At The Beginning Comments

  • awesome

    i love this song and it will be playing when i get married...:)

    diana may tingle 2011-04-07

  • i like it...

    .. i really like these song it reminds me... something...


    Cyrex 2010-09-20

  • the song brings me flashbacks

    Anastacia was the movie I loved when I was 5 years old.I have alwys loved this song when I heared in the movie.The words are so beautiful and they have a special meaning also.For people who loved and seen Anastacia the movie and the song will make them have memories just like I have and this will be a good song for people who are getting married this is the song for.So if have seen thr movie Anastacia tis will be a good song for you

    veronuca R. 2009-12-19

  • I love it!

    Actually, this is the song that I'm going to have played when I dance with my husband next month. :D

    Mackenzie 2009-05-20

  • fabulous song

    its really nice,,,it really inspire me...its so romantic for lovers.

    zabeth 2009-01-22

  • its a very nice a really good song

    i love this song. it is really good. i cant stop playing it.

    angel 2008-07-29

  • at the beginning

    this song was so meaningful, delightful and so romantic... actually when i hear this song my face get smiling yet i have too many problems to encounter... very fabulous music! :)

    isabel 2008-05-07

  • Melody and Memories

    This song has way too much memories for me maybe not enough to be expressed by words alone. It touched my heart years ago and would continue to forever give me shivers and goosebumps whenever I hear this song. Definitely a combination of melody and memories together.
    Alex hahaha there you go! Til' we see this again on 2013! Cheers!

    Anique101 2008-01-25

  • marvelous!!!!

    this song is so perfect! its very romantic!!!

    lourivy 2007-11-07

  • It's amazing

    This song will be playing when we get married

    Kris Earp 2007-10-23

  • it's a great song!!

    i really love this song, it's very nice, meaningful. im going to played this song for my wedding in 8 years time i guess!!!! (: i love this song,it say what i wanna say out from my heart...

    princess 2007-10-15

  • Pleasant...

    I'm just 13 but i really love this dong...nice what they says it melts your heart. my friends also loves this song, and we plan this to be our friendship'stheme song!
    "and ganda ng music! pagmarinig ko ito, parang gusto ko ng matulog!he!he!"

    Tonitte 2007-06-29

  • I really love this songs

    My wedding is just 2 months!And I'd like this song to be play when I will walk down the aisle!The message is so awesome and so fitted to us with my fiance!It something we exchange messages and promises!I never expected him and he dont expected me too...We almost lost hope,but when we meet our world have life again!We shared things,dreams,love,supported and respect and we give anything to each other..Even the world stops turning,even the storm are through...And even the asteriods falling from the sky I still there standing his side AT THE BEGINNING TILL THE END!!!!

    Anne 2007-04-21

  • so sweet

    this song is adorable and it really envelops you. kawaiiiiiiii ^^
    i watched anastasia and the song was incorporated perfectly into the movie. i love it!

    debra 2007-03-18

  • lovely

    this song is absolutely lovely. the first time i heard it, i was so happy and it's definitely gonna be played on my wedding day

    alexa 2007-02-24

  • love it

    I very love it , this song is great . I hope you like it , look like me . I live in vietnam

    chirsty 2006-06-08

  • Wonderful journey

    This song is just soo beautiful..Indeed the words are meaningful, and the tune itself is enough to carry me away! We meet strangers every stage of our life, whom we acknowledge now as friends..we go through the tough times together..Life is like a road, and this song has truly inspired me to treasure my wonderful journey through life..

    char 2006-05-20

  • Sentimental Value

    ds song is very striking in the part of me and to my other classmates of AUF-IS 2nd yr st. francis batch 2006 ... The song being sang at a small farewell party for our teacher in english named ... MRS. Early Jane Sicat ... this teacher of ours I can saY is very close to us ... she had tought us alot ... that's why this song is made verily at the beginning of our class as our sections's theme song .... and it will live forever in our hearts remembering her and each one of us stuggled through such challenges in our life ... I Hope that we will see each other again ... hmmm ... I Hope

    aena 2006-04-21

  • the perfect song

    i love this song! my friend let me listened to it and i alot....this is perfect for a wedding...or for you and your really made me cried....and it is touching too....

