Ave Maria Comments

  • very touching

    i like the song very much... feels like walking down the aisle to heaven...

    rondee 2010-02-23

  • hey

    hey this song is very nice song ,i like the words,and the voice of the singer which is my favourite singer Beyonce man she has a really nice voice.

    pitolicious 2009-06-17

  • Ave Maria

    Deadly song, my sister walked up the ailse to it. it was amazing :D

    Mai 2008-11-21

  • To the wedding singer:

    If you are the singer for this song in the wedding, be prepared to practice... Its a beautiful, but very difficult song to learn and to sing... the range is difficult and it is very high in the original key. Just a warning to the singer, but not impossible and is by no means the reason to not do it!

    Tara 2008-09-24

  • I love this song so much

    every time I hear it I will cry .. that is moved to tears ... I use it for my wedding during the time say good bye to parents.. . and many people moved to tear with the music at that scene.

    Millia 2008-06-13

  • Ave Maria

    Beautiful song. Definitely sets the tone for the ceremony.

    CHRISTINA 2008-02-17


    A beautiful song, with class and style - brings tears to eyes as an isle song

    Georgie 2008-02-02

  • Ave Maria

    The most beautiful wedding song for a bride to walk down the aisle to.

    minerva 2007-08-31


    THe perfect chruch wedding song...

    Lizzie 2007-04-18

  • heavenly

    Whenever I hear this song I am transported to the spiritual world.

    John Zamkhomang Munluo 2006-11-03

  • Ave Maria Lyrics

    Ave Maria
    Gratia plena
    Maria, gratia plena
    Maria, gratia plena
    Ave, ave dominus
    Dominus tecum
    Benedicta tu in mulieribus
    Et benedictus
    Et benedictus fructus ventris
    Ventris tuae, Jesus.
    Ave Maria

    PMSH 2006-07-05

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