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  • He loves it too!

    Since I was a young girl and first heard this song play on the radio I have loved it. Jim sings you feel the love he is referring to, peaceful and respectful with deep adoration.
    My boyfriend and I were sixteen years old when we first met(but never dated,life took us in very different directions and countries for many years at 33 both still single and childless we reconnected. Falling in love was unexpected and completely wonderful. Two nights ago (almost 18 months later) while cooking dinner together he left the kitchen quickly to turn up a song he "loved". Hearing the song my heart jumped. As we danced and sang softly to each other, he told me that this was the song he had always pictured dancing to with his bride at their wedding.
    What he didn't know at that moment is that I had recently purchased a "Thinking of You” card and printed out the words to this song inside it. There is no official engagement between us yet, but we are talking very openly about our future plans together which do include marriage and us dancing to this song in front of our loved ones.

    Joycelyn 2010-03-26

  • My Wedding

    This is actually the song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding. It's always been our song. It's so simple and sweet- I just love it

    Tiffany Loutsenhizer 2007-04-04

  • Special

    I had this song in my wedding almost 31 years ago. My husband passed away one week before our 17th wedding anniversary, at only 42 years old. The song is still dear to my heart.

    Bev 2007-04-03

  • Beautiful

    This song is abosolutly AMAZING!!! it is so pretty! My mom and dad had this song in their wedding and I plan on using it in my wedding also!!! it is So pretty!! It's an absolute beautiful tribute to love!! it's absolutly Gorgeous!!!

    Ellie Horgeshimer 2006-05-29

  • Soulful music

    This song gets me choked in throat. It is so beautiful.
    An absolute expression of love and the best tribute to someone you love.

    archana joshi 2006-05-12

  • Nostalgic

    I was a small child when this song came out, but it has been forever etched in my mind as one of the most beautiful tributes to a love. Its very sweet...though a little haunting and sad.

    Lisa J 2006-02-09

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