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  • the best mother

    I think mother is not only a word,now I can understand how much I love my mother. These days I am studing and my mother does every things to make me feel happy.she was always like this.I hope that one day I become the daughter that she wants

    sara 2012-06-09

  • to my mom

    i always want to read the lyrics of this song while im in the office bec. it's always remind me about my mom ,,,,Cause my mom is always were the perfect fan.
    I wanna thank you for that time and I'm proud to say you're mine... huhuhuhhuhu

    i love you mom

    nick sitel 2011-11-19

  • Wow

    I've been trying to find the perfect song for my fiance to dance with his mom too...and this is it. And I've even gotten him to agree to dance to a backstreet boys song! Something I never thought was possible, this song is perfect, don't pass it up just because of who it's sung by.

    Jenni 2009-05-29

  • i love u mom

    i would like to thank my great mom for everything she did for me....thanks mom and forgive me for every bad i cause it for you.............

    seham 2008-10-21

  • Perfect Song

    I looked for a long time to find a Mother/Son song for my wedding, and I kept skipping this song just because it is done by the Backstreet Boys; I was getting frustrated, and was just going to pick one with eenie-meenie-miney-moe.... And that almost cost me the perfect song for my wedding. I finally listened to this song on a whim, and I spent the next 10 minutes crying. This song is so heartfelt and soulful, and it says everything that I had been trying to find. I cannot recommend this song enough.

    Atonn 2008-10-18

  • perfect!!!!

    what a song!!! i relly love it...

    charis 2008-02-03

  • Perfect Son

    I recently remarried after many years. I have two sons, and they each picked a song to dance with me. My youngest son chose this. The words to this song are so special to both of us since I was a single parent for so long. I have carriy the words to this song everyday, and have since my wedding. My son is the Pefect Son.

    Patricia 2007-10-03

  • Awesome song

    Everyone should thank their mom's for everything, I personally am thankful for the love my mom showed me and my brother and sisters...she had 4 kids, 4 years str8...her and my dad have been married now going on 34 yrs.!!!! ;-)

    Timmy 2007-06-23

  • to my mom

    i love this song!!!

    anne 2007-05-06

  • So sweet.

    My dad made a video when my grandma died, and this was the song he used. Made everyone cry

    Taylor 2007-05-01

  • Thanks...

    For helping me how to express the things that I want to say.

    Guadalupe S. 2007-04-13

  • the perfect fan

    I AM dancing with my son to this song on his Wedding Day in November, don't know how I'll get through it

    The perfect fan

    patti 2007-04-06

  • the perfect fan

    I am dancing with my son at his wedding in November to this song. I don't know how I'll get thru it!!!!

    patti 2007-04-06

  • We found the one

    The song my mother will be dancing to with my brother at his wedding, simply amazes me how one song, fits so perfectly and can bring so many people to tears.

    April 2007-02-19

  • awesome

    i love this song and i think that it is the most perfect song for this dance

    Heather 2007-02-11

  • Hope he goes for it

    My fiancee wanted help finding a song for his mom...this song is so beautiful!! Now I only hope I can get him to accept a "Backstreet Boys song"!

    McK 2007-01-01

  • birthday song

    my son (age 16)sang this song to me on mothers day. Made me cry. Didnt think he knew how much i loved him.
    He went thru a divorce at a tender age of two and he is everything to me.

    Lupita 2006-09-20

  • Backstreet - are you serious

    Pick a song for your mother who's target audience is not pre-teen girls. Backstreet, N'Sync, etc are out.

    Ryan 2006-09-09

  • Hits home

    Just perfect. Got chocked up just reading lyrics. I belive I found my song to dance with my mom.

    Abel 2006-08-24

  • love it

    i love bsb, and this song is perfect for a mother son dance. i get chilles listening to it.

    Kaitlyn 2006-07-09

  • Reminds me

    How selfless and caring my mam was, she has passed away and this song say's it all so simply.

    Graham 2006-05-13

  • my mom and i

    this song is da best. i rate it a 100./.

    abby 2006-05-12

  • Remind you...

    this one reminds you the day... which you dont remember of the tender age... just imagine... and say thanks to MOM... for everything...

    Bharadwaj B G 2006-01-03

  • my son and I

    I would love to dance this song with my son at his wedding

    Aracelis 2005-10-28

  • perfect

    Love it - The perfect song

    debbie I. 2005-08-01

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