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  • friends,

    Not sure if I'll use it in my wedding for the wedding party song but it always brings a tear to my eye

    Leigh 2011-03-15

  • I do really like this song

    This isn't a break up song or a wedding song to me... I want it to be played at my funeral and also it was performed it at my high school graduation.

    pam 2009-02-21

  • love it!

    reminds me of my college days!!

    jessiesmom 2008-12-18

  • beautiful song

    i started crying wen i heard this song! its so beautiful! and becoz im graduating i was crying beco z i wont see my friends again! :'( beautiful song!! i love it! <3

    Jess 2008-12-16

  • song

    this song is okay but had better

    shalonda 2008-07-17

  • I do NOt Heart this song

    Dis is Not the brest break-up song ever! Seth is my ex and he doesn't have a clue! Girlferiends out there! Stay the H E double hockey sticks away from Seth!

    PS> My fave love song is Endless Love by the way

    Uma 2007-05-21

  • I heart this song

    THis is the best break up song ever! I highly recommend it. It filled the emptiness and void of that dark time in my life. sorry, gotta go...I'm tearing up now....

    Seth 2007-05-21

  • i love this song

    i love this song more than anyone in the world. me and cody linley are boyfriend and girlfriend and we kissed.

    miley cyrus 2007-04-18

  • Timeless classic

    I sang this for our senior class musical & at our graduation. Then I was asked back by the minister of music to sing it every year afterward for the senior progam at church. Until now, it had never crossed my mind to include it in the wedding reception-- LOVE IT!

    LSUjen 2007-03-31

  • love it

    i luv dis song. dis is our graduation song dis year. we luv it so much.

    jamie 2007-03-24

  • Your best friend...

    ...are the ones who stick up for you through hard times and through faith. Most of all, the best friend in your life is your spouse. The one who will stand by your side through faith and through love. Thank you for this wonderful lyric. I plan to dedicate my spouse with this song on my 3rd wedding aniversary in June of 2007. "Happy Valentines!"

    Amy 2007-02-11

  • Perfect

    I'm putting together a DVD of our Senior Saints Group from our church. The SS venture out about every other month on day trips and have a ball. One of our Senior has since gone on to be with the Lord and this song is just Perfect for the dvd, to be dedicated to him.

    Sara 2006-10-23

  • OMG

    This is the most fabulous lyrics EVER!!!!!! But the words dont go with the song from the theme tune of friends.... hmmmm????

    Becky 2006-07-18

  • I hope you dance

    Why dont they also have clips of the music? When planning something special you should know what it sounds like.

    Vanessa 2006-07-03

  • i love this song more than heather

    I love the feeling of this song. It's kind of sad but hopeful. Whenever I sing it, the thought of leaving my friends and loved ones becomes a nightmare.

    esteruth 2006-06-28

  • Friends

    This was the song we would sing at the end of summer camp each year. I was about time and distance separating people from each other. Now as I am getting older and friends pass on, it means even more.

    Mark 2006-06-24

  • moveing on

    this song i am going to sing at my middle school graduation i will be going to a different school than all of my friends so i think it will help me and my friends move on and to let them no that no matter if were apart we will be friends forever.

    liz 2006-04-12

  • I Love This Song more than Erik

    This is my all time favorite song by my favorite singer. It reminds me about the meaning of true friends. The first place I heard it was on a youth group trip to WV and though we may never cross paths with those youth again we will always be friends.

    Heather 2006-03-17

  • brings back memories

    I always saw this song as one for a funeral. I think about loved ones I've lost whenever I hear or sing it. Though sad for me, I can't help but love it.

    keke 2006-03-16

  • i love this song

    this song is very very good and like i said i love this song

    Erik 2005-08-20

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