I Hope You Dance Comments

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  • Great! Very coolest forum!

    Hello all! I like this forum, i found many interesting people on this forum.!!!

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  • Our Song

    This is me and my sisters song!!!
    Everytime I hear it I think of her and every time she hears it she thinks of me!

    Jennifer 2010-12-11

  • Wow

    This song along with the video makes me cry, but smile also. When I have kid and they are little I'm going to sing them this song at night to remind them that "if they get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope they dance." Everyone gets chances... But if you miss them you might not get another choice. :)

    Maddie 2010-11-09

  • Good Father/Daughter song

    My husband is standing in for our soon to be daughter-in - law since her parents refuse to have anything to do with the wedding. He will be walking her down the isle and was truly honored when she asked if he would do it. They were having trouble finding a song for the father/daughter dance but when I saw this I thought it was perfect!

    Leslie 2010-11-08

  • love this song

    when i get married i want this song

    tasha 2010-02-02

  • Wheeler

    This is me and my mom's song<3. I cry every time i here it! I wish i could see my mom one more time:). I miss her more each day and i've missed her for half my life. See my problem? Well, when i hear this song, i remember all the times we danced together in the livingroom of our small house. I'll never forget those happy days.

    Tabitha 2009-10-22

  • Cool funny anecdote:)

    There was this guy see.
    He wasn't very bright and he reached his adult life without ever having learned "the facts".
    Somehow, it gets to be his wedding day.
    While he is walking down the isle, his father tugs his sleeve and says,

    "Son, when you get to the hotel room...Call me"

    Hours later he gets to the hotel room with his beautiful blushing bride and he calls his father,

    "Dad, we are the hotel, what do I do?"

    "O.K. Son, listen up, take off your clothes and get in the bed, then she should take off her clothes and get in the bed, if not help her. Then either way, ah, call me"

    A few moments later...

    "Dad we took off our clothes and we are in the bed, what do I do?"

    O.K. Son, listen up. Move real close to her and she should move real close to you, and then... Ah, call me."

    A few moments later...


    "O.K. Son, Listen up, this is the most important part. Stick the long part of your body into the place where she goes to the bathroom."

    A few moments later...

    "Dad, I've got my foot in the toilet, what do I do?"

    AxioxMennix 2008-10-27

  • fate vs faith

    doesn't it make more sense as 'fate'?

    val 2008-07-16

  • i love this song

    i love this song alot!
    i love all the lyrics and sing them ALL the time.

    Mandy 2008-01-29

  • hello

    i love this song because itreminds me of my grandmother that died in january.

    shannen 2008-01-29

  • this song

    i luv this song

    cookies 2007-12-12

  • i lokimikoj

    Hi all!

    Not much on my mind lately. My life's been completely boring these days. I've just been hanging out not getting anything done. So it goes.

    lokimikoj 2007-09-27

  • faith in first verse

    Promise me that you'll give fate a fighting chance

    I believe "fate" should be "faith"

    Kelsey K. 2007-09-17

  • love it

    love it i is great

    Ley 2007-09-06

  • Wow

    I love this song it makes me fell good and that Love is all u need

    Ley u say it like (liegh) 2007-09-06

  • I hope you dance

    wow..i think this song is amazing it really give me the message to never give up hah

    Jenn 2007-06-22

  • amazzing

    i love this song because it makes me feel like someone out there for me! :):):)

    sara 2007-06-21

  • get it right

    Jeez, girls, first of all the lyric in the first verse is "give 'faith'" a fighting chance. You don't have to give 'fate' a fighting chance. Fate is what it is.

    Second, this is a song from a mother to her child, not about a man to a woman. At least we know there are hopeless romantics out there.

    That being said, this not quite hell bent heart and father of three loves this song too.

    Stu 2007-05-18

  • Nice song

    This is a really sweet song and I really like it but to me it seems like its not fit for a wedding, it sounds more like someone is urging someone who was once close to move on but still live their life and happiness. Great song though.

    Jess 2007-04-26

  • I hope you dance

    I love this song so much... I can tell that it is full of passion and the second I broke up with my boyfriend I turned to this song. I really feel the sorrow in the song and it was great closurefor me and my boyfriend.

    Madi 2007-03-30

  • omg

    this is such an inspiering song and not to give up and not to be stop looking for that special someone

    kathy 2007-03-22

  • wow

    I love this song

    rinea 2007-03-21

  • LOVE

    I absolutly love this song. when i get married i want thi song to be in my wedding. whenever i hear thi song i start to cry because it is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    madds 2007-03-10

  • Great Song

    This song really makes think about what life it really about and the true meaning of it. It sends a great message and I love it!

    Meghan 2007-03-01

  • the meaning

    She is singing this song to her children

    Lynds 2007-02-24

  • awesome song

    this is an awesome song anyone would love even homies from the hood lol jk but they would enjoy it i love this song every time it comes on the radio i find myself singing to it im thinking about singing it for our high school talent show!!!!!

    katie 2007-02-06

  • best song

    this song is gr8 but also makes me cry but I'm singing it in my talent show too :)

    Jasmine 2007-01-14

  • the song

    it has such a great meaning, and its kind of
    an emotional song, in that good kinda way though

    Tabytha 2006-12-22

  • Amazing

    this song will always remind me to never give up on love and to keep on tryin..

