Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Comments

  • Ama-zin-g Christian Wedd-in-g Song

    : ) An ama-zin-g Christian wedd-in-g song! P-er-fect for my wedd-in-g one day! : )

    Desire Nwosu 2015-03-31

  • plz

    plz can any one translate it into simple english language

    shedo 2012-06-05

  • i love this song

    i will use this song for my bridal match.

    otoo 2011-06-15

  • Jesus, the divine eternal WORD

    The beauty of this song is the beauty of Jesus Christ. Johann S. Bach who composed the piece wrote all his music to glorify God and believed that was the ultimate purpose of music. Gesu is woven from beginning to end with the beauty, love, wisdom and eternality of Christ.

    Paul 2010-10-23


    i really look forward to hear this song .. wish i could have it in my wedding.. I REALLY LOVE IT........

    Liz 2009-10-13

  • Amazing

    This is the song my girls are coming down to. but the version we are using is the one with Josh Groban. Such a beautiful song!

    Mindy 2008-11-20

  • Awesome!

    I always love this.. in strings, piano, or in vocals... I love it!

    Luisa 2008-10-20

  • i did walk to this

    at my wed i actually walked to this but unfortunately my hubbie did a runner b4 he got 2 the church so it makes me sad this song but i still enjoy listenin

    ilysfm 2008-04-11

  • i want my mommy

    this song is so gooD better then anything i could compose its not fair! WAH! WAH! WAH!

    bobo 2008-03-30

  • i am walking to this!

    i am defintinately walking to this song at my wedding! if i get married!i was a brides maide at ma sisters wedding and i walkied to this! aint this awsome!

    clara 2007-09-24

  • Awsome

    You can really relax lisening to this.

    Hitler 2005-12-09

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