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  • Title/Umm... yeah, wow.

    Um... this isn't even the correct name. It's Good Riddance... and yes, it's sort of about a breakup, but mostly in response to the fans that said Green Day had "sold out" by become more commercialized.
    Heck of a song... but... wedding? ......ehh. .shrugs.
    People use that Police song that was written about stalking all the time, so who knows.

    Sage 2012-03-29

  • green day!!

    its not about people breaking up its about starting something new, the album this is off of represented a time in green days career that said good bye to some of their previous outlooks and attitudes. it doesnt have to be taken in literal sense necessarily but i think its a perfect last song if you just take it for its obvious message "i hope you had the time of you life" at the wedding...

    summer 2012-02-14

  • ummm

    not a good wedding song, it is a sad song about breaking up soo yeahh!

    haywireee 2009-06-03

  • wow

    Who on EARTH would play this song at a wedding... you couldn't pick a worse song. Tragic.

    Shandel 2008-08-20

  • I....

    I had for my 8 grade grad. ever since than i loved it!!!

    jojo 2008-06-11

  • Well

    okay well it may not be a very good wedding song but it does suit the wedding atmosphere. i think

    Katie 2007-12-10

  • Well...

    It's not great for a wedding song, but it brought tears to my eyes at Grade 8 grad.

    Kitty 2007-07-27

  • bad question but...

    ok stupid quesiton.....WHO IS THE ORIGINAL ARTIST!?!?

    Diane 2007-04-23

  • why

    why would anyone play this at a wedding? it's about breaking up. doh!

    kmm 2007-03-16

  • Time of your life

    Understand comments about why Billie Joe wrote this song but most people would have no idea and if you read the lyrics, it could easily apply to wedding

    Helen 2006-01-24

  • Its a great song

    its a great song but i want 2 cry every time i hear it. they played it as there last song at the conceret i went 2, and billie triped over tre's drums wich were lying every where!!!

    Chris 2005-11-22

  • i will always remember this song

    i went to camp on june 14 and on june 22 2005 we sang this song at the last dinner together and people were crying and i was soo sad but i love this song and have the whole this memoriesed

    josee 2005-07-15

  • hmm...

    Great song, but if you understood why it was written, its an AWFUL wedding song. Billie Joe wrote this song about two people breaking up and basically saying " well hope u had a good time cause its over" so obviously, its not a great wedding song, but if no one knows WHY it was written its an "okay.." wedding song but i would NOT reccomend it.

    Kinsey 2005-07-15

  • Time of your life

    Well, when I was in 8th grade, we used this for our class song. It's a great song but I just dont think it's a very good wedding song.

    Jennifer 2005-07-07

  • Breathe Taking

    It's a great song and even though we rated it a 10 it probably wouldn't be the best wedding song. But its a great song!

    Broissa 2005-03-31

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