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  • Sheet music for plan on forever?

    Is sheet music for plan on forever available?

    Roger Feingold 2015-08-02

  • Perfect wedding song! Love, love, love it!

    Is there an accompaniment track available for this song? I so much want it sung at my wedding in August.

    Susan 2015-02-24

  • Waoh!!!!!

    This is like the best song i've heard in ages. Its a song that touches the soul and simply deserves a 10 rating..

    Kayjay 2012-07-18

  • Love for all eternity

    I love the just hits me in that certain spot and moves me. It makes me want to get married all over again. My husband and I have been married for 27 years. I would love to hear this song when my daughter is ready to get married someday! Enjoyed the movie also and I just love Jennifer Lopez. They picked the perfect characters for the movie.

    Deeann 2012-01-24

  • amazing

    This song just touches my heart, I feel like my wedding is just around the corner and that my prayers are being answered just like how the song says. And its for sure going to be for eternity.

    ashleigh 2011-08-22

  • Love it love it love it

    When i first heard this song in The wedding Planner i fell in love with it.. Im getting Married next year and it will be the song that we will do our first dance too.. IT's beautiful!!!!

    Nichole 2011-07-17

  • rly amazing song<3

    when i heard it on my first time on the wedding planner movie it rly touch my heart and its words r stunnin,btw i adore the movie too:)

    toty 2011-04-26

  • Looking for the occompaniment tape

    I have been looking for the occompaniment tape for my daughter's wedding. How could i plan on forever from the wedding planner. anyone know where to find it?

    Cathy 2011-03-21

  • Beautiful

    Just wanna to say, it's a beautiful n romantic wedding song. And I like it.

    Vinelia 2011-01-20


    someone wants this song sung at their wedding and i cant find the accompaniment track for it anyone know where i can find it

    Jennifer Stevenson 2011-01-17

  • The best

    Hi think this is the best wedding song and i'm playing it on my wedding day as soon as someone propose to me! :-)

    Lindsay 2010-12-17

  • wow

    Yea I definitely jus heard it on the wedding planner and I love it!! I'm definitely using it when my day comes and it looks like it'll be pretty soon:-)

    Bre 2010-07-18

  • so serene

    well, i watched this movie when i was in Denmark at home. THere were a lot of DVD's lying there but i picked this up and while watching i came to hear this song and i couln't resist this and played it again and again. I jst loved it and still loving it.
    I am crazy about this song.
    So, perfect.

    pema 2010-05-29

  • plan on forever

    huhuh.. :) I really like this song.. the way it was used in the movie the wedding planner.. I will love it forever.. was wonderfully made and composed.. what I feel in this song is sincerity and hope... perfect... &#9829;

    rowelyn 2010-02-15

  • love is never to be expected...

    I am actually watching The Wedding Planner, at this very moment, &, just like Mya said, this song just hit my heart so hard that it became extremely difficult to imagine my ideal wedding without this song playing! :) perfect love&wedding song&#9829;

    Melissa 2009-12-07

  • beautiful

    this is a beautiful song and i want it to be my wedding song too.....I truely fell in love with it!!!!!!!

    Maria 2009-07-16

  • I used this song.

    I saw the wedding planner before I met my husband and thought it was a really cute song and not to mention that is my favorite movie, but it wasn't relevant to my life at the time but when I met my hubby it was because after a bad realtionship and two kids later I swore off men! I was planning my life without anyone until the man of my dreams walked up to me while I was on the dance floor and started dancing with me! It gets a lot more mushy from then on but such a long story. But yeah that ended up being the song I walked down the aisle with! I love it!

    Cyn LB 2009-05-13


    Many are the plans in a man's heart but only God's purpose will prevail. I love you honey!! You are the God's Will...

    ELLA 2009-02-15

  • Love it

    this song is so romantic i feel in love with it the moment i heard it on wedding planner. i had it at my wedding and ive been in love ever since. love the song and i love my husband xxx

    Alexa 2009-02-15

  • Love it so...

    I loved this song...
    and i am getting frustrated because i can't find the song on a website so i can download it...
    It is very frustrating...But i am gonna play this song at my wedding
    I just love this song so much

    K'lee 2009-01-11

  • So inspiring

    I first d song 'plan on forever' in the wedding planner and it caught my attention.I went as far as trying to get the lyrics of the song.Believe me,you'll love it once you hear it.

    Esta 2008-11-08

  • love it

    i loved this song and i will some day put it in my wedding

    allie 2008-10-17

  • dddaaannnnggg

    This song straight hit the top from when it started and on for centuries....AAAWWWEEESSOOOMMMEEE cute and oh so love the lyrics

    STEPHANIE 2008-10-16

  • Simply true and beautiful

    I love this song. It's what every girl should hear on her wedding day. I love it :)

    Charl 2008-09-29

  • This song is beautiful..

