If You're Not the One Comments

  • depressing

    I mean gorgeous song and beautiful voice - but as a wedding song and introduction to guests - sad! unless it has a special meaning for you (like zetee)

    anon 2012-05-12

  • if you're not the one

    my husband and i love this s0ng so much! We always play this one over again. Love the lyrics!

    rhyz 2010-11-17

  • Ummm....

    This song is about a break up.... not good for wedding at all!

    Ash 2009-06-29

  • love it!!

    i can't get enough of this song,it's awesome.

    Mwende 2008-04-07

  • good song

    its really superb..

    Rajesh Kumar 2008-02-25

  • Beautiful

    this is a beautiful song this would be a great wedding song

    Dannie 2008-02-13

  • I need her.

    Absolutly love this song. It describes everything I feel.

    kellayyy. 2008-02-05

  • meant for us

    dating a guy overseas. this is our song. hope to meet one day and distance shall be overcome.

    kagelo 2007-12-20

  • i love this song since i found him

    this song is for my BF, and i wish this is the first song on my wedding day..

    zetee 2007-11-20

  • Uhhmmm

    This would be the best song during entourage!Ü

    Sir John 2007-08-10

  • I love this song

    this is a beautiful song. Words cannot describe how much I love this song.

    margie momma 2007-06-22

  • I love it

    I simply love this song, the man that i love dedicated it to me. we share alot and we love this song.

    Meg 2007-04-12

  • omg

    i love this song to death

    even though im not ready to get married i know that this song is going to be the one i remember


    adriana 2007-04-09

  • awesome song

    beautiful song and to you gage collins...me thinks you bad with math...probadly more like two inches

    chase 2007-04-08

  • cool song

    man this song means alot to things to or of lovers. lik when he say if ur not the one then y do i cry on my bed. sad and good to tell ur self what this song means

    excalibur 2007-04-02

  • err desist

    Yeh 9 inch!! that actually made me laugh, cheers! this is an absoulute legendary tune!!! amazin lyrics, suggest u read them mate!!

    sinead 2007-03-25

  • True Soul Classic Song

    This really is a loverly song this has brought me and my partner closer together over the last 17 months.

    Marc 2007-03-15

  • ok.immature.

    ok.below is so immature this is a very nice song and ovo the boy below wouldnt kno what love was if it hit him in the face.some ppl spend all there time sitting on the computer making rediculous comments on some1 else's page b/c they have no life and never will.but i guess that person below this can always rely on internet dating sites that way he can hide his face from the real world.
    thanx.for being immature and leading me to write this comment.

    Ciera 2007-03-14

  • i like this song last 2004..

    i like this song since 2004..
    damn!daniel didnt release more song like this!!
    make it good man!!try to make otherZZ!!^^

    xxdreadzxx 2007-03-09

  • Agreed

    Mr. Gage Collins... you might want to hush hush... you got quite the mouth...! But yes, this is definitely one of the greatest songs ever. I wish I was a guy only so I could sing this to someone... it's such a meaningful passionate song...! But who cares, I'm a girl and I'm singing it to my man!

    Anonymous Me 2007-03-08

  • i feel ya

    ya i feel this song im practicaly living this song. i luv my ex so much but he wont take me back.

    samantha 2007-02-26

  • perfect

    this song really encompasses everything that you feel when you're in a long-distance relationship and you make it work :) thanks so much.

    mary 2007-02-11

  • xxx


    xxx 2007-02-06

  • COOL

    I love this song!

    Sara 2007-02-03

  • Great song.

    I love this song so much, Great words. I was listening to it a lot when I was sorta upset about, stuff between me and this girl. and the lyrics were what meant, if she heard it for her, some of it was true, if she heard it.

    Star. 2007-01-26

  • Surreal

    I met my boyfriend online in December of 2003. I was in Louisiana and he was in North Carolina. We talked for 3 months online and over the phone before we decided together that I would move to North Carolina to be with him. While we were 1000 miles apart this song was our anthem. The distance was maiming my life, I was aching to be with him. This will forever be our song. Every word of these lyrics literally applied to us. Thank you Daniel for this beautiful song.


    Toni 2007-01-21

  • wonderful song

    I simply just love the song, it's a wonderful song with wonderful meanings! I think that daniel bedingfield did a great job with this song no matter how much people talk about it and say that it's a gay song. ( They're just jealous )

    desert pearl 2007-01-18

  • nice

    very nice lyrics!!! i can relate it with my life!!!! oh yeah!!!

    astro 2007-01-10

  • Simply FANTASTIC

    I don't care what bad things people say about Daniel or yhis song, because i personally thinks this is the best love song ever. i may not be into all of that ting about "love", but i like the way he sounded, the rythmn of the song, i mean, it just your heart, an makes u want to cry.i hope someone will sing that to me someday, because it's simply...........FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya Danny!

    Sam 2006-12-15


    WOOW this is great , I LOVE YOU !! haha zaalige mannekes 'k zen van belgiee !! iedereen zit hier wa in het engels te brabbelen maar daar verston ik niks van ze !! haha ... GRTS !!! Xx

    Kim 2006-10-25

  • This Song Speaks what true love is about

    We have all had the moment when that one person makes you fell this way.. This song totally make you feel it all over again....

    Sunny 2006-10-14

  • Even If .....

    Even if I don't get married in this lifetime, but in the next one!!!! One thing I am sure of is that, this will be the sond of my wedding day! Oh girl, do I love it or do I love it???????

    Vamo 2006-09-06

  • Thanks Loads

    This song is simply great.. Me and my bf we had problems to confess our feelings to each other and this song has been of great help.. We shall love it forever that's for sure.. This song is the best love n romantic song i've ever heard, its wordings are so true and real n so touching..

    Priya 2006-09-05

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