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  • my best friend

    I got married on 20/05/2005 in Cyprus and this was my wedding song for my first dance I dont think you could get nicer lyrics. sinead and eugene foreverxxx.

    Sinead Tennyson 2009-08-18

  • i luv this song

    my husband and i played this song at out wedding, and there was not a dry eye in the house. I love you Andy!

    Annie 2009-05-10

  • lover and friend

    it is indeed a blessing from God to have a lover who is your best friend too. where can i download mp3 of this. so i can let john hear it too. love in the Lord.

    celeste 2007-12-14

  • friends 4 ever

    a best friend is hard to leave and difficult to forget. luv ya bushra u r ma best friend i ever had xxx

    farah 2007-09-23

  • the best

    i love this song and it will be my wedding song because my soon to be wife will always be my best friend.

    Von 2007-02-04

  • best song

    best song when me and bien will get married

    marianne 2007-01-15

  • from friends to lovers

    My fiancé proposed to me while this song was playing - it will always be special to me

    Charmaine 2006-11-21

  • yeah...

    i love my bestfriend so this song is suits for me...

    bea nakpil 2006-06-13

  • wedding song

    This is our wedding song that we will be dancing too!

    Tina 2006-02-02

  • MY best friend

    I'm not married yet, but this one seems to fit just perfect, he told me when we decided to get married that I'm his best friend.

    Julie 2005-12-22

  • We Are Best Friends

    This was one of the songs sung at our wedding. It fit us beautifully.

    Melanie 2005-04-06

  • Great Song

    I love this song, its going to be my and my wifes song, whenever we get married

    Daniel 2005-03-23

  • lovers and friends

    hey i like the best friend thing

    viola 2005-03-21

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