Breathless Comments

  • its sound so good

    there anything to say . cause very song of kenny its really lovely

    oscar 2006-12-05

  • No lyrics necessary

    This is a wonderful piece, great for the bride to march in to.

    Prinny 2006-11-15

  • what

    Hey I need more lyrics

    Tess 2006-08-04

  • No brain

    Obviously there are no lyrics... If you knew Kenny G you'd know what kind of MUSIC he plays.

    Fawn 2006-07-31

  • correction

    actually, kenny G plays the soprano saxaphone. his artistic expression is enhanced by the ability to circular breath and present a single contiguous phrase, and quite well at that.

    greg 2006-07-13

  • No lyrics

    There are no lyrics, Kenny G, plays the Alto Saxaphone.

    Brenna 2006-07-09

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