Always With Me, Always With You Comments

  • cute

    That's Adorable

    jjdd 2012-09-06

  • love it

    i like this song so much

    mark 2010-08-21

  • So perfect

    This song has so lyrics but you can feel all the emotion. I just love it
    Im planning on using it somewhere during the wedding

    Elena 2009-11-26

  • Night...

    You know what, i really like listening to this song very specially at night...

    Mj Gabriel 2009-10-09

  • Always with US

    This song melted the hearts even of those hard rockers, so why wouldnt it melt the hearts of those who feast in the celebration of love, life and togetherness? THIS SONG IS THE BEST WEDDING DANCE SONG EVER!

    Lois N' Graz 2009-01-03

  • ;]]

    This is an amazing song, and even though it has no lyrics the music speaks for itself. This song sends chills down my spin.

    Shattersphere 2008-03-27

  • Awesome

    Best Song Ever!!!!!

    Jimmy 2007-07-22

  • my song

    I let me fiance have free reign on picking out our wedding song since I didn't let him do much else. I'm so glad, it was perfect! I'm not a mushy girl so I loved the fact it didn't have any corny lyrics.

    Cara 2007-05-08

  • ...this song

    this is an awesome song especially the version I play (which is my own) :D


    steelie 2007-04-11

  • song has no lyrics

    this song doesn't have any lyrics, it's joe satriani

    Ashley 2007-04-05

  • So romantic

    I have loved this song for years and now I know the name of it!! Thank you. I'm getting married soon and will use it somewhere during the wedding/reception!

    Laura 2007-01-15

  • .... is this not an instrumental? I don't think it has lyrics

    Joeanne Collins 2006-11-15

  • Great

    I loved it, this song os perfect

    Brandi Carter 2005-09-07

  • Wedding Song

    This is a beautiful song!

    Stacy 2005-08-01

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