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    this song means a lot to me. Very wonderful song :)

    Tsunade 2011-12-26

  • i really love this song!

    this song really suits for those who want to spend the rest of their lives to someone they really love!

    joy 2010-01-02

  • I absolutely love this song!

    This song is going to be my first dance, because my fiance and I met on a trip to Germany "We were strangers, starting out on a journey.." and we will be "at the beginning" of our new life on our wedding day. And we have lost hope, but we have supported one another, encouraged one another, and showed resilience. Who would have thought I'd meet the love of my life when I was simply chaperoning my sister's field trip? This can definitely be a wedding song. And I love the movie Anastasia, too, which helps!

    Kelly 2008-05-01

  • i disagree

    i disagree with john. this is the most beautiful, heart-warming song.

    Lynn 2006-11-16

  • wedding song

    i really like the song..

    ana 2006-10-24

  • Wonderful song

    It's a fabulous recessional number, because it focuses on the "possibilities" - the new opportunities and bright future of a married couple who have spent 4 years or even a lifetime trying to get together, but circumstances prevented them. Awesome song- really touches the heart.

    Jessica Carr 2006-05-28

  • Love Song

    It is so touching... I love this song!!!!!!! I am singing this song for my graduation and i luv it!!

    Naynay 2006-04-27

  • love song

    we sing this for choir! i love the song.

    mary 2006-03-02

  • fave ko

    this is my fave song.....

    Daidouji Tsubame 2005-10-30

  • life aint easy

    this songs make you fell happy.when u fail something dont give up bcause trying is fulfillng your/our strong

    fritzy 2005-08-02

  • love song

    it's very touching. i love this song a lot!!

    Mary 2005-05-01

  • mmm

    its a good song :) a song wherein the couples will surely relate to each lines....

    sharp 2005-04-21

  • songg

    this doesn't sound like a wedding song. but it is still very nice.

    Justine 2005-04-19

  • journey song

    because it is not a love song,simply amazing!

    babylin karol 2005-04-18

  • This is the theme song of Anastasia

    This is the theme song of the cartoon Anastasia. It really touches my heart because of the lyrics. This is my favorite song.

    Jemimah 2005-04-13

  • its not a wedding song but instead about friend

    its really a nice song, it stub my heart with much happiness, its a touching song. if you'd try to dedicate this song to someone close to you, i know that he/she would be impressed.

    matet 2005-02-02

  • love and wedding song

    it is touiching and can relate to me!!!

    Anne 2005-01-31

  • love song

    it really touches my heart......

    Katie 2005-01-04

  • wedding song

    this song is not a wedding song.

    John 2004-12-30

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