous 2010-01-09

  • love it!

    We love this song so we are having this as our first dance.It makes me very emotional every time I hear it!We have chosen a more upbeat second song to get the wedding party going.

    joanne 2009-09-19

  • Sets the mood

    Beautiful melody and sets the mood for a very romantic evening. Sweeps you off your feet to venture together with your loved one in a dreamland filled with love.

    V.S. 2007-01-13

  • this is our song

    my fiance and i decided that this was our song a long time ago and so we are starting off our wedding with this. We don't care that it's slow because it is perfect for us and our love for each other is slow because each day i love him more

    Andrea 2006-04-25

  • Perfect Wedding Last Dance

    I must admit that having this song is so perfect for everyone to know what love is.

    I really love this song it is a perfect wedding last dance.

    To end it off there I don't think you need an upbeat dance at the end it is like Come Away With Me in the night.

    Lisa McKerlie 2006-01-16

  • Beautiful Song BUT....

    I LOVE this song as one to set the mood for a romantic EVENING... BUT... it moves very slow and can leave guests bored after the first verse... if you don't care about that and just want to enjoy the moment, then go for it... personally I am not going to use it because I am going to try to keep things more upbeat.

    Christina D 2005-08-24

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