    1st time i heard this song was in the movie the wedding planner. I thought 2 myself, That i connect 2 this song. Coz i meet my husband exactly the way the said it in the song, & i tell him to listen to the song PLAN ON FOREVER. He really likes it too & now this is the 4th of our favorite song that we do connected..

    Loida 2008-09-27

  • heartwarming song

    I just watched the WEDDING PLANNER and think this song is so beautiful! I just have one question who sings it?

    brianna 2008-06-12

  • Amazing!

    This song is so cute!! i want to play it at my wedding!

    Dianne 2008-04-22

  • Plan On Forever

    Does anyone know where to get the instrumental version of of this song?

    Flo 2008-04-19

  • accompaniment

    Where do I find just the instrumental for this? I want to sing this to my groom during the ceremony...

    Heather 2008-01-05

  • believe in love

    I love this song more than any other because I it fits with my believe in love and destination. I am still waiting for THIS unexpected way, but I know it will happen to me as well and then this will be also MY WEEDINGSONG :-)

    Monika 2007-11-21

  • Beautiful!!

    I love this song so much!! When I heard it in The Wedding Planner, I instantly knew that I wanted it in my wedding. This song was definately made to be a wedding song.

    Mya 2007-11-15

  • Beautiful

    This song is perfect for a wedding. I just recently got engaged and i heard it on the wedding planner, and i fell completely in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stephanie 2007-10-25

  • plan on forever

    I love this song, because when I listen to it, I imagine the wedding of my dream!!!

    Ann 2007-09-30

  • love this song

    i love this song so much that i did'nt stop searching till i found the lyrics and now i know all the words.....i really LOVE this song!!!!

    Nicole 2007-09-18

  • Wedding planner

    I heard this song last night in the movie in the middle of planning my own wedding loved it that much that it shall be played whilst im walking down the isle woop woop!!!!!XXX

    Sam 2007-08-16

  • sensitive song

    I love this song too... the other day I was watching the movie for the second time and loved the song straight away, it is very sensitive, I just split up with my boyfriend, so it even made me cry a bit..

    Chelsea 2007-07-05

  • My Beautiful Wedding Song

    I first heard it from a freind who addores the song and I was hooked on to it as well. Got married and guess what! This was my wedding song.. I didn't plan to get married so young (at 19) but the song reminds me of how we should both plan on our lives together.
    Love the song

    Sita 2007-05-10

  • An Awesome Wedding Song

    I never realy herd the whole song cause it is at the end of wedding planner but i'm glad i watched the end because this is now one of my favorite songs

    Nicole 2007-04-20

  • Expressions of unexpected love

    I really love this song. It reminds me of when i just met my husband. I am planning on singing this song at my girlfriend's wedding in June. I really do hope that she and her husband to be will like it as much as I do.

    Naomi 2007-04-16

  • LoVe it

    Im playing this song at my wedding, because it is like my life story, I LoVE it! Thank you for having the heart to let this song out of it for the rest of us to hear. :)

    Cristy 2007-04-07


    This song is like the sweetest love song there is
    O-M-G it's great. and so sweet i love it.

    Hottie 2007-04-04

  • My dream song

    I promise to myself that I'll use this song to my wedding, it touches my heart and my core of emotion, i love reading the lyrics its giving me so much inspiration. I wish I could find somebody who would truly into this message. =)

    Leah 2007-03-06

  • Amazing

    I also heard this on the Wedding Planner... It's just an amazing song all around- Love it!

    Beth 2006-12-16

  • Love this song

    I listened to this song and its such a great song, it made me cry and when I figured out the lyrics, it was even better. This song is me and my soon to be husband's wedding song! Yeah

    Cheryl 2006-12-08

  • awesome.

    this is one of my favorite songs EVER! i want this song on my wedding day. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

    vicky 2006-11-14

  • the most beautiful song

    omg i loved this song since i heard it from the wedding planner . its sooo beautiful and in the future i will play it on my wedding!

    ray 2006-10-04

  • so romantic

    i watched the wedding planner today and it sounded so romantc. i love it!

    bernadette 2006-09-24

  • the song of my life

    I too, like everyone else that has ever heard it love this song. This song relates to all the romantics and to every woman who has dreamed and Planned out their big day ever since they were a little girl and then actually find Mr. RIGHT and then come to realize that its even better than you dreamed.

    Alexandra 2006-07-31

  • i love this song

    When i listen to this touches my heart.It makes you think how much you love someone soo much you'll do anythink for them. The lyrics in this song is sooo romantic and so true. This song makes you think of all the good things in life. This song makes me cry and each tear that comes down on my cheek is full of love.My 1st boyfriend died and i really wanted to marry him.He wanted this as are wedding song....but all i have now is memories and this song helpd me builded my life again. For everyone that is in love tell your parnetrs how much you love them coz life is 2 short n your'll never no what well happen.

    Maria 2006-07-22

  • love this song

    this song is amazing. im only a teenager but i love this song so much. i listen to it over and over again and dont get tired of it

    sophie 2006-07-04

  • how cute

    there are alot of romatic cute songs, and since i was younger i always picked out all these songs to be for my wedding, and when i watched wedding planner i feel in love with this song, looked it up online and for the first time i heard the whole song,it was so cute it made me cry. So now, i say to myself this is my song.