    mewubthissong 2006-04-12

  • awwww its so sweeet

    the song at the end with richard marx "at the beggining" is brilliant his vocals are so touching the womans are kinda annoying but overall its a great song for a great movie

    krystyna 2006-04-06

  • love the song

    i always dream of a beautiful wedding song and this is one of the best... when im at altar one day.. i want this song to be my wedding song together with my honey..

    marye 2006-04-03

  • this is a wonderful song

    i really really love this song.. i first heard in the movie Anastacia.. it suits the movie.. the song is so touching and it talks about what love really is unlike other songs, I really really love this song. this is the song i wanna hear on my wedding day... and kaka-touch sya.. actually whenever I hear this song.. i try to stop my tears from falling.. kasi nakaka-touch talaga sya... perfect for couples...

    Erika 2006-03-24

  • it is such a nice song

    i love that song do u know who sang it the mans voice is lovely

    wahida 2006-03-16

  • requested

    As a dj I can say that this song is one of the most requested songs all over the radio in all stations. And its because it is really a beautiful song.

    jesse 2006-03-08

  • ahlavit

    haluuuuu!!!!kanang kuan gani,kanang pagpaminaw nako kay naganahan jud ko ug maayu!kanang ganahan jud ko!ahihi!kanang mao man sad gud ni among kanta sa graduation ug maayu. maglagot jud ta anag maayu anang di ganahan sa kanta!ahuhu!kay ganahan man gud ko ug maayu ani sa kanta. Basta gud ui! kabalo namo anag maayu uy!basta di jud nako ni malimtan ug maayu gyud!kay gnahan jud ko,kanang gwapo man gud xa noh?diva?Themesong gud ni namo!charitos!ayaw namo dira gud ui!ayaw namo pag-buot2 dra ha uy!basta gud noh,ako gud, kay memorize na ni na kanta kay ganahan man god ko! vasta ha, ganahan nata ani ha!aw!i lyk it tlaga ug maayu!nyahaha

    Jesse 2006-03-08

  • hanep...

    this song is very AsTig!!!! wahehehe... for those who doesnt hir this song, u must coz u'll loss everything....wahehehe

    Florenz 2006-03-04

  • the chords

    please include the chords of the song at the beginning

    janellepazciriaco 2006-02-16

  • wHaT a gReAt SoNg

    bEfOrE i dOnT eVeN kNoW tHIs sOnG, bUt WhEn I Was iN mY FrIeNd's hAuZ aNd lIsTeNiNg To hEr C.Ds tHeN sHe ToLd mE ThaT tHiS sOnG iS GrEaT thAt I ShOulD lIsTeN tO It..ThEn aFtEr A FeW mINuTeS i fOuNd MySeLf eNjOyiNg iT..i cAn sAy THaT tHiS SoNg Is sO GrEAt..NoW mY FrIeNds(My sO cAlLeD "KaTrOpA")mAdE tHiS sOnG aS OuR ThEmE SoNg,cOz oF ItS NiCe lYrIcS aNd iTs MeAnIng...
    MaYbE,sOmEdAy I WaNt iT tO Be PlAyeD aT My WeDDiNg WiTh My tRuE LoVe...

    At tHe bEgInNiNg Is sUcH a nIcE SoNg ThAt CaN mElt yOuR hEaRt WhEn yOu LiStEn To It..

    gOoD wOrK ThIs DiSnEy FoR mAkINg tHis KiNd Of SoNg!!!

    Nicole 2006-01-21




    . .

    VIRG 2006-01-18

  • hello

    I made my research more faster because of this good website..............thanks!

