All You Need Is Love Comments

  • LOVE

    LOVE IT such uh hot song

    GFEW 2008-08-19

  • "All You Need is Love"

    I love this song. I think I'll use it at my wedding! :D thank you beatles for being the best! <3

    Genna 2008-02-19

  • "All You Need is Love"

    I love watching the song on "Across the Universe." It was really good. The song is good everywhere. (In a movie, at a wedding.) Almost EVERYWHERE! This song is really famous.

    Genna 2008-02-19

  • Love, Love, Love

    great song!!

    Luis Carlo 2008-01-31

  • Love :)

    i love this song! Its so cute. i first heard it from the movie Love Actually. I think its a cute song.

    N/A 2007-12-17

  • Well...

    This song is really good!!

    Huh 2007-03-21

  • Love

    My cousin walked down the isle to this song. I think it was a perfect song choice.

    Son 2006-11-21

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