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  • the best song

    this song is the best cause I associate it with the current situation I'm in it makes me heal love song!

    Matome Tomizer 2012-06-13

  • my favorite song that is specially dedicated to me by my one and only love Jeffrey Samilin

    Haaaayyy... ang haba ng hair ko everytime maririnig ko how beautiful the message of the lyrics is... two thumbs up!!!!!!:)

    jane 2010-10-10

  • My wedding song

    This will be my wedding song in the near future.

    Aubrey 2010-01-20

  • Beautiful song

    I played it for my girl n she went madly inlove.Thanx man

    Ernest Masola 2010-01-13

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    Valium no prescription 2009-12-17

  • omg

    oh my god im young...24 but i am really settled and have a famil with my queen and i know this is the perfect song to play beore i propose or maybe at the reception lol

    Jason 2009-12-16

  • Loving Him Always

    i love this song.......loving my boo always

    1luvdc 2009-06-17

  • " I Adore This Sonqq "

    -I Love this sonq; It has an Actually meaninq, I can Always Relate To. Sonqs Like This never grow old. =)

    Anqela Cashqurl ; Welch 2009-05-22

  • dont change

    arghhh,after my baby dedicated this song for me,i was so overwhelmed coz i know his love for me will never change even what looks i have whatever happens i will always love him over and over again...en i will never change!!!

    Grizelle 2009-04-29

  • i heard.....

    i heard this song on the radio and fell deeply in love with it ......

    cherry savage 2008-12-05

  • The Wedding song!

    I love this song so much. My ma has it on her I-pod nano

    Kiara 2008-11-26

  • talent

    im singing this in my school talent show
    whish me luck i won last year...and the competion was HARD!!!!

    kRist3n 2008-11-24

  • don't change

    I love this song so much.

    l and j 2008-11-12

  • woooaaahhh

    i really love this song!!! this is for my hubby! loveyousomuch!!

    len25 2008-09-20


    Since the first time you came to my gym class to meet me that's when this teenage love affair started, but even through ups and downs together, hope and failure, I believe in my love for you. For so long its finally official. I never thought I would ever ask a guy to be my boyfriend but hey I can't be happier. I love you honey.

    Tracey Benlengco 2008-08-06

  • =] Beautiful Sonq [=

    this is good lyrics...and a beautiful sonq its makes me cry. when i think of mah boyfriend.

    Ladii Luve 2008-07-13

  • to all who loved thier love ones's

    i am hoping guys that from this song we do realize that keeping promise like forever though it's hard to keep is the best word we ever wanted to hear to our love one's. so please if u promised a word "forever" no matter how's please don't change it... though i am not believing in forever...

    hmmmm 2008-05-13

  • To my one and only... the real Macoy

    I never realized how beautiful "Don't Change" is up until you and your friends requested this song in Moomba. I love you babe. I wanna grow old with you.

    Grand 2008-05-12

  • i love it

    dat song is bangin!!

    mari 2008-04-08

  • tnx mahal...

    this is a wonderful song...
    i love you so much!

    gly_28 2007-10-21

  • iLL nEvEr cHAngE mHaL QuU

    ..i nEvEr rEALizE LifE wUd bE LikE tHiS KnOwinG thAt yOuR hErE bEsidE mE. . .yOuR sUcH A OnE Of A kinD gUy.!!kEiAh nGAh mHAL nAh mHaL ktAh EhH.,AftEr i hAvE hEArD thAt sOnG.,tLgAnG mAsA2bi QunG 'nAfiL QuU xiA.!'. . .sObwAhH.!!tAgOs xiA.!!i KnOw thAt wErE ZtiLL yOuGh.,mDamEh pAh tEiUnG pGdA2AnAn. . tULad nUnG mGAh nGyA2rEh nAuN..nApA2dLAs nGAh pGaAwAi nAtEn EhH. . .pROh kEt gAnUn.,kAgABi Qu LnG nArEALizE nAh tLAgAnG mHaL ktAh.!At HnDinG hNdi ktAh kEiAnG mAwLA.,bUt thErE cOmEs A tEiM nAh nAfi2L QunG dEE mUu nAh QuU kEiLAnGAn.,nAh dEE nAh QuU mHaLAgAh xEiU. . kEiAh dEE QuU mAiwAsAnG mGsELf pitY. . .pNu bA nmAn.,wLAh kAh nG tEiM sAkEnN.,pROh kEt dAnUnN snAh HnDi mUu QuU iPGpALEt. . xEhH mAsAkEt UnN mHaL QuU. . .kEiAh snAh mAiNtNdHAn mU KnG bKEt aQuU nAgkA2gNitOh. . mHaL LnG tLgAh KtAh. . .

    bHEzH 2007-08-10

  • Hmm

    Arrit yall namsayn just tryna look at the lyrics and shii. ima re sing this song yall namsayn anyweis. im out!