    Timmy Turner 2006-01-12

  • a song of life

    initally, i heard the song when i was just a kid. We w/ my friends were watching Anastacia.(my all-time fav animated true story movie) The movie was definitely so good and inspirational. Yes it is! It was in the last part of the movie that it was played and the very moment i/we heard the song it really gave me goosebump. At the Beginning is one of my fav songs! Two thumbs up to the movie also! A very well and perfect combination of Donna S. and Richard M.

    jesse 2005-12-19

  • 2005-12-07

    grabee,,,, very inspiring and it really touch deep your heart, i really love this song. if you heard this song, you will feel somewhat like different.

    basta me 2005-12-06

  • Ang ganda talaga

    The song at the beginning is a wonderful song. The lyrics is so touchy specially when it was used as the theme song in the movie Anastacia. Really wonderful. I really find this song and at that time I didn't know yet the title but I already heard it in the Anastacia. I really had a hard time. I found the title in my friends notebook and I was very happy I want to shout for joy that I felt. I didn't waste my time I went to the internet and find the lyircs. Now I feel lots of joy. I want to sing this song in the day I get married to be dedicated to my husband but that is in the future coz Im just 16 now. I would be the one to sing it .

    Emma 2005-12-03

  • our high school theme song...............

    this is the song i used for the documentation presentation i've made for my classmates for our graduation....i used this one cuz it really fits us how we get along with my classmates from our freshmen year until this senior year....sad to say we will be parting ways for college...but we know that deep in our matter how far we'll go...we'll be back together again..

    candy jem 2005-11-20

  • At the beginning

    This song does not talk only about love but also freindship whenever i hear this song it's like it flashes back all my memeory with my friends.

    Jennifer 2005-11-20

  • i just love it

    i love dis song i heard it from my sister and wen i heard it it touched my heart and i said 2 my sister ang ganda ng kanta grabeeee! di talaga ako magsasawa it was from disney movie anastacia it was a nice 1

    windy 2005-11-01

  • nice

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!

    punk brat 2005-09-24

  • soon to be wed in april

    love the song and it fix in when i frist met my love

    Karen 2005-08-19

  • Truly remarkable song

    The song At the beginning really is my favorite its classical, it makes my heart beat , I love it. Im only 12 but I can Appreciate good music....

    Ana 2005-08-15

  • lOvE iT

    Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.

    Actually the clea_sy is not mine its my ate's
    Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.

    John Paul 2005-08-12

  • nice

    it is a nice and beautiful song.....i always watch has a good message 4 lovers...

    gladys 2005-08-04

  • so in love

    it is a wonderful song!!!!!!it is so is the theme song of <Anastasia>and it is my favofite song...

    april 2005-08-04

  • lyrics

    i definitely love this song, but the lyrics on this page are off. the bridge is:

    "i knew there was somebody somewhere
    like me alone in the dark..."

    there we go.

    courtney 2005-07-18

  • gotta luv it that much

    i luv this song. it describes perfectly the story setting in anastasia and it adds that perfect touch the the story. the tone and adjustments in thsi song are perfect, and i kno this will be my wedding song. my fiance' and i are still trying to choose a song, but this is it and i know it!

    terryn 2005-07-12

  • strangers

    This song is perfect for a couple that were both teaching at the same school, but never had meet eachother. They hardly knew oneanother. When I was in 1st grade the 5th grade teacher would always come down. My class said that they were definetly a perfect couple. Then 3 years later the 5th grade teacher asked her to marrie him! It was so cute. We were right all along that they were going to get married. And they are using this song. THe 1st grade teacher absoloutly loves this song because they know that they will be together forever.

