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  • His Love

    I had heard this song before but it had been many years ago. I have been married to the greatest guy I have ever met whose love truly amazes me. He has shown me so many times what it feels like to really be loved by someone. I never thought I would find that. He is overseas right now and I can't wait for him to come home so I can let him hear this beautiful song and know this is exactly how I feel

    Jenn 2007-10-02

  • This Song Talks For Me

    I was looking through lists and lists of songs on the internet for that perfect wedding day song..... i couldn't find one and i was getting really upset..... than just when i was about to close the page i saw the title of this song so i clicked on it read through the lyrics and i could not believe what i was reading it was just what i've been looking for, i was so happy i was beaming, i then looked on the internet for a full version of the song, phoned my fiancé and he was amazed by it too, our local music store has ordered John Berry's album for us and we are now waiting for a phone call saying they've recieved it for us to collect..... as you've probably guessed were having this song for our wedding song. It really does talk for me... showing my fiancé how much his love amazes me. (I love u so much luke X)

    Janet 2007-05-08

  • My Wedding Song

    This is by far the most beautiful song I ever heard. I had this song at my wedding and I sang it for my husband. It says all that I wanted to say to him. It is special and will always be tops in my life.

    Judy 2006-12-09

  • Love boat style

    This is an awesome song that means so much to me. I was at a school dance on the Belle Of Louisville, wich is a steam boat in Louisville Kentucky. It was here that I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She accepted my proposal. I did so by writing a poem with the words in the poem. We were back by the paddle wheel. Some one at the dance overheard us, and told the captain of the boat. We were called to the second floor where the dance floor was and they played us a song. That song was Your Love Amazes Me. That is the first song we are going to dance to as a married couple at the reception at the wedding! My love for her is awesome, but truly her love amazes me! Thanks. Terry

    Terry 2005-09-15

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