    My name is 2007-04-17

  • jordan ur amazing and im absloutley in love with you

    wow im in love! jordan ur amazing

    michael 2007-03-16

  • this is da stuff

    i luv dis song 2 death becuz it is a good song 2 listen 2 when u r wit ur lover

    victoria cornelius 2007-02-07

  • that is my love

    He sent this song when we had been falling in love for 2 years. I did not tell him i liked it very much because he expressed how important and special i was for him. I found confidence in myself.I love him more because he taught me loving myself more.I will not describe our stroy here, I only want to tell him here how important and special he was for me,too. i only want to tell him i will never change my love to him.

    yueting 2006-12-26

  • the beginning of forever

    i met my gogeous babyboy when i was 15. i had the worst freshmen year ever and i had to take summer school. the very first day i saw him and his friend standing by the door. he told his friend that i would be his shorty. the bell rang for school to start. i was walking through the door while he was behind me, i slammed it in his face. it was hillarious! [he forgave me, of course!] we eventually started talking and getting to know each other. we didnt want to go out because we went to seperate schools(long distance). well we went on a goodbye date and that turned out to be our first date[7.22]-the day we first fell in love. i didnt want my first true love pass me bye, he didnt want to let me go......

    babyluv 2006-10-15

  • dont change

    you did an awesome job making this song.great voice and evrything. so i wanna thank you..:)

    kathrina 2006-09-20

  • i love you...

    when i first heard this song, i said, this is the song that i want to hear when the day comes that i'll walk through towards the altar...the singer might be so inlove with his girl that he sang the song with all his feelings and i can feel it too....oh so inlove right now...!!!!i love my mine(",)...

    mine 2006-06-30

  • healing song

    This is the best love song in my opinion. It can mend Any broken heart

    Roxan 2006-05-20

  • full of hopes...

    im 24-yr old simple girl who want a simple life...i'm not getting any younger in in the next years to come and i just hope and really wished to find a good man for me...i just wanted to be loved and cared...i'm not that old yet to get married but i hope someday...the man of my dreams will c0me to me and sing or dedicate this song!i really felt so much hope in my life upon listening to this and i really hope,,,
    that GOD will listen to my prayers to give me a good family in the near future...

    baibee 2006-05-09

  • dont change

    I just love this song. It's so real! My song for my hubby! luv u daddy!

    twisted 2006-05-01

  • ---

    Aw I love this song so much!~

    The lyrics are adorable and so is the tune it's amazing. I love it!~

    Terra 2006-01-10

  • mY wEdDiNg sOng....

    i can't wait for my wedding day.... i'm so excited.. kahit bata pa kong ngeyon paghahandaan ko yun... why?! kasi desidido na ko na sya na talaga pakakasaln ko si Ms. Cherry Villaluz" soon to be Mrs. Cherry V. Rio mahal na mahal ko!!! basta yun na yun!! and i'll us eythis song!!! including Grow old with you!! il0vey0u mhyne coh!!!

    Khicko 2005-11-04

  • dont change

    i love this song!!!!!!!

    keyowh 2005-10-08

  • excited

    i happy to be planning my wedding and this song is the song he asked me to marry him on. it is a nice song

    yvonne 2005-09-14

  • hmmm

    this is one of the best love songs ever i dedicate it to somebody i care 4 a lot but i wont give out any names. holla back.

    jerry 2005-08-12

  • my storee...

    this is my most favorite song in the entire world... i love it! im not married yet but i love my boyfriend.. =) i think this song was skrewed n choppred on the f*ck action CD #8 oh yes bye now
    i love dustin forever

    sandra 2005-07-13

  • wla lng

    ayoko muna magasawa kc gusto ko buhay binata sayang nmn ung times na i didnt realize na msya pla magkaroon ng mga things na wla ko nun.....

    maynard 2005-06-06

  • hubby23

    i couldn't see myself being with somebody else but you.. only you my love.. i loveyou so much .. and i forever will.. keeping you in my heart makes evrything perfect.. mmmwwuuahhh your the best gift i'v ever recieve.. i pray to papa jesus for our forever happiness.. im really glad that u'r mine.. mmwuuaahh and that im all yours.. always take care of yourself.. i'll be here.. i love you

    karenlicious 2005-05-28

  • My song

    I had never had someone who really cares for me, so when I met my fiance, it was a real shock for me to learn what it's like to be treated like a woman. I feel for Nathan fast, and realized that I was head over heals in love. That feeling came to a screeching halt, when we got into a nasty disagreement that didn't seem as though it could be solved and eventually ended our relationship. Nathan called me about a week later and asked me to come over to his house to talk. I did, and when I arrived, there were a dozen long stemed roses sitting in the front room and candles lit all over and soft music in the background. Considering how our relationship had ended, I was socked. I was even more shocked when the played this song, pulled me into his arms, kissed me, told me he was sorry and that he loved me. Needless to say, Nathan and I are doing very well. Planning our wedding and the arrival of our daughter next month.

    Sarah 2005-01-07

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