Sheep May Safely Graze

By Bach

This song has no lyrics.


  • good

    nice song for wedding candlelight service or during prelude

    hope 2012-01-27

  • Suggested Lyrics to: Sheep May Safely Graze

    Sheep May Safely Graze
    Cantata 208
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    1685 – 1750

    Sheep safely graze amid verdant pastures
    The Shepherd keeps a careful watch o’er His flock
    Sheep safely graze amid verdant pastures
    Serenely they graze in safety
    While tended by the Shepherd
    Midst the verdant fields they safely graze.

    Sheep may safely graze
    Whilst the shepherd is watching.
    Where the wise and good rule
    Peace will also reign there
    And there will be peace throughout the world.

    Andy 2011-12-13

  • Sheep May Safely Graze

    I would like a copy of the lyrics for this song,please. thanks,

    Jaxie Julian 2010-05-25

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