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  • Mrs

    We had this song to walk down the isle to. It was perfect x

    Bev B 2018-01-15

  • Metallic song

    Nothing else matters in one of my favorite metallica songs. It is nice that you picked a metal song for your wedding...rock on...\m/..

    devil@metallica blackened 2012-05-08

  • ....... ...

    Miley has amazing charisma. Such a talented young girl!. Miley is gorgeous. She has a beautiful cheery face that anyone would love. All the haters out there are just jealous! =-=

    Datepiste 2012-04-18


    the last time i played this song was like 5 years ago..then when i heard it again last night and read the lyrics..its like my frozen life flow again....

    tomjan 2012-04-07

  • hell yes

    i thought i was the only one lol had this song planned for 8 yrs now for our wedding song love it takes me back to wen we both were young and drunk

    kategreat 2012-02-10

  • Original and nice

    I'm getting married on 30.07.2011 and my fiancé is really not a fan of weddings. So when he suggested this song for our first dance, at first I was sceptic. But then, I kept listening to it and reading the lyrics and the more I listened to it, the more I realized it would be awesome. Little edgy yet nice and if it makes my man happy, why not ? :)

    MarieC 2010-12-19

  • Walking down the isle!

    I was married once before and had a very traditional wedding. My current boyfriend and I are going to use this as the song for when I walk down the isle in VEGAS on 11/11/11. Oh, and my 13 year old son will be playing it on acoustic guitar. Yep. Love it.

    SassyOne 2010-11-09

  • our first dance

    My husband and I got married almost 12 years ago and this was the song that was played for our first dance together as husband and wife. Even today this song still brings so much meaning to the both of us. For the sceptics that are out there...I was not a big fan of Metallica but will tell you that I can not think of another song that would have suited the both of us and that had so much meaning. anyone thinking of using this really should!!!

    Cole's 2010-04-19

  • yay

    i think this is one of the better songs on this site. some of the other songs on here are really cheesy!

    hel 2009-07-07

  • This was my wedding song

    People still mention it, every one remembers ! it was beautiful. I had Enya for the ceremony, rock and dance music for the reception, it was just a great mix of songs, lots of fun, especially to see the elderly couples swaying to a Metallica ballad!

    Mary 2008-07-14

  • METALLICA!!!!!!!!!

    I am a huge fan of Metallica. They have been around for SO long. They make great music. "Nothing Else Matters" is one of my favorite songs by them. I've been thinking of it as a wedding song off and on. You can hear the sincerity in his vocals when he sings this song. It means a lot to me, just beautiful...

    Crystal 2008-07-01

  • Awesome

    We are using this song for our first dance!! We picked it out before we officially got engaged!!! it's beautiful

    Amanda 2007-12-08

  • Nothing Else Matters

    Using this song for the first dance.

    ziPPA 2007-11-01

  • sweet

    i'm a big metallica fan, and it's awesome that this song is so fitting for a wedding

    kimberly 2007-06-06

  • True to yourself

    I think it's important for music to reflect who you are as a couple- I'm using this song, as well as one by Jimi Hendrix and one by Led Zeppelin in my wedding. :)

    Zita 2007-05-28

  • Awsome

    Id have this song at my wedding "rock on"
    "So close no matter how far
    couldn't be much more from the heart
    forever trusting who we are
    and nothing else matters"

    Random 2007-05-25

  • wedding

    I love this song! It's the perfect wedding song for us. So different from they typical wedding song yet so beautiful. Good slow song for us to rock the floor

    pretty lady 2007-05-14

  • daddy daughter

    I had picked this song for the daddy daughter dance. my dad and i use to listen to this cd all of the time in his car! i had to laugh when i saw it on here.

    Mandie 2007-05-08

  • Awesome

    Never really read the lyrics, since my fiancee' loves this band, this song will be played at our wedding.

    Katie 2007-04-27

  • My song

    My fiance is the biggest Metallica fan and this has always been our song. People think we're crazy for wanting it as a wedding song, but it's so beautiful. For two years, we've been apart, in separate states. So the "so close no matter how far" really fit us.

    Krystina 2007-02-27

  • WTF

    Metalicca of all bands?? What has this world come to? If you are going to have a harder edge to your music for your wedding, go with Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer or even Rammstein!! Nothing says love like the deep intense pain these bands bring. . .

    bob 2007-02-05

  • anonyme

    i love this song very very

    ixzsdz 2007-01-24

  • yup

    i agree with marlene

    homer simpson 2006-11-29

  • hmm

    my fiance is a huge metallica fan. I wouldn't use it for a unity candle, but it's great if you are doing cd favors.

    erin 2006-11-15

  • Great song

    I love this song rock on metallica!!

    Eddie 2006-10-02

  • Perfect

    This song arises so many emotions of the bitter-sweet youthfullness of relationships and enduring all. Perfect for those of you who have gone through tough times, or just have more of a rocker edge. And it's clean so the elderly will enjoy also.

    Lindsey 2006-05-30

  • heck yeah

    this is going to be the song for our first dance as a married couple!!

    barbie 2006-05-04


    i love this song.. this is mine and my boyfriends song together.. he requested this song to me at a dance and he asked me out during this song.. and he sung it to me.. to us the lyrics are soo meaningfull.. because when we first got together no one belived we would be together and "never cared for what they do, never cared for they know" pertaines to. This is going to be our unity song at our wedding <3

    Carly 2006-02-24

  • Sweeeeet

    I agree with Kathy.... i also say your wedding should be personalized so this would be so not the norm hahahahah its awesome

    Elise 2006-02-19

  • Not sure

    I love the lyrics, but the whoel "rock" part I don't care for. I like rock music, justs not so much for a wedding. However, I will say for our last dance, we'll be dancing to R.E.O Speedwagon's "Can't fight this feeling".

    Ashley 2005-12-23

  • rocks

    i dont like it being a wedding song but it stil ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I DONT CARE WHAT THESE SOPPY IDIOTS SAY)

    rusha 2005-09-17

  • 2005

    me too!!! Hell yeah!! Metallica rules

    C.C. 2005-09-05

  • First Dance Song

    My fiance's favorite band is Metallica and when I heard him and his friends play this one night, I knew this was going to be our first dance at our wedding! We saw Metallica live and when they played this song, we just held each other close!!

    Estela 2005-08-08

  • of course

    its metallica- the best rock band in the world. how could it be anything but great?

    brooke 2005-06-07

  • yup

    I agree with Kathy

    marlene 2005-06-02

  • rock on

    when i first saw this song, i was taken back. I thought "a rock song for a wedding?" but once I saw how beautfiul the lyrics are and how poetically melodic it is, i realized it fit great. unconventional is cool, especially for a wedding! who says it always has to be a slow song!

    kathy marques 2005-05-26

  • awesome

    rock out during your wedding

    some guy 2005-04-18

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