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  • Mrs.

    This song was our first dance at our reception. Wonderful memories.

    Mary Ann 2018-07-31

  • My wedding dance

    This song is beautifully and has such a profound meaning. We used it for our wedding dance. Thank you for a powerful message.

    Carmen 2015-11-12

  • beautiful

    sang this song many times at many weddings

    jon 2011-08-04

  • lovely song

    I just recently heard this song and instantly fell in love with it. I'm planning on singing it in my own wedding or possibly have it sung while the unity candle is being lit. And its perfect beacause i'm always telling my boyfriend if you could see what i see=)

    Sierra Dull 2010-12-02

  • Wedding

    This was sang at my wedding in 2006. It was sooo powerful!

    Courtney 2010-08-23

  • Missing my husband

    This song was my husbands song to me at our wedding. I lost him six months ago Tomorrow. I had never heard of this song until it was played for our wedding.Just played it again to remind me how much he loved me.This is a great song and meant the world to me..

    Bonnie Warren 2010-03-18

  • Listen to the tune

    To hear this song type "Geoff Moore what I see" (without the quote marks) into YouTube

    Tim 2010-03-09

  • Wedding song

    This song was sang by a really good friend of mine at my wedding. There was not a dry eye there.... Love it!

    Augusta 2009-09-11

  • Linten to the song on this link

    type the song on u tube' harpist sings and plays the harp.

    Forgiven 2009-08-04

  • Perfect

    Sang this song to my wife for our wedding. My mom and wife to be were both in tears. Wife had no idea I was doing this. Only person in the "know" was our friend that was supposed to sing for us. PERFECT song, expressed my heart and feeling to my wife to be Perfectly!

    Bob 2009-04-30

  • Not Suprised

    I actually heard this song years ago when I was involved with Christian radio. Geoff is a very Godly man who loves the Lord and I am not surprised that the Lord has blessed him with an amasing talent to write. All his stuff is great !!!!!!

    RIch P 2009-02-06

  • heyy

    this song is so beatiful my friend april sang this song at her wedding it was exellent

    Coraline 2009-01-29


    My husband who never sings sang this song to me on our wedding day! It was the most beautiful thing that he could ever do! It was a total surprise; no one even knew and half the people afterwards asked if he really sang it or if it was pre-recorded. I cried the whole time. I still cry to this day when I watch our wedding vid! 9 yrs and still going!

    Monica 2008-10-28

  • cool

    this song was so touching me!!!
    i like it so much!
    thank you!

    asma 2008-04-23

  • Perfect Song

    I had this song sung at my wedding may 2007. i cried thru the whole song. Beautiful song , great meaning.

    Sharon 2007-11-14

  • song

    Hi am i just being thick but how do you know what the song sounds like? can youlisten to it first?

    Lorna 2007-09-06

  • Awwwwwwww.....................

    This song is soooo cute. It has so much meaning to the words. This is the song my best friend and i are singing at a wedding this summer. I'm so excited. I'v never sang at a wedding before, and i'm glad my first one gets to be this song!!!

    Kasey 2007-05-15

  • special song...

    One of our groomsmen sang this song in our wedding. It was beautiful. Not a dry eye in the house!!

    Faith Burchfield 2007-03-16

  • Wrong artist

    this has been one of my favorites for the longest time and its not by Geoff Moore but by Aaron Jeffery. A Father a son duo

    Chad 2007-02-20

  • Perfect song

    Wow!! I have never heard this song...It is so perfect for me to walk down the aisle to!!! I almost cried when I heard it..

    Jessica 2007-02-08

  • WOW

    I was the Bestman at my friend's wedding. We were driving around taking care of wedding stuff and he wanted me to listen to a song he was going to sing to his wife during the ceremony. I was mesmorized by every word. What a gorgeous song!!! I wondered how he was going to sing it during the ceremony without gushing tears. Well, he pulled it off. His wife started crying. He really hit it right with the difficult ending too...sent chills up my spine...in a good way :-)

    Bobby 2007-01-08


    I'm a singer and a friend of mine came to me wanting the PERFECT song for him and his girlfriend to get married to... hmmmm, I scouted around on the net since none of the ones I knew were really for THEM. When I ran across this one, I KNEW it was the perfect one for THEM, WHOMEVER them may be.... kudos to Geoff Moore for writng this song- it's excellent!

    Kimber 2006-07-22

  • Perfect meaning

    I've searched for the right song and well.....This one is it. I will be walking down the asile to this amazing song, and it is going to be perfect for our wonderful day!

    Angie 2006-05-13

  • Beautiful Song

    I'm going to walk down the aisle to this song, and I can't wait. It's the most perfect song. I had no idea what song to walk down the aisle to but once my fiance and I heard this song, that was it, we knew this was the one for us.

    Fiona 2006-02-03

  • our song

    I sang this song to my husband at our wedding. He had no idea I was going to sing, and it went beautifully. He was shocked and cried the whole time.

    erica 2005-09-23

  • Excellent song with so much meaning

    I found this song after searching through many of the "universal" wedding songs. I wanted the perfect song to sing to my groom on our special day. When i listened to the words, it fit perfectly. It was like I was directed straight to this song. It meant so much to my now husband in so many ways. I remind him daily, if you could only see what i see!

    Stephanie 2005-08-21

  • Wedding

    HI I love this song so much. I am getting married next April and my aunt is going to sing this song in my wedding and i am so excited it is just perfect

    Mandi 2005-06-28

  • Wonderful Song

    Hi finally found a song to walk down the aisle to. All it took was buying 5 CDs to find the one song for me.

    Elle 2005-06-07

  • Perfect song

    We had this song in our wedding and everyone loved it. As a matter of fact 3 people who attended our wedding herad it for the first time and used it in their wedding's too!

    Renee 2005-01-29

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