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  • i love it

    i love this song its the best song ever

    whitney slaughter 2010-05-21

  • nice song

    i really love this song, the singer has a very nice voice, i'm gonna sing this song to my friends wedding

    Jha 2009-11-11

  • Bryan Adams Heaven

    This is an old one (1983) but a goody! Fantastic Canadian performer. He has lots of amazing slow songs. This is my pick!

    BMac 2009-07-09

  • .......

    i love this song it's the best song ever. and my sister is getting married in august and we think that she is gonna use this song. i hope so =]

    jill 2009-07-03

  • love it!

    i freaking love this song! it's the best song EVER! and brian adams sings it..... hope this helps =]

    jilly bean =D 2009-06-28

  • Mmmmm....good song.

    This song is amazing. Theres a new version of it sung by Bryan Adams and Jason Aldean. Its the best version Ive heard so far. I give props to the people who wrote it

    Lara 2009-06-21

  • ...

    omg luv dis songg

    ppl 2008-09-08

  • confused

    there's a girl who sings it as well, and i've been trying to find out who it is.

    it's definitely not cascada, because i didn't like her version.


    nocturnal1 2008-08-17

  • Sweet

    Omg i love this song especially the one with the little girl singing it is so sweet....

    Amy 2008-08-05

  • I love this Song

    I just love this song...I sing it all the time and switch it around to make it my own.Hopefully in the music auditions...they will get me in with this song ^_^ I love the techno version aswell.


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    Georgina Navarro 2008-05-21

  • got 2 lov it

    i really love this song!!! it makes me cry sometimes, and the version with the little girl talking on it makes me cry, and makes me realize how lucky i am for have 2 wonderful parents who are together and love each-other very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    miley 2008-03-09

  • Bryan Adams "Heaven"

    This song is called Heaven and is sung by a guy w/ a charming raspy voice named "Bryan Adams" :D hope those people that asked for it goes back and sees this lol. HEART IT TOO! me and my dad sing this song while he plays the guitar and i, sometimes, play the piano.

    Joana-Kathleen 2007-09-25

  • ...

    I reaking loce this song!!! who sings it..? I want to put it on my myspace!!

    Odie 2007-09-15

  • love it

    who sings this?

    rmj 2007-09-03

  • love it

    this song is the best i could sit
    here for house just listening to
    it its GREAT.i love it!!!

    amber 2007-08-27

  • heaven 911

    I think that this song is really sad because its about a little girl that really misses her daddy
    Zoe higgins age 10 years old i feel realy sorry for this girl i hope my daddy never goes like that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    zoe higgins 2007-06-18

  • great

    I really like this song..
    not only it is good music but the lyrics behind the song..

    reji 2007-06-13

  • i love dis song

    when i think about my baby i listening to this song i just love this song it brings me to tears from time to time i love the words just so spiratural

    che 2007-05-26

  • heaven

    omg.. I love this song soo much.. i cry everytime i hear it.. it makes me soo sad cuz it reminds me of my dad! =[

    Karina 2007-05-12

  • heaven

    i love this song so much it makes me cry

    dominique 2007-02-13

  • Love

    This is a great song!! I cry when the piano starts!! I just wanna kill the people who killed so many of our loved ones. It isnt fair for anyone especially this little girl who will never know who killed her father and so many others who havent done anything wrong. Any people who dont we should be at war, listen to it and then youll find out why we r at war God Bless

    Lala 2007-01-28

  • woah


    meaghan 2007-01-12

  • heaven

    i really like this song if you havent seen it on youtube check it out.

    brittany 2007-01-07

  • i wish for them all back from the 911

    a girl talkin to her father is upseting. i want the people from the 911 to come back and those hi jacks would all go away.they dont realise how much pain they have caused.just remember everyone hu reads this 'appreciate life and people like your family dont ever be selfish just keep ur head up and stay strong.think about how this girl feels if u lose someone close u will realise .and if u do lose sumone who u love stay strong they wudnt want u to be down all ur life.luv adele

    adele 2006-11-01

  • love it

    this song is the best song in the world

    mischa 2006-10-07

  • heaven

    wow this song is the best...

    Emily 2006-07-24

  • song

    this is a very sad song the littel girl made me cry

    naomi 2006-06-28

  • Heaven

    I adore this song, it makes me cry just heraing the first verse. I think it is sooo meaningful and it gets to you very quick. I am glad that this song was made. IT ROCKS! Great job to the little girl and the singer!

    Tatiana 2006-05-26

  • omg

    im listenin 2 it ryt now!!!! makes me cry evry time!!!!!!!!!
    sick ppl that ruin ppls live that day nd ne day that people get killed!
    how can ppl live there lives doing that to a little girl or to anybody!!!!!!!

    michelle 2006-05-22

  • head over heels

    This song is one of my absolute favorites!

    lakeisha 2006-03-16

  • LuV ThE SoNg

    my bff dad died and in the jazz co show she is the president and she did it to this song and at the end she couldnt finish the song!!!

    Kris 2006-03-12

  • heaven

    I love this song im a cheeleader for middletown high school and one of a girls did a dance for this at our last home game... I got so teary eyed, in fact the whole crowd did. I think what really got me is the little girl in the background talking

    keshia 2006-03-07

  • Heaven

    There is a version of this song called Heaven 911 with a little girl talking to her dad who died in the 9/11 attack. It is so sad it makes me cry every time that I hear it.

    Amanda 2006-02-12

  • heaven song

    i like this song

    kirsty 2005-09-06

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