Forever and For Always Comments

  • October 30 2016

    I choosing this song for our last dance me and my fiancé is always saying forever and always to each other so this will be the perfect song before we end the night I can't wait to be married to him

    Lea m 2015-02-11

  • gettin married in 2012

    I am so happy to chose my first song we
    Practice at the Kingston dance for our
    Wedding we dance till 9.00 that when the
    Prince @ the princess has to go home and
    Get ready for there honeymoon to florida

    mrs norris 2010-06-02

  • I dig it..

    When I get married, five years from now this song will be on the top ten song playlist..along with Aerosmith's I don't wanna miss a thing, Kelly Clarkson's moment like this and Atlantic star's alwyas...

    Deliwe Tsakane Themba 2009-06-03

  • Well

    Someone had to ruin it lol...well she tried haha...I'm having this song in my wedding too it's going to be our first dance...May 30, 2009!!!!

    Jill 2009-01-12


    This song is to my baby robert john simms .Baby im keepin you for ever and always.I <3 you more than words can say.

    Breyanna barnes 2008-12-04

  • This Song Rocks

    Well, My wedding isn't for a few years but my fiance and me love this song and are going to end the wedding with it. This song is asweome

    Tori 2007-07-13

  • 4-28-2007

    this is the perfect song to end your wedding reception with!!! me and my soon to be husband decided that this would be the last song played at our wedding! we love it!

    brooke 2007-04-24

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