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  • nice song

    Yesterday l broke up with my boyfriend. We had been dating for two and a half years. we planned to get married by 2010. But maybe the stess or weakness got us and now we are apart. l just listened this song and make me cried coz l still love him.

    Katerine 2009-07-15

  • we we're meant 2 b

    O met my boifriend in a restaurant and dis song was playin we bumped in2 eachother by mistake and dat's wen we new it was true luv and luv at first sight we've bin 2gether 4 3 years

    Leniya 2008-09-01

  • Best in all

    This is the best song i have ever heard ....I mean the feeling in this song blows me away....changes ma mood...
    I love this song...!!!

    @nnie..!! 2008-02-12

  • luv this song

    luv this song so much. reminds me of someone i could never be with ! :(

    Mona 2008-02-10

  • love this song

    i love this song so much and me and my boyfriend always sing this he even proposed with this song in the background its our song!
    I love you niall

    ciara 2007-06-05

  • driving over the mountain

    I met my soulmate later in life during a very difficult time for the two of us. While I had burned a CD of romantic songs for us to dance to, this song would play on the radio when my love would drive the 25 miles over the mountain that separates the counties we live in. As the drive was unfamiliar and lonesome, the song bolstered her drive. She told me it was an affirmation and she drew wonderful energy from hearing it. A few months after she moved in with me, the song came on the radio and she told me the story about the song that played whenever she went over the mountain to see me. I hear this beautiful song now and tears of joy run down my face for the symbol it has become in our lives.

    Elenita 2006-07-02

  • Our theme song

    My boy friend and I had been Engaged for a couple months,and were in the proces of planning the wedding when the stress got to us. We started to get on each others case about every thing. It Got so bad that I called off the wedding. About a week passed and haddent spoken to him since our last fight. My best friend called me and told me to turn on the radio to Delylah. sure enough my boyfriend was on the radio dedicating this song to me. Well we wound dancing to this song ot our wedding. So this song litteraly saved our marage.

    Charity 2006-06-26

  • The song is very romantic

    I couldn't listen to a better song than this. I can listen to this song all day long... thats how good it is. I love this song. My daughter is getting married in August and I want her to play this song at her wedding. Thanks Shania Twain. This is the best song I've ever heard. Forever and Always along with I Cross My Heart are the best I've heard yet. I would request these songs any time.

    Becky 2006-05-10

  • So romantic song is this

    Wow I have no words to say about this song....
    Really very romantic song is this...when i listen this song my mood automatically changes...This song is dedicated to my Boy Friend...

    Mau 2006-02-16

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