Destiny Comments

  • Its the greatest song ever!!!!

    I really love this song, my baby and i were singing this song together,,it really fitz us..this will be our wedding song..i dedicate this song to him..

    Abegail 2007-10-15


    it is the perfect song for a wedding..actually,my husband,Vincent,and I sung this song during our wedding..and the feeling is,wow!!i love's perfect..

    kriztine 2007-07-24

  • plsssss.

    can you put a youtube in the song of you're my destiny includng the lyrics by jimmy brickman.... is it ok if you put a live video...

    ronie 2007-01-19

  • destiny

    i like this song so much,because of that i full inlove with my gorlfriend

    nonskie caduyac 2006-06-01

  • Beautiful

    This is the most beautiful song...Perfect for a Wedding...I love Jim Brickman

    Alisa 2006-02-20

  • awesome

    I like the song it was sent by a good friend who happened to fell inlove with me! i like it so much

    Maricel Garcia 2005-09-25

  • destiny

    nice song!!! keep it up!!!

    linette marie ravena valdevieso 2005-09-07

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