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  • awww!

    This is sooo soo cute! i'm getting married to my wife an this song is going to play! awww!! thanks so so much!

    Charlie g. 2010-10-01

  • yeah

    it is one big kiss, i just listened to it.

    mike 2009-08-17

  • love this song

    when i was little i didn't like shots so i would sing the chorus to get it though with. lol i heard it on the radio yesterday and said "i havent heard this in forever i have got to put it on m y ipod"

    ........... 2009-08-11

  • chicks dig it

    your song is amazing i love it everytime i hear it i want to sream i now all the words

    taylor 2008-06-04

  • change it

    it is one big kiss, change it

    retards 2008-02-17

  • hahah

    yeaaa its one big kiss not one day kiss, you can deffiently telll if you actually listen to the songg

    emily 2008-02-12

  • correction

    Quoted from Cris: the line, "one day kiss" is actually "one sweet kiss"

    its not "one sweet kiss", its actually "one big kiss" listen to the song...

    ----- 2007-05-02

  • i love................

    i love this song. the boy in this video is like the hottest guy ever. yea well i was like 10 when this song first came out. i dont know if i still think the boy is hot or not. i havent seen it like 3 years.

    brittany 2007-03-07

  • hmmm

    i think its "one big kiss" lol

    Shannon 2007-02-01

  • fgurfj

    its neighborhood not neighbourhood

    amanda 2007-01-31

  • correction to chris

    it is one big kiss and i swear on that

    kaitlyn 2007-01-15

  • Wrong

    It dont say one sweet kiss. It says One Day Kiss

    Karissa 2007-01-03

  • tall

    it was great

    ndgducvj 2006-11-01

  • who sings

    who signs this song?

    courtney 2006-10-18

  • Confused

    I thought it was "My fate was a broken arm and my reward one big kiss!"

    Sybella 2006-04-13

  • your dumb

    dude im listening to the song right now and the whole last paragraph isnt in the song and its not "one day kiss" its "one big kiss"

    Sweet Baby Girl 2006-04-02

  • gfdgfdgsdf

    it dont say one sweet kiss

    i have no name 2006-01-22

  • correction

    the line, "one day kiss" is actually "one sweet kiss"

    Cris 2005-05-13

  • typo

    in the last part it says "And the on over my eye" instead of "and the one over my eye"

    aly 2005-01-30

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