    Megan 2005-07-12

  • its my cousins fav romantic song

    its an amazing sony.there are no words 2 express it.if u wanna play it 4 a person you dont have 2 explain how much u love that person dat person will understand by the lyrics

    nikita dias 2005-07-10

  • amazing

    i <33 this song with a passion. ever since i saw anastasia when i was like 6 or 7, i have ALWAYS loved this song and now im going to turn 15, like 7 or 8 years later i'm still in love with this song. it totally reminds me of the the movie (which is one of my favorites even though its not historically correct) and i want it to be on my xanga or myspace and i already have this song burned onto a cd. this song also reminds me of the ending of Anastasia where Anya (lol i still call her that) and Dmitri dancing on the boat on the Seine river or whatever river it was in Paris and i mean it doesnt matter what social status youre in, if you love each other, thats what matters the most and that theyre also going on withe their lives. 5/5. simply remarkable and very very pretty.
    *lulu has spoken*

    LULU 2005-07-02

  • Used this song at our wedding

    My husband knows I'm a big Richard Marx fan so he surprised me by having this song played during our first dance together.
    Not only did it make me feel like a million, but it was a wonderful beginning as my husband sang it to me as we danced. This song will ever mean a lot to me and to my husband.
    Like the song says, "We were strangers, starting out on a journey." Isn't that how it all happens?!

    Sheila 2005-06-28

  • Romantic song...

    This song is soo romantic.. It describes how strangers become lovers and things.. Love it..

    JoYcE 2005-05-30

  • One of my favorite songs

    I haven't read all the comments but it seams that only girls like this song... I had no ideea it was a weadding song... anyway it's unbelievable like I sayd in the title it's one of my favorite songs and am I the only boy htat likes it?

    SEvEN 2005-05-29

  • nuhmhune.....

    napakaganda ng song natoh!!!!! kung mgiging singer man akoh ito ang gustoh kong mging kanta sa 1st album koh!!!! grabe na touch akoh ng song natoh!!! kahit 16 palang akoh iba ung dating sakin ng words sa kanta, which is para sa bestfriend koh , si "norisse". kahit ilan pa mging gf koh, walangya!!! kaw lang babae sa buhay koh bestfriend!!!!

    alex lacuna 2005-05-27

  • The definition of love

    This song has always been beautiful to me but now hearing eight years later having just turned 16 I appreciate it's message so much more. It perfectly describes how I feel about my first love.

    Jenafer Culjak 2005-05-23

  • great song

    I first heard this song in the animated movie "Anastasia" it was so good, the lyrics really matches the "love mood"
    well I might as well listen this ong over and over fact I do, I downloaded it a few days was great!
    Gotta love the song^^

    Sora 2005-05-23

  • love this song...

    This song will always be my one and only fave... the second one is "My only Love" from Sailor Moon... hehehe Anywayz, this song is SO BEAUTIFUL! It can be about love or about friendship.. it doesn't matter, as long as it's about a special someone in your life and how you made it through with him/her by your side. It's a perfect wedding song and also perfect for school dances and such, so keep looking out for that special someone out there, you'll never know, you might have already found them, you just haven't noticed yet.. ^.^

    Maan 2005-05-18

  • gorgeous song

    i really like this song. it really fit to my luvs ... laurence... hehehe.... ambot was ko kasabot sa amo relationship but i know that we love each other that's why strangers parin kami..

    jainixa 2005-05-15

  • Beautiful Song

    I think this is a really pretty song, that would work for any couple who is truly in love. I loved the song since the first time I heard it in the movie, Anastasia. It is a really good song. I suggest it for any wedding.

    Rhea 2005-05-14

  • live at canada but mind in philippines

    Hi! this song is really great im in canada but one day i heard this at the filipino music at cathy pacific airlines i tried to record the song but it did'nt work its been 2 years since i left the phillippines id like to have a vacation there so i can buy that song but i havee no money so can you send it to my e-mail add @ or at my group @ thank you for that pleasant song

    John Paul 2005-05-10

  • amazing song

    After listening to At The Beginning, my eyes were opened to how much I care for my boyfriend Christian. This song does explain what everyone should feel in a relationship with their sweetheart and it surely did explain mine! And this song is actually the perfect theme for the couple who goes through everything together! And that's exactly what we do we go through each other's pains and sorrows and when we need it we'll be there for each other.

