Love of My Life Comments

  • awesome

    This song is super awesome. I love it.

    jeleta 2012-01-18

  • you are the love of my life

    this song is apparantly the theme song to Beauty and the Beast. with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. i love them so much. they make me cry and laugh and love. i thank them from the bottom of my heart.

    Pebscorner 2010-04-28

  • yes

    i love the song or maybe the's sweet and if ever i'd fall,definitely to someone who'd sing me the song...

    meruth 2008-12-14

  • Sweet one

    would make one fall in love again and again
    if played in a wedding

    waweru 2008-04-17

  • i don't know how to describe it....

    heard this song back in my first grade and i kindda like it...the song is really would make you fall in love over and over again...

    hanzel 2007-10-05

  • romantic

    i really like this inspires me!it's really amazing! :)

    chicco 2007-09-18

  • Love of my life

    ths is a lovely song..superb!!

    Marysia 2007-03-23

  • Fantastic

    I heard this and thought of it for my anniversary song. It was beautiful.

    Brad 2007-02-17

  • Great Song

    I agree, Clay Aiken's version is the best yet!

    Julzie 2007-02-07


    I want to know who sings this song.. :)

    Katy 2007-02-05

  • love of my life

    this song said all the things my husband and i felt for one another. he sang it to me for my wedding gift. this some is amazing and the words are powerful.

    shery 2007-01-15

  • i love...

    the love of my life sang me this song.. and i could never forget that day when i look into his eyes. twas the most happiest day of my life and i know that nothing could be much more happier than to be in his arms and really get lost in his kiss. Ü.

    shmwa 2006-12-18

  • great song

    such a nice song for lovers

    kares 2006-12-10

  • WOW

    I absolutely love this song it was my wedding song so beautiful!!! Best day of my life

    kkandmr 2006-11-24

  • bewildered in a good sense

    perfect song for my upcomming wedding... hmmm..

    kae 2006-08-29

  • WoW

    This is such a beautiful song. Totally awesome!

    Anita 2006-08-06

  • Amazed

    Excellent Wedding Song....should be a Clay Aiken is the best version I heard so far....

    Dan 2006-07-20

  • amaze

    what a good song

    jael 2006-06-21

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