I'll Never Let you Go Comments

  • feel in love to this song 21 years ago

    For you michele, I love you always baby!

    Joey 2012-05-17

  • justin bieber sings good

    you rock Justin B man if you had lived in Mississippi I
    would go there too see you. PS....you sound so adoriable

    paige 2010-04-03

  • I LoVe YoU ........

    i dedicate this song for ".......".
    ".......", i'll never forget you forever and i'll always love you..

    bLaCkBeRrY 2008-03-31

  • Artist's Name

    Steelheart sings this.

    I remember that because I remember the guy who sang this to me all the time - a LONG time ago.

    Joyce G. 2007-10-20

  • no artist!

    who sings this?

    ashley 2007-09-11

  • cutest ever

    megan .... i would like to dedicate this song for you

    ronnie 2007-01-31

  • musica liiiiinda

    letra linda, it makes me cry :~

    Luiza 2006-11-02

  • sweetest and cutest song ever

    Man I really love this song soo much I love White Lion wish I could play this song in band I really like it

    David 2006-10-17

  • I love this song

    Who sings this song? It is one of my favorites and takes me back to one of my first loves...

    Deb 2006-07-07

  • This one is for you

    Lacey you mean the world to me, I love you so much therefore i dedicate this song to you... my baby!

    Josh Holland 2006-06-05

  • Amazing

    When I first heard this song I knew it would be our first dance at our wedding.It made me cry!!! :-)

    Anastasia 2006-05-10

  • Back

    This song brings me back to middle school and dancing at Fun Plex waiting for the cute boy to ask me to dance :)

    Heather 2006-03-23

  • cutest ever

    i wish some guy would dedicate this song to me..its reeaall sweet!

    megan 2005-12-11

  • Cute

    I think this song is the cutest song on the face of the earth...

    Joelle 2005-10-10

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