    Kristina 2005-05-04

  • direct from the heart

    wow!!! when i first heard this song,,, my heart flows, i am now 16 yet do not have a boyfriend cause i dont like, but this song from Anastasia touched me, it is a perfect theme song and a wedding song... it is a great choice of lyrics... great job

    kaye 2005-05-04

  • Pretty.

    This song is pretty.


    Katie 2005-05-02

  • his road always leads him back to me...

    i have a guy friend for three years and that span of time was full of tricks. a few times we lost our communication but our roads leads us back with each other....we started as strangers also that's why i loved the song....

    dyan 2005-04-16

  • great

    it's a very good, song. good for putting it on a cd for a special friend. my daughter did

    judy 2005-03-31

  • nice one....

    oh well, since i was a kid it happened to be my one of the few fave songs... i always sing it everytime im kinda sad and depressed.. actually, i have lots of cds and casettes of this song.. i do have lots of memories on this song especially on love and friendship!

    donna 2005-03-29

  • its great

    i was watching a broadway that time.. nung patapos na,, nag request kmi na kng pdeng kumanta cla ng mga cartoon songs.. nung narinig ko to,, i got goosebumps all over my body.. sarap pkinggan sobra.. it s perfect for me and my bf,, since ung kanta e bae on uor experiences,,

    gianna 2005-03-21

  • Friendship Bond

    Ya know the song is very meaningful not only to those who are going to be married.It can also be a friendship song I think coz for me and my bestfriend we really like the song!!!!very in super duper!!!!!I hope many people could hear this song and be one of his/her favorite song also!!!

    Jhannah 2005-02-21

  • perfect

    perfect song !

    oninz 2005-02-15

  • just love it

    good lyrics...good song... a part of my dream to find the one for me. when i hear this song, it makes me think of it for a while.

    carsoc 2005-02-11

  • i simply love this...

    after i've watched anastacia, i came to love this boyfriend and i have been together for only a short time and this song basically describes our situation...

    dianne 2005-02-09

  • this song rulez

    i was looking 4 d perfect song para prom namin wen i heard this song at the end of the movie atlantis or anastacia in disney channel. from then on i always watch disney channel na w/ my little sis na...i found out the title of the song & decided that its the perfect prom song...its not just about two person in love but also about 89 friends graduating high school. from tha first day to the graduation day...i was incharge of the invite, suviners and the program...most of my clam8s dont know the song but im sure they will fall i love w/ it on our prom night...
    wish me luck!!!!

    suzy 2005-02-05

  • beautifully awakening

    the movie it comes from says more then enough, anatasia is practically ne of my most all time favourite movies in my life! the storyline is beautiful and the songs are more then that. i definatly wnat this song at my wedding... it'll be nice if this song was 'our song' with the one i shall give my heart to

    ruth 2005-01-29

  • it sure really is fun

    this song really encourage me and touches my heart because of the words in the song. i would surely tell everyone of this wonderful song created by really are good!!!!!!

    mauee 2005-01-25

  • soon to be wed

    One of these days soon, I am going to be married to my high-school sweetheart. I never had a loving relationship with my stepfather as I grew up, so this is what I've decided. On my wedding day, I am going to walk down the aisle by myself, but not to the normal wedding march. I'm going to have this song played as I walk. This song is perfect for my boyfriend and I because we were strangers who never knew all of the troubles we'd face to get to the wonderful beginning of our lives that we will soon share together. This song is the perfect love song for any couple who has been to hell and back together and are still going strong.

    tarrah 2005-01-16

  • gotta love it...

    You goota love this song because it will really melt your heart... my friends just love it... I was the one who mention about this and when they've heard it... we have the same reaction... "Ang ganda ng kanta... nakakatouch.."

    Verna 2005-01-10

  • only 15 but i want it to be this song

    The song at the beginning is a wonderful song! I am only 15 but i know that i want it to the song for my Wedding. Its filled with so much love and the actual story of love is describe throughtout the song .....its wonderful if ur looking for a song check out this one it's from the Disney movie Anastaisa (sp) and its wonderful1

    Andrea 2005-01-02

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