    Heidi 2006-12-22

  • more than a wedding song

    I am using these lyrics for a scrapbook page I am doing of a photo of my wonderful dad holding me when I was a little girl. These are the sort of things that he taught me growing up.

    Kittymama 2006-11-08

  • My motto

    I hope you Dance should be on my headstone...the song states everything I want my children to strive for in life.

    Sparkyangel 2006-11-02

  • awesome song

    this song brightens up my day when i hear it cause it reflects how i take things iam shy and scared to take chances so this song helps me through stuff

    Brittnie 2006-10-25

  • Amazing

    wow this song is amazing!

    Brooke 2006-10-01



    JUDY 2006-09-29

  • di5 i5 a good 5ong

    di5 5ong make5 me ju5t 5it BacK and think ju5t aBout think5 in life to never give up. And a5 for me a5 a young teen it really don't take much for me to give up one 5ome thing5 in life and when i here thi5 5ong it ju5t make5 me want to go on and give think5 another try.

    Seannel 2006-07-23

  • Puts life into prospective

    This song is actually the song my son and I danced to, I was a single mom and we had a tough go of it, now we have both been lucky enough to find love but it is important to alway remember to never give up

    Karen 2006-07-13

  • This Song Has So Many Good Meanings For Life Situtuations More Than Just Love.

    This song has great meanings you'll be crazy to hated it makes peolple want to cry,smile,laugh,sing,be free,or even make love to someone or to tell that someone who has cancer to keep fighting this song is so selve explaintory that there's no words to explain it this is for many accasions more than just weddings its for love but this word love doesn't mean to just be in love someone romanticly you can be in love with life,God,yourselve,mothers ,newborns,grandmothers or brothers sisters ,papa,anyone for everyone no matter what sex,or sexually,kids ,familys please this song wasn't just meant for you it is meant to be for everyone even the world perhaps remember that and keep these words close to your heart...........By Nyeshia Silas(only 16 years old)Thank You!

    nyeshia silas 2006-06-15

  • lovely

    most lovely song ever

    susie 2006-06-05

  • love

    it is a beautiful song and it will be played at my wedding

    rebecca 2006-06-05

  • wow.

    this was me and my mom's song until she died. it's amazing. i'm thirteen. i miss her and this song brings happy tears to my eyes about how amazing she was.

    lindsay 2006-06-04

  • stay off the bong

    This song makes us cry whenever we hear it because it reminds us of the squirrel that i ran over when we were driving high

    Danielle and Lindsey 2006-05-16

  • this song is relaxing

    this song makes me cry because it reminds me of my cat that died

    sarah 2006-04-02

  • I Hope You Dance

    It convinces me that life is worth living; worth fighting for. We are not alone. God is with us!

    Dr. Leo Rodriguez 2006-03-25

  • boyfriends

    this is my boyfriend and i song

    cheyenne 2005-11-28

  • It brings tears

    I love this song....When I was goin thru my divorce, my mom said this song is for me... to get me through all the hard times and i believe i can make it....

    Kim 2005-10-18

  • great song

    i really like this song because it's beautiful and inspiring! great song

    dana 2005-09-24

  • beautiful

    This song is absolutely beautiful. I love it and although I don't have any hope for love, it's still nice to hear.

    Allison 2005-08-19

  • the most touchable song to your heart

    this song really touched my heart . after hearing it, i wanted to hear it again and again cause' it contained so many meanings of our lives which is really, really related to my life .

    rads 2005-07-30

  • awesome

    this song really gets to your heart and it really talks about the true joy of a wedding. its really amazing and it really touches the heart!!! i love it!!

    leeann and jamiee 2005-07-26

  • love it

    I love this song, it has a great message and meaning

    kylee 2005-07-21

  • Wonderful song

    This song is wonderful. When my daughter graduated from high school this year, as corny as it may be, I dedicated this song to her. It says all that you feel in your heart for your child.

    Stephanie 2005-07-20

  • Goosebumps

    I know a song has really hit me when it gives me goosebumps. And this song has done just that each time I listen to it.

    Sam 2005-07-11

  • The song

    I just love this song it has so much meaning to it that people just dont understand, every time i hear it, it makes me feel so happy inside and makes me feel so secure

    Justine 2005-07-07

  • a song to cherish

    as a 13 year old, this songs makes me think of my loved ones i have lost. I can picture my grandma singing this song to me...telling me to dance on with God by my side and know that she will always be in my heart no matter where i go. I love this song...beautiful.

    Krystal 2005-06-18

  • i love this song

    I absolutely love this song, I think it shows everyone that they should just dance because you may not ever get to again!! It is soooo inspiring, it makes me dream!!

    Michelle 2005-02-09

  • I Hope You Dance

    I really love this song.

    Elizabeth 2005-02-03

  • it is a alsome song

    this song makes me think there is someone out there for me to love

    abbi 2005-01-31

  • this song..

    To hear this song it hanges me it has a great message of never giving up and it inspries me to give love one more try...

    pamela 2005-01-21

  • great

    i love this song and think it has a great purpose in life.

    Jenna 2005-01-13

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