Keeper of the Stars

By Tracy Byrd

This song has no lyrics.


  • My Favorite

    This song will be our unity candle song. I have always loved this song since I was a little girl, and I couldn't imagine not playing this song at our wedding. We have known each other for years: we didn't start really talking until our senior year in high school, we became best friends for about two years after that, then we started dating, and will be together for four years and a day when we marry. So it just feels like this is the perfect song to celebrate this relationship when we light our candles.

    Tiffiany 2010-08-02

  • WEDDING 03

    This was played in my wedding in 2003. . I love it. .cherish it. .and listen to it often and smile. .
    Great song, Lyrics from the heart. .nice to see others enjoying such art the way I have

    Yessica 2009-10-06

  • God's guidance and direction.

    Regarding Roxy Murdoch's comments below.....We are so sorry to hear of your friends' difficulties. If we truely and honestly follow The-Keeper-Of-The Stars direction and guidance in our lives and relationships we will have happiness, joy, peace, love, and success. May God bless all of you, your relationships, and your marriages.

    Bonnie and Doug 2009-04-27

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