I Do (Cherish You) Comments

  • i do

    i don't have to think twice

    annah 2011-04-04

  • My first kilig

    inawit yan ng bf ko.similar voice sila ni mARK WILLIS,EH.Ayun,naging theme song na namin...My first kilig kasi,yun ung unang pagkakataon na inawitan ako ng isang guy na love ko...

    jen 2010-08-09

  • my song :D

    my and my fiance are getting married in two years and i think this song would be perfect for our first dance.

    Mandiii 2010-05-21


    i love this song. me and my boyfriend of 5 years have agreed on this song to be our 1st dance at our wedding.

    Andi 2010-03-07

  • i will cherish you forever my love

    I really love my Bf...
    he is the one I've been waiting for so long...
    i will love him forever and ever.....
    and if we will getting married i will select this song as our wedding song...

    From your BABY...


    Mary Ann 2009-07-21

  • MY LOve

    i really love this song
    i dedicate this to my bf....
    i love him so much....

    MARY ANN 2009-07-21

  • Someone i miss

    I'm realy in love with this guy, since were in 1st grade, but when were in 4th grade, there family move to another place. . .
    If a genie would grant me 3 wishes
    1st i wish he's happy
    2nd i wish somebody will love him
    as much as i love himm
    3rd i wish he sing this song

    Shania 2009-04-04

  • i do cheerish you

    i really really love dis song 8 rmnd me of da past since den im not married im single but i still believe trully 2 myself dat i can fnd i bettr man 4 me im 2 young 16 but i still blve here insde my hrt dat i cn fnd a bttr place 4 me...i wsh i could

    andy 2008-07-18

  • I do (Cheerish you)

    If ever i'll get married,This is gonna be our theme song..This song is really inspiring.

    Chad'z 2008-03-09

  • type of dance?

    My fiance and I picked this song for our first dance and aren't great dancers but I'm in a class and I want to know what type of dance it is? Any suggestions?

    Curtis 2008-03-06

  • first dance

    this is going to be my and my boyfriends first dance

    april 2008-01-05

  • i cheRish you..

    i l0ove this s0ng..

    im just inspired with this song..

    l0ve yah..

    me0wdee 2007-12-13

  • i love

    I love this song, its..its like a dream but it isn't anyways i love this song!!!!

    Michaela 2007-11-26

  • Our first dance!

    My fiance and I have choose this song to be our first dance. Neither of us into white boy bands but when we heard this song we instantly agreed that this is the one!

    Crystal 2007-11-16

  • oNLy rEmiNds mE oF yOu

    -this song, will be played on my wedding day.
    -i really like this song.
    -so romantic!
    -i dedicate it to my fiance
    -i love you

    jiNniE 2007-08-31



    charm 2007-06-15

  • splendiverous

    This song will be song on my wedding day by me to my husbanad and also my aneversary

    latoya 2007-03-14

  • splendiverous

    This song will be song on my wedding day by me to my husbanad and also my aneversary

    latoya 2007-03-14

  • sweets

    this song is so sweet can ? hais . sad too ..

    ntmqtz 2007-02-27


    This is my weddign song i just cant beleave how amazing this song is i love it!!!! its just beyond my control

    maddie loves powel 2007-02-07

  • I love this song this is one of my favorite songs

    When i hear this song i think of my boyfriend nathan who i am crazy about lol i love this song i have it on cd

    Sarabell 2007-02-05

  • love it

    that song is so nice that is a perfect song for a wedding its so sweet i love it good job cherish

    mz.lovable 2006-11-17

  • i love this song

    i love this song!!!! this song sybolizes me and my bf perfect it is one of my all time favorite songs i love it to death and i love Mark Wills!!!!

    stephanie 2006-08-28


    Wow i love this song i deadacate this song to my b/f he is so amazing!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    harlee 2006-07-17

  • awesome

    i'm getting one of my best guy friends to sing this at my wedding and i'm crying right now just thinking about it! this song is the best!

    paige 2005-07-21

  • love it

    i love this song!!

    lous 2005-04-27

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