Canon De Pachelbel Comments

  • LOVE IT!

    I actually found a version with lyrics by the "Vienna Boys Choir" and it is AMAZING! The first time i heard it i almost cried! Seriously check it out!

    Jessi 2009-06-05

  • wrong song

    this song doesnt have lyrics you are probably thinking of the transiberian orchestra version

    elizabeth 2009-06-03

  • love

    I love this song when i here it i go goose pimply. It is my song for when i walk down the isle next yr. x

    sharna 2009-02-14

  • Lyrics?

    This night
    We pray
    Our lives
    Will show
    This dream
    He had
    Each child
    Still knows
    We are waiting
    We have not forgotten
    On this night
    On this night
    On this very Christmas night

    Edward 2008-12-18

  • orchestra

    i love this song!! a girl in my orchestra class played it every day and she finally asked our teacher if we could play it so now we r!!!! yay!!!! i downloaded it onto my ipod!!! i love it!

    sina 2008-08-30

  • where to get this song

    It is on the Father of the Bride soundtrack

    Sherri 2008-05-13

  • not the usual

    We had this song performed at our wedding and it was a+
    It took some time to find a version which could be played on an organ but it wath worth the time searching.

    Stephan 2008-04-15

  • awsomely sweet!

    I played Canon De Pachelbel and i remember it now as a graduation song for high school students i think u could get the high school musical cd and it could b on there. I recomend this song to anyone it is an awsomely sweet song and perfect for that special isle walk!

    bella 2007-11-22

  • Lyrics

    Does anyone know/remember the words to this song? I know the actual original doesn't have any words, but we did sing it choir when I was in high school, but I cannot remember the words anymore.

    April 2007-09-03

  • Perfect!

    I first heard this song in "The Wedding Planner" and I thought to myself "that is the song!" So when I stroll down the isle I'll have this song playing!

    Amanda 2007-09-01

  • Amazing

    I've downloaded this tune and since my sister got married in june i have thought about what piece of music i wouldlove to have played when i walk down the ailse. This has got to me the one. it fits so perfectly and i'm mesmorised by it.I first heard it when watching father of the bride, ive also learned it was princess diana's favourite tune. Amazing!

    Shell 2007-08-06

  • It is so cool

    I like this piece of music very much. The first time I listened to it when watching a Chinese movie. You can obviously feel peaceful, serenity.. right after listening to it. It is so amazing.

    Jess 2007-07-14

  • Processional Music

    I walked down to the isle to this song. Absolutely beautiful song and made my wedding day perfect.

    Carrie 2007-06-18



    dana 2007-05-30

  • great piece

    i love this song i have an 8 year old neighbor that totally loves this songg¢¾

    andrea 2007-04-13

  • soothing

    i sooooooooooo luv this peice of music its soooooooo soothing , but now my dog has died it makes me cry but in a good way .

    total idiot 2007-03-21

  • wonderful

    Canon De Pachebel, also known as the Pachebel Canon--

    wonderful piece, takes some practice if you're going to play it on the piano, but I mastered it in less than two months. :]

    Lea 2007-03-15

  • Classic

    It's absolutely beautiful and classic. The mood is set with Pachelbel.

    Emm 2007-01-14

  • omfg

    Yea this piece is so good, i play piano and i am trying to learn this song, but i dont think that i can ever be as good as this person or people who can actually play. I think the person who wrote this song is the most brilliant person ever and he is a fricken genious........

    Allie 2006-12-26

  • beautiful

    If a piece of music has captured my innermost feelings, this is it.

    John Zamkhomang Munluo 2006-11-03

  • The best day of my life

    Its like flowers in the summer perfect and pure. i love this piece of music i cant wait to walk down the ailse to it.

    Kellie 2006-10-14

  • Love it

    This piece always brings me to tears. I love it, it's beautiful and inspiring, and I could listen to it all day

    Veronica 2006-09-27

  • Beautiful

    This is my favrite peice of music only because it can mean anything there a lot of fealings to this song.It can mean peace,love,heartache.The possibilities are endless,it is a pool of imagination!

    Jess 2006-01-01

  • classic

    Whoever voted all the songs ahead of this are crazy... I've heard this at 90 percent of the weddings at the interlude part and I have never heard truly, madly, deeply at any interlude...this is the best by far

    Scott 2005-12-21

  • great

    yeah this piece is good i love it makes me dream about summer in winter and winter in summer

    summer : when the sky is blue and grass is beautifuly green

    Winter: snow falling slowly with xmas light

    Duy 2005-12-06

  • soothing

    this peice is definatley soothing and relaxing. It makes me just think of how my wedding day is going to be.

    Lauren 2005-10-13

  • wow

    it's so heart felt and so beautiful. I could listen to it all day. It takes me away to another place where anything can happen and dreams can cone true.

    Ariel 2005-09-17

  • gorgeous and lush

    I heard this version by a boy's choir Sanctus. It's the most beautiful piece ever

    han 2005-09-16

  • brill

    i love this piece of music it is inspiring and peaceful. i can play parts of this brilliant piece but will never be ask good as the person who wrote this music

    rea grogan 2004-12-03

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