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    Mm 2023-05-10

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    Mm 2023-05-10

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    Mm 2023-05-10

  • Blessed Indeed

    This song tells one how blessed this lady indeed. The lyrics and music reveals the choice of this woman. It conveys profoundly the emotions of God.

    Dars Cabral 2007-04-01

  • Hauntingly sad but beautiful

    I love this song. It has a sadness about it but is gently soothing,calming and strong in its impact! One of the most Beautiful songs I have ever heard.

    J. Malcolm 2006-01-05

  • Elegant

    this song is elegant-no matter who sings it, the elegant 'soul' of the song is still present

    Chonelle 2005-12-01

  • Beautiful

    This womans voice will move your mind and soul

    Suzanne Isleifson 2005-07-13

  • Great

    Touching songs i have ever heard! Awesome wedding song.

    Michelle Benjamin Paskashious 2005-06-14

  • Awesome

    The most beautiful and touching song I have ever heard. It was played at my brother's service and just touched me so much. It will stay with me forever. Celion Dion is indeed an icon with her beautiful voice - not just this one but of all the songs she sings, and a beautiful person

    katharine Tarpley 2005-05-22

  • wonderful

    I love this song, it's wonderful for weddings! I sang this song @ my sisters wedding and everyone cried!!!

    Amanda Parman 2005-05-03

  • Beautifull

    One of the most beautifull songs indeed. It stills makes me cry when I listen to it.

    Jean Pierre Mosquera 2005-04-09

  • Awesome

    Pleasing to my ear. The music is gentle and i love it!

    Michelle Paskashious 2005-04-05

  • excellent

    It was pleasing to listen to this music, instrumental and with lyrics.

    Mary Dario 2005-03-06

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