Last Dance Comments

  • amazing song

    and the version singing by lakisha IS THE BEST

    Cae* 2008-06-10

  • Happy and Fun

    This song goes down brilliantly at the end of a night... cheesey-yes, fun-yes! Get's everyone up and dancing...

    Sharon 2007-02-16

  • iTs tImE tO PaRtY

    Hey! This is a good song....I mean if u r gonna have fun at a wedding, u r gonna need a little Donna Summer!

    Christy 2005-09-23

  • Last Dance

    I love it. It was good then. It is still good now.

    G Bullock 2005-07-11

  • cheesy and great

    a great cheesy and perfect song to end a wedding. it may be old and cliche but nothing sums it up better than the lyrcis!

    kathy marques 2005-05-26


    Lisa just can't dance, this type of music even in
    2005 is still one of the all time dance songs.
    On everyone's list of ALL-Time Dance
    sorry it's not Hip-hop Lisa.

    Ron 2005-05-17

  • Worst song

    This song is the pits. It's what you should play at a VFW Hall wedding in 1978.

    Lisa Davis 2005-04-28

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