    Chrissy 2006-06-24

  • Wedding Song

    Truly a wedding song especially its instrumental version

    Andrew 2006-06-02

  • Perfect

    This song is absolutely perfect for any couple, because it is so true. You cannot plan on the one you love, because that is not your choice. when you find the one you love it will take a while to figure it out, but it is worth the wait! You can feel the love in the song, and between you and your significant other. This song is just perfect!

    Angel 2006-04-19

  • beautiful

    since i heard this song... wow i really love it.
    it's verry beautiful

    iris 2006-04-01


    This song has so much meaning. My Partner and I will be singing this song on our Wedding Day. A song to remember and a memory to hold onto for the rest of our lives.

    Kate 2006-03-02

  • My Wedding

    I had been searching for the 'right' song to walk down the aisle to and this one is it.
    The minute I heard it I knew.

    I will only have the music - not too hot on the singer.

    This songs says it all......

    Susie 2006-02-19


    This song is so my wedding song. HAHA

    Anna 2005-12-23

  • Beautiful and Sumptuous

    Luv this beautiful, sumptuous song. It sounds like Nick Lachey, and Jessica Simpson singing it? It's beautifully done!

    snookie 2005-12-20

  • This Song is BEAUTIFUL

    I heard this song the first time while watching the Wedding Planner. Since then i have i loved this song and know when i get married, this will be my wedding song!

    Rehana 2005-12-08

  • awesome song

    This is an awesome song. Since I had seen the movie, I fell in love w/ it. & still watch the movie over and over again. Planning to play on my wedding day..


    kimy 2005-12-03

  • Describe a planner like me

    I always try to plan my life and also pray about it.. and this song describes it so well. Initially I like the melody of this song.. and then, only later realise how meaningful this song could me to be. I even bought the soundtrack! Love them all!

    Mel 2005-11-14

  • perfect song for a couple in love

    this song will make you fall in love everytime you hear it.

    mcglosh 2005-10-17

  • Awwwww

    Yea, this is the all time sweetest song and I love it. I always would have to rewind my The Wedding Planner tape to see who the artist was! BUt it was soo worth it, it truly is a beautiful song!

    Christy 2005-09-14


    this sog gives off a romace kind of theem and i the best for lovers and thous who look for love... when i 1st saw the movie The wedding Planner i fell in love with the song
    it was so beautiful the song

    thanks for the lyrics to this wonderful song

    Sacura 2005-09-09

  • This is my wedding song

    I didn't catch this song the first time I saw the movie. The second time was after I was engaged. I knew it was meant to be for me and the song for our first dance.

    Tina 2005-08-12

  • im in love

    This song touched me.its so beautiful...i came accross it watching the wedding planner as well... i needed to find a song to sing for a friend...i guess i found it...LOVE IT...

    angelcmel 2005-08-06

  • beautiful song

    i have luved diz song ever since i herd it on the wedding planner...its such an awsome song, i listen tu diz song every single dae n never got sik ov it....

    victoria thach 2005-08-06

  • really good song

    im mean im not in love. but wow this song is soo deep..and i really like it...

    kauchua 2005-08-02

  • i agree totally

    i sooooooooo agree with all the comments made i always used to replay the song in the movie its soooooo beautiful and makes you believe in love again with all the bad thats going on in this world we need love and this song makes me a person who has had her heart broken over and over again believe that just maybe true love is out there.

    samantha 2005-07-17

  • Love It

    This song is soo beautiful. When I first heard it in The Wedding Planner, I fell in love with it. Makes me wanna cry but at the same time it makes me feel happy. Makes me have butterflies in my stomach. I listen to it over and over again and I will never get tired of it.

    Mi-Mi 2005-07-16

  • destiny

    as i believe in destiny this song seems perfect for all who find that romance is more than a dream...

    ines 2005-06-25

  • wedding planner

    lol we've gotta give it up to The Wedding Planner, its the only reason why everyone likes this song! they heard it and went searching for it!

    Amanda 2005-04-17

  • Anyone out there

    talk to me....

    Don 2005-02-23

  • The Best

    This song is absolutely beautiful. I don't think there is a better song about love :)

    Anne 2005-01-05

  • This is such a BEAUTIFUL song

    I have loved this song since I head it inthe Wedding Planner. It is a beautiful song about LOVEand BEING IN LOVE...

    Nysse 2005-01-02

  • this song is the best

    i LOVE this song. it makes me cry everytime i listen to it. its my boyfriend and i song. i love it so much. i will never stop listening to it!! it's the best!

    kelcie 2004-12-30

  • I love this song

    i have loved this song since i watched The wedding Planner..never hated it..listened to it since..and will bring it forward as one of the greatest love songs of all time! and i hope others see that it is the greatest.

    Rachel 2004